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The court did not want to return to the Prosecutor a case of vandalism on the skyscraper in the capital of Russia

Tagansky court of Moscow refused to return the case to the Prosecutor about painting the stars on the spire of the skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya embankment in the colors of Ukrainian flag, said Last news in court.

according to the court, the hearing on the merits will start on August 17. As expected, on this day, the Prosecutor will announce the bill of indictment, after which defendants will Express their attitude to it.

High-profile incident occurred on 20 August last year. By assumption of the investigation, the defendants hung Ukrainian flag on the spire of a tall building. They also managed to paint half stars, crowning the building in blue color. Now the star returned to its original form.

according to investigators, the star painted Ukrainian rufer named Mustang, he helped the defendant Vladimir undercut, and the four based jumpers jumped from the roof to draw attention to this action. The investigation considers the purpose of this act " the destabilization of the situation in the capital of Russia and the provocation of hatred ".

The defense insists that everything is based jumpers " absolutely apolitical citizens, who just happened to be in the wrong place at that moment." Lawyer Valery Lavrov said that the investigation failed to prove their relationship with the Mustang - no detail talk on the phone or by localization. Specialists found on their clothes even traces of paint.

on the bench of the accused are five people: based jumpers Anna Lepeshkina, Alexander Cellars, Alexey Shirokogorov, Evgenia Korotkova and Roper St. Petersburg Vladimir undercutting. The result imposes on them two of article 213 of the Russian criminal code (hooliganism) and 214 (vandalism). Defendants threaten real prison terms. Currently based jumpers are under house arrest, undercutting in jail. According to the information protection rufer was not familiar with based jumpers before they became participants in a criminal matter. From everyone involved with the Mustang was familiar only undercutting.

Base jumping is an extreme kind of parachuting, for classes that do not require any aircraft or helicopter. Its history began in the 80-ies of the previous century, when the skydivers started jumping off of cliffs North America and fjords of Norway. In the early 1990s with the advent of special equipment new hobby began to gain popularity worldwide. The minimum height of an object jump experienced athletes is 50 meters and the maximum is over a kilometer.

Responsible for painting the stars took on their own shoulders the Ukrainian rufer Pavel Usever, famous named Grisha Mustang. He posted to the world wide web a picture is on some of the colored rays of the star with the flag of Ukraine. The result achieved extramural punishment for His detention and stated in the investigation, but Ukraine did not want to give rufer.

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The court did not want to return to the Prosecutor a case of vandalism on the skyscraper in the capital of Russia
 -  Знаменитости The court did not want to return to the Prosecutor a case of vandalism on the skyscraper in the capital of Russia
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