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Biography BREZHNEV Faith
photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith
photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith
photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith
photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith
photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith
photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith
photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith
photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith
photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith
photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith
photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith
photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith
photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith
photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith
photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith
photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith photo BREZHNEV Faith
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  • I for BREZHNEV Faith
  • like a very, very, simply trudge
  • Julia for BREZHNEV Faith
  • very beautiful, charming with a beautiful figure! just a star! the most beautiful of all the stars! one word Beauty will save the world!
  • Manmax for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Would not it be a happy one half ...
  • Vadim for BREZHNEV Faith
  • My odnogrupnik (Dnepropetrovsk) saw its popularity before, nothing special in it does not all this make-up
  • Annitis for BREZHNEV Faith
  • makeup or no makeup, but she is very nice, and, incidentally, is painted in life is not much, but looks good. Papa's eyes saw!
  • Suslov for BREZHNEV Faith
  • It is a pity that such beauty covers such vuligarnost! Another confirmation of Beauty will save the world if it does not bear good! By sozhaleniiyu most oppusomov read this sentence too primitive! Only inner beauty that you can save! A girl models too spoiled attention and therefore extremely selfish,
  • * ANGEL * for BREZHNEV Faith
  • I too odd not strongly believe that it is so easily soared to the top. all just in this life is not just ... Think about
  • Pr Nav for BREZHNEV Faith
  • High-level body at the level of the best examples of world cinema. But IMHO the most chic woman was Granovskaya, Th something like Ava Gardner.
  • Alex for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Pleasant zhenschina.Kakoe something she has a combination of honesty, rigor, and sexuality, attractiveness.
  • gosha2317 for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Precisely decency and attracts, fellow faith, too much does not allow any hint of vulgarity, I just love ..
  • gio gio for BREZHNEV Faith
  • znaite vera vi naverna ne chetaete eta no kto znaet kajhdi raz kakda ia smatru vashi klipi ia doljhen sesth patamu shto mai kaleni ne mogut derjhatsa ex vasha muzika xarasha nu vi sami ne znau shto i skazath pradaljhaithe vtom jhe duxe ia vapshe ta ne ochen lublu pismi no dlia vas ia magu pisath celii vechnasth pk ato ia umru dumaia a vas,
  • Pasha for BREZHNEV Faith
  • You go to the site werabregneva.newmail.ru there is a link to the forum. In short there you can find the address for the admin of the Faith and her phone!
  • ) (OTT @ бЬ) H for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Here we expose pictures Vera!
  • Bars for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Vera, leave your soap, I thank you napishu.za previously
  • Nick for BREZHNEV Faith
  • I would be glad to know her, even if she refused me. Be considered for the honor. And if not, then ... It is the Faith's something a little vulgar, but it is a scenic image. And even if there is, what's wrong? I certainly understand that love teleobraz impossible, but how would you yourself are not persuaded. It is not soothing. Of course I'm not the only one. It is truly a femme fatale. And if someone compared her to Marilyn Monroe, it is not an accurate comparison as. I love you!
  • ARA for BREZHNEV Faith
  • VERUNCHIK You are the best on the planet
  • Velli for BREZHNEV Faith
  • This is not a simple bomb, this is a ... SEXY-LADY! With udovoltviem be met
  • Rita for BREZHNEV Faith
  • I want to say that those who pishit about Vera Brezhnev bad, just envious of her. And who wants to sleep with her - people are worried. Vera Brezhnev's really very beautiful and talented and she went on stage not in bed, she just very lucky.
  • Xue for BREZHNEV Faith
  • FAITH JUST CLASS ! Keep it Pay no attention to everyone there envious
  • ZaVaL for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Vera is beyond me!
  • PIROG for BREZHNEV Faith
  • It is unfortunate that up to "Viagra", we were not able to meet and talk after 8 years. (((
  • Leo for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Vere you super, I love you very much
  • Aleksandr for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Already хачу
  • SERG_ALT88 for BREZHNEV Faith
  • I like you very much, leave your cell number.
