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Authorized of Russia to the IMF: the status of the Russian loan to Ukraine cannot be called into question

The official status of the Russian loan to Ukraine at $ 3 billion is Not obliged to be questioned from the IMF, said the Executive Director of the IMF from Russia Alexey main.
"I don't think the official status of the Russian loan may be questioned. He does Not fall under the category of private commercial loans. The meaning of it And that was that He was Not provided on commercial And concessional terms. The loan provided by the state, which means, this is the official Loan, " said Morin, quoted by the news Agency.
the Commissioner of the IMF William Murray March 26, said that the debt to Russia shall be considered as " official ". Later the IMF added that a final decision on the status of Ukrainian debt to Russia till now there haven't. If the IMF determines the debt as a commercial, It can fall under the restructuring program." must say I'm shocked by recent statements of the messenger of Fund in this regard ", - said Morin. Great congestion of the Ukrainian economy is Not in the interest of Russia, said Morin." I don't think the big congestion of the Ukrainian economy in any sense would be in the interests of Russia. Even on a purely pragmatic, Not to say selfish, reasons. For example, we expect that Ukraine will always pay for gas supplies from Russia, " He said." As for the sources of Ukraine was able to pay off most of its debt to Gazprom, to prepay current supplies? It is clear that the financial resources provided by the international community ", - said Morin. According to his statement, programme of assistance to Ukraine, IMF, contains many risks And are strongly dependent on the benevolence of private creditors of Ukraine And the dynamics of the exchange rate. An agreement with private investors must be reached before the first review of the implementation of the programme, i.e. until the second half of June. Morin noticed that in relation to gross domestic product for the borrower's Loan is the largest in recorded history of the Fund." in my opinion, it is the program which is necessary for Ukraine. While I share the General opinion And the management of the Fund, And members of the Board of Directors about the fact that it contains a lot of risks, And perform it will be very difficult. The country cannot indefinitely live beyond their means, it assumes a radical belt-tightening, said Morin. The implementation of the programme of the Fund are also very much depends on the dynamics of the exchange rate, since one of the goals of the program is to achieve the ratio of debt to GDP is Not more than 70%." And this despite the fact that the current And future years, Ukraine will quickly collect a debt, getting loans from the IMF And other creditors. And the ratio of debt to GDP will be depending on the hryvnia, " - said Morin, noting that the course also determines the internal prices for gas And heating. First Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that Ukraine appealed to Moscow with a request for debt restructuring, but showed that " Russia is Not ready to make installments And deferred as debt." For his part, Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak said that Moscow took a tolerant stance towards Ukraine, despite the "break" of covenants the breach of obligations, the observance of which took on their own shoulders the borrower When taking out a loan) for the loan of 3 billion dollars.


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Authorized of Russia to the IMF: the status of the Russian loan to Ukraine cannot be called into question
 -  Знаменитости Authorized of Russia to the IMF: the status of the Russian loan to Ukraine cannot be called into question
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