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The ex-President of Bulgaria: Problems of South stream are political in nature

The gas pipeline " South stream ", the construction of which, as if it does not meet the standards of the European Union, has made collision with problems openly political character, says Former head of Bulgaria Georgi Parvanov, who held this position from 2002 to 2012.
according to him, " South stream " cost-effective " gives security guarantees for the Bulgarian energy sector, has a positive effect on the social sphere and provides additional guarantees in the broadest sense for Bulgaria and the other member countries of the EU ", transfers ITAR-TASS. For this reason, the politician said that He " hoped that the Bulgarian government will manifest in nature, as made certain other countries." But instead, suddenly, came the message of the Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski about the fact that He gave an order to stop the " South stream", " continued the Parvanov." Clearly, He believes, is that Bulgaria becomes a hostage of the geopolitical games ". The former leader was surprised to hear the stance taken by the representatives of the leadership of the European Union", told us that, as long as the Russian Federation and Ukraine will not understand each other, " the southern stream " will not "." why nobody raises the question of the " Nord stream "?- asked the rhetorical question of the Parvanov.- After all, if there is the Northern gas Pipeline, this means shall be and South ". Bulgarian politician is convinced that his country needs a powerful energy sector, which will not be able to fully develop without projects of construction of gas pipelines, " the most promising of which is the " South stream ". First President of the Russian Federation centuries Putin tried to convince not to politicize the construction of the gas pipeline " South stream ", noting that this project is profitable and Russia, and the EU. He called US attempts to sabotage the project ordinary competitive struggle. Russian permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov also said that " blocking of the European Commission started work on the construction of key Bulgarian section of South stream undertaken for purely political purposes." The diplomat noted that the Bulgarian government agreed on 8 June to suspend work on South stream " after talks with a group of American senators, for example with Senator John McCain (Arizona), known for its attitude towards Russia. Remember, within the governments of Serbia and Bulgaria broke open debate around the " South stream ". Under the pressure of the West - and among them the notorious Senator McCain is in Sofia and Belgrade said it was about " freezing " of the project, But later other members of the government disputed the statements colleagues. The gas pipeline " South stream " with a capacity of 63 billion cubic meters is expected to be laid under the Black sea from Russia to Bulgaria. Next, blue fuel will be distributed in various European countries as transit for the " South stream "and what will come pipeline branches. Throughput of the Austrian section will be 30-32 billion cubic meters per year.

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The ex-President of Bulgaria: Problems of South stream are political in nature
 -  Знаменитости The ex-President of Bulgaria: Problems of South stream are political in nature
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