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Steve Case

( American entrepreneur in the field of global networks of Computer)

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Biography Steve Case
Case, Steve (Stephen M. Case) (p. 1960), an American entrepreneur in the field of global networks of Computer, co-founder of America OnLine, its chairman and chief executive officer.

Born and raised in Hawaii. He graduated from Williams College political science specialty. At one time engaged in the development of market strategy for toothpaste and shampoo Procter & Gamble Company and PepsiCo.

In the late 1970's Case became interested in the idea of communication over computer networks in real time. In 1983, Case joined the company, which offers video games in the on-line. Connect to a computer game company could be using a modem. Especially popular at the time were playing Atari, because few people had their own computer at home. In 1985, several employees of the company teamed up and founded America Online. The main task of the new company Case announced the provision of information to customers online, with a set of services is rapidly changing in response to changes in demand.

The turning point for us was the conclusion in 1985 of a partnership agreement with the company Commodore, whose Commodore 64 at the time was the most popular home computer. Under this agreement, all Commodore computers and modems connected to the network AOL. Within five years, AOL partners have also Apple, Tandy, IBM. Under the leadership of the Case AOL entered into a strategic alliance with leading telecommunications and technology companies such as Capital Cities / ABC, Viacom, Bertelsmann, Hachette, IBM, Compaq, American Express and Time Warner.

Case is widely known for his ability to combine unikkalnoy management company with constantly changing conditions of a new Webtop-environment.

Case identified AOL as a service, which offers consumers the best selection, and constantly changing in response to changing interests of its subscribers. Applying the classical marketing experience, he had received while working at PepsiCo and Procter & Gamble, Case created a consumer-focused set of services, developing market for zaakonam.

This strategy proved very effective. AOL became the largest commercial online service providers in the world, uniting millions of subscribers. AOL has 5 thousand. employees worldwide.

But success did not come to a sudden AOL. The company was founded in 1985 and has been slow to target. The turning point for her was Keizo concluded a partnership agreement with PC makers, after which the company began to flourish.

In 37 years he was one of the most famous in America, the young CEO. Case firmly believed in his idea of an interactive online communication, and was extremely persistent in its implementation. He keenly followed the ever-changing needs of consumers, and has been gaining popularity thanks to its unique ability to combine the management of the company with the trend of a new Webtop-environment.

What is an online interactive communication, know all users of the Internet or America OnLine. Interactive communications allow users to share or manipulate the wealth of information - content - with other people sitting at a computer. For example, the AOL client can view the stock quotes, book flights, read newspapers or talk in chat rooms with other clients, AOL. Service is called interactive because it allows everyone to choose exactly the information that interests him.

Delivery of information has become a big business. The number of companies offering content on the Internet, is growing exponentially. How can AOL differs from the Internet? First, it is easier to use. AOL user interface provides information that is sorted and ordered employees. Second, AOL is spending millions of dollars on direct mail, floppy drives and advertising in support of its brand. Each disk makes you a small part of the huge company.

Case believes that the company has great prospects.

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Steve Case, photo, biography
Steve Case, photo, biography Steve Case  American entrepreneur in the field of global networks of Computer, photo, biography
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