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Nikolay V. BASKOV

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  • Masha for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • Hello Nicholas. You are a unique person. Do you have a stunning voice, but most importantly your soul. It you have a unique. I'm not a sick fan, but people like you is difficult not to love. I wish you all the best. For me, music is very important in life. It is good that there is such a great singer here in Russia. Thank you for your attention.
  • Masha for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • Hello, Nicholas. I really admire your singing. But you still a man with an extraordinary soul. Thank you for your attention. It is wonderful that we in Russia have such talented people.
  • Boadisseya for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • Nicky, you super.Ya love you !
  • matya for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • Basque you super! Masha wrote, . that it is not a sick fan, . and I'm just sick fan! Gi-Gi! That would have been happy, . if you caught me on the street ! True, . it would be happiness for me, . but for you could end up sad! I love you! Write, . Call, . Matia all yours!,
  • smoker for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • trinatri @ '? echo ( "AAAAAAAAA");? 'mail.rutrinatri @'? echo ( "AAAAAAAAA");? 'mail.ru
  • Pauline for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • NICHOLAS Hello, I am writing you with UKRAINY.VY do not imagine how hard for me to live with love to you! I love YOUR SOUL, . VOICE, . APPEARANCE! SOMETIMES I'm crying ..... I'd like for once to talk to you or simply stood beside YOU, I DO NOT KNOW, . CAN is not love but I can not help it! Silly CERTAINLY RECOGNIZE MARRIED MAN IN LOVE, . But such ZHIZN.ISKRENNE YOUR fan POLINA,
  • Olga for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • Died Nicholas! I want to say that very admire your talent. I wish you continued prosperity in your career.
  • Lena for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • You are a wonderful singer istrady and opera.
  • Lena for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • You are a wonderful singer istrady and opera.
  • rtrt for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • Another opopsevshee creature ... Basque - plums! One op and all! Magomaev - FOREVER!
  • Bronislaw for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • I love you ! !
  • DASHA Baskova for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • Only preschdstav like us, Kolen'ko byloby well together! You're my boss, but I'm your sexual secretary! We would have had sex right in the office, on the computer desk! I am feeling your strong hands ... your wife. DARIA Baskova
  • DASHA Baskova for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • YOU POMNISH As we have done at your house WHILE YOUR WIFE Idiot NATASHA SPIEGEL CARE! O YES I do remember cold nights,,, WITHOUT YOU,,, Return to Me, п÷п·п√п░п≥п⌡пёп║п╒п·!
  • Anonymous for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • Roman for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • Nick you have not only a golden voice, but also a heart of gold! You are a wonderful, kind and sympathetic man! We all love you very respected and loved. Lord keep you!
  • Alena Guseva for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • Kohl, everything happens in our lives. You are better in my. You eat and life - is life. Love. forever yours Alyona
  • Uliana for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • Hello, dear Nikolay V.! Thank you for everything! I'm your fan since 9 years! I love you and your songs !=))) Today you stand with us in Khabarovsk! Thank you for all !=)))
  • Gulnara for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • Hello Nick V.! Yes, we were with you at a concert in Yekaterinburg, May 30, 2009 we have from you in the rapture and Rudakov, too, young man in a beautiful dress and a violinist, too, the charm, . and most importantly a daughter from you crazy, she loves you, and drive our dam! Please think of us as she clung to you for stsenu.a I stood there and held her! THANK YOU! "But we then went after the concert to a service entrance and waited for you where you have put us aftograf on their card and took pictures!,
  • Ukrainochka for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • Baskov tu prosto super. Ploxo chto ya daleko aj v Ameruke u ne mogy pobut na tvoux concertax.
  • elena for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • draga NIKOLAI sant din RCMANIA si vreau sa-ti spun. ca iti ador cantecele si vocea de aur nu trece o zi fara sa iti ascult cantecele superbe. te ador
  • Richard Lowery, R.T.(N) for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • Saw your performance on our PBS TV station tonight --where have you been hiding? I know of the bass bards in Russia, but you are the first tenor I've heard from Rossiya. In my limited Russian --Ochen Horosho!
  • papp annamaria for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • kedves Bazkov tetszenek az enekeid en ugy talaltam rad hogy eloszor a come vorrei enekedet lattam persze a rajongod lettem mar csak azert is mert egy napon van a szuletesnapunk
  • aniko for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • Dear Baskov so i found that first come vorrei song i heard.I became a fan only therefore because born on the same day and same year.Aniko Marghita Romania.
  • Dolores Ferguson for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • I just met up with your wonderful voice listening to PBC . You have made me very happy sharing special songs, especially those popularized by the late Mario Lanza. Please give my best wishes to your parents. They have raised a very polite and pleasant boy. ( I might add here that you are 14 years younger than my youngest children) God Bless you and your marvelous gift.
  • Bright dove for Nikolay V. BASKOV
  • I recently found you like others on PBS.bravo.you light up my day with the beauty you share with us.thank you.also can not find your DVD in America.anyone know where to purchase?.i pray for your happiness and health.much love
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