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CASE Steve

( Business)

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Biography CASE Steve
The windows of the office of Steve Case - at the top office of the company America Online in Northern Virginia - could see deserted fields, which lie around the international airport. A beautiful landscape for the owner of the network kingdom!
Case builds a new environment for his company, hoping thereby to change society. He many times has strengthened its position as compared with 1985, when founded AOL (after almost a failure to sell the modems players in top box firms 'Atari'). Before that, Case was developing toppings for pizza in the company 'Pizza Hut'. Casey is now owned 16.2 million. shares of AOL, it brought 40-year-old businessman in the state of 2 billion. dollars.
"Only now I realize how little confronting the enormous number of decisions to which forced me daily business - says Case. - You should always try to conduct business so as to eliminate from the hustle and routine ". Until now, Case defines the strategic direction of AOL, which include the creation of new businesses in Australia and Latin America, and joint venture partners in Europe and Japan, and the recent acquisition of Netscape Communication and CompuServe.
. His disdain for the daily routine for Case different from other leaders of high-tech companies, he prefers to rely on staff
. Daily management of the company in charge of Bob Pitman, he came here in 1996 after the founding of the channel MTV. The new chief technology officer Marc Andreesen came with the acquisition of Netscape. Many of the cadres came to AOL after the acquisition of other companies.
Case, who loves sports analogies, said that the network market is still at an early stage of a long baseball game. This game will change all aspects of society, including commerce and education. "For years we were the first serve, we are now connected to the web-third of American homes, but I think that we have advanced to the third position - in front of us six more!"
AOL has always been increased attention to the interests of clients. That is what allowed her a few years to grow from the middle peasants with 10% of the market to the owner of half of all customers. The value of shares from April 1998 to November 1999 increased more than sevenfold. In December 1998, AOL was among the 500 largest companies.
In this Case, recognizes that such a rise of some embellishing the reality of the company, but believes that such rapid growth provides enormous potential of web development. "This is a natural place to raise capital, and can only be surprised that people took ten years to realize the value that will have Internet. The value of some companies undoubtedly exaggerated, but it is a natural process in any developing market. Some succeed but most is sent to the dustbin of history. The point is that to be done very, very much, so it makes no sense either perk up and boast our own successes, or hang back to emerging challenges and problems.
. Case pays much attention to philanthropic activities, in particular, the work of the Fund's Steve Case, whose objective - to acquaint uneventful part of the U.S. population with the most modern computer technology
. Each of the eight computer training centers Facility in suburban areas of Virginia provides the children from nearby houses (in which this possibility, in principle, could not be) an opportunity to explore the personal computer, . surf the web and play computer games,
. Help them students from nearby George Mason University.
The main idea of the Fund - as much as possible to disseminate new opportunities, creating similar centers with specially trained personnel and modern computers. Another initiative of the Case associated with providing medical care to children from families that are not so poor to receive support from the government, but not so rich as to ensure a satisfactory level of self-treatment. "In my opinion, it is quite natural, when part of their mental and financial capabilities you going to help people who are less fortunate in life," - explains the Case, this aspect of its activities.
. On withdrawal from the affairs of Case does not think just because "the next decade will be far more interesting than the previous"
. Continuing his favorite baseball analogy, he said that only warmed up and the main game is still ahead.

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CASE Steve, photo, biography
CASE Steve, photo, biography CASE Steve  Business, photo, biography
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