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Svetlana Surhanau

( Violinist, singer and songwriter)

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Biography Svetlana Surhanau
photo Svetlana Surhanau
While St. Petersburg's first violinist, . singer and songwriter Svetlana Surganova attracted the attention of the general public a spent the nineties as one half of the duo Paul Potts, . which she has devoted nearly ten years of his life, . her musical biography began long before the sniper and successfully going after a dramatic parting with their child,

. She was born November 14, 1968 in Leningrad, . going to become a doctor, . Although from a young age was interested in music, . in a child has mastered the violin, . thirteen years picked up the guitar and, . By his own admission, . immediately began writing songs: "I was simply something to compose their, . than to learn a song Okudzhava. ",

. In the ninth grade Surhanau with three classmates collected their first group KAMERTON, . who lived before the final exams, . and the Medical College organized a quintet called LEAGUE, . too strictly because of female predominance among future nurses of the weaker sex,
. After graduation, Svetlana was admitted to the Pediatric Institute, and in 1988 joined forces with keyboardist and singer Peter Malakhovsky (ex-WHITE NOISE GENERATOR, Ash, MUSEUM 30 coins) in the ranks of art-rock band Something different. They played a few clubs in those days, significantly differentiated their music on the background of dominance where punk and post-punk and singing Malakhovsky and Surganova (part of these records, by the way, entered the album Sniper "baby talk"). When something else gradually subsided, Peter became a member of the group TWINS cousin, with which Light also occasionally collaborated.

In 1993, she accidentally met with guests Peter Diana Arbenina. Learning resulted in a friendship, and the one in the duet, the next spring received the name of Paul Potts. For years, the group remained creative parity, . however, . after, . as in 2001, Night Snipers promptly burst on the big stage and linked their fate to the capital of show business, . balance was disrupted: ambitious Arbenina took power in their hands, . leaving only a portion of Svetlana function accompanist,
. This could not but affect the climate in the group, and 19 December 2002 Surhanau parted with the snipers - the last of the original composition of the St. Petersburg.

Nevertheless, as early as next February, she again appeared at the scene, giving the two acoustic show at the "Phoebe". In the role of accompanist made guitarist Valery Tkhai. Once he and Surganova preparing to become a pediatrician, but traded the stethoscope for a guitar, decided to become a musician and has participated in groups of ODA, A.V.O.S.., Cuban intelligence, HOODOO VOODOO etc.. In addition, he pointed to a sniper album "baby talk".

The success of the concerts back Svetlana confidence, and in March she began touring the country: Moscow, Gatchina, Nizhny Novgorod, etc.. At the same time she continued to work on his debut solo album, which was launched at her home studio in autumn 2002, even in times of Sniper. Participation in the record to take the same Thay and programmer group Psyche Igor Stately. Then the process moved into a professional studio and joined him a few more musicians: Andrey Demidov, . balalaika, . as well as participants NORTH COMBAULT Alexander Ars Arseniev, . accordion, . Keyboards, . backing vocals, . Yuri Shmyrov, . bass, . backing vocals, . Ivan Nekludov, . Saxophone, . Kirill Ipatov, . Percussion, . and Daniel Prokop'ev, . drums,
. The last two have played almost all Latino groups, city.

The title track gave the song "Is not I", written Surganova to the text of Joseph Brodsky's poem "From the margins to the center". In addition, two more songs of her co-authors were Khmilnik Tatiana and Victor Smirnov. Interest to issue the album expressed the company Nikitin, . but before he left, . April 26 at the Concert Hall "St. Petersburg" the singer presented a, . soon received the name Surganova AND ORCHESTRA - electrical part, . basis of which were musicians NORTH-COMBO,
. Director of the group was Michael Gold (ex-aquarium).

In May 2003 the air station there Surganova song "April" and "painful", and on June 21 in Moscow club "B2" the premiere album, "Is not I". Despite the fact that his songs were written during the period from 1987 to 2002 (including "My Vision" and "The Birds", which were part of the repertoire is Paul Potts), the album sounded surprisingly consistent and fresh and relevant. The audience and the music press the album took the heat, and the wheel of history rolled forward.

Piterskaya album presentation was held on 20 September at Palace of Culture. Lensoveta with string quartet and with the full house. May 1, 2004 Surganova and Orchestra are headlining a rock festival, held at the Stadium. Kirov in St. Petersburg and collected at its stage of Michael Bashakova, groups MULTFILMY, Kukryniksy, LUMEN, Sonce-Khmara, etc.. In addition, all this time the group has traveled extensively around the country, only occasionally glancing at the family beach. 16 November in St.Petersburg club "Port" group presented a number of new songs that are included in the second Surganova album "Sweetheart of Chopin," which was released in April 2005.

The orchestra all the time gradually changed: in January 2004 brought together own DP BAND Prokopieva replaced drummer Bashakova Vadim Markov. Place Neklyudova (ALEXANDER LATIN BAND) took Lev Orlov (from VALERY & EX3); horn section stepped trumpeter Michael Tebenkov, new bass player was Alex Lyubchik (all from north-COMBO).

In August 2005 the premiere of the feature film "Dreaming is not bad," whose soundtrack includes the song Surganova "Angel of gray," in which the recording by the leader of Torba-na-steeper violist Max Ivanov.

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Svetlana Surhanau, photo, biography
Svetlana Surhanau, photo, biography Svetlana Surhanau  Violinist, singer and songwriter, photo, biography
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