  • Nick for BREZHNEV Faith
  • How much beauty there - underwent surgery the tip of the nose, uploaded Restylane in the lips. Liposuction ... Horror. Not faith, and Galuska. A aglushka, she and Africa dumpling! Well, that did not dumpling. From nature to be trifled with. And note - a trembling mouth with potential vyvalivalivaniem saliva, Millyar in roles Baba Yaga appears to her beauty. It is hard to imagine what it will become in five years.
  • Berserk for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Vera, you are beautiful! I wish you luck and happiness!
  • Secretary General for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Imagine yourself: General Secretary of the CPSU Vera Brezhnev. And sausage two dvatsat.
  • Kristina for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Nothing in her silicone there net.Vse natural. I have faith in the junior uchilas.I znvyu about it with the words of her aunt, who taught her literatutu. Vera is very hardworking and tseleustrmlennaya. And the energy of anger and envy, we should send in a positive manner.
  • Sanya for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Verunya, you're the best. I love you very much and wish you good luck in your career and personal life. Stay as beautiful and be happy.
  • Oscar for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Very beautiful, do not argue. She is clever right? not znayu.Chto not a few important! But I know that she needs Jesus. And the rest is not so important.
  • Vova for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Oh they are all on the scene just beautiful ... and look at them for єкраном = O Lord my God! So our Russian chicks in a hundred times more beautiful єтих your lousy stars! Act like someone ... but it is not clear if it was not Grandma who they earn and not pull theirs ... I posmotrl it,
    . Yes they are all chicken!
  • PCHELKA ~ ~ for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Hello Verunya ! You are the most лутшая ! We are for you ... and if it's you fall Parve.! Say hello to Nadia Meyher! You are the лутшие of the group and they stay VIAGRA !
  • * JIM * for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Can not say, . that Vera Viagra for the best in the entire existence of this team! But that, . that she was a woman of extraordinary beauty (to which the western stars are oh how far, . by the way!) and the beauty of a deep ... VERY and I think must say! Faith, . you're the best and the blue screen and in life!,
  • onelovestory for BREZHNEV Faith
  • When I see her on TV or in the clip, I begin to melt =) It pleases me very much! I call her Angel!
  • Arish for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Brezhnev Vera you're the kind, sensitive and sympathetic man who kagd ever met in my Rossiskoy stage. You are the most beautiful woman in the world.
  • darklord for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Faith is the most beautiful, most charming girl on our platform. She was just an angel in the flesh.
  • korifanski666 for BREZHNEV Faith
  • yes would be better if she went without panties on the stage than it is now opened her mouth for 1 channel.
  • FENIX for BREZHNEV Faith
  • She just velikoletna.Obayatelnaya, charming and very sweet girl. Her angelic image brings the love in my heart and fills it with joy, meaning and inspiration. And all who do not like it, just jealous of her. Let's their jealousy and anger will not touch it, and turn against them.
  • Katyusha for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Faith red? va I even want Buti not like? I? fan, I so want zneyu poznakomitis at least a couple of hvilin подивитись not?
  • Azamat for BREZHNEV Faith
  • I like Vera Brezhnev, would love to meet her lichno At least correspond
  • She just super ! !
  • leon for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Kristina for BREZHNEV Faith
  • So much has been written dirtiest! Are not you ashamed? Normal it and everything in it! And it's good that it does not go to these forums! With such a desired ....
  • cattle for BREZHNEV Faith
  • I vlyubpen to her she is beautiful goddess
  • Ilya for BREZHNEV Faith
  • I just trudge on your figure ... just a fan ... even blog about you here now opened vera-brezhneva.ru
  • Maxim for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Vera, I'm your aficionados, many years! and would, what would you neotvergli my suggestion!
  • pirozkov08 for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Verachka best! Simply the most beautiful woman of Ukraine! Who disagrees??
  • Black Angel for BREZHNEV Faith
  • All who believe that it is not quite nicely, . or that it did not work found its glory then those people know well lohi.Ya Faith, . why I am writing under the nickname, . so I do not opoznali.Ona such a caring and trudolyubivaya.Mne seems that this man will never cease to do something, . work and make good dela.Poverte TK,
    . really I did not know of one year.
  • Black Angel for BREZHNEV Faith
  • All who believe that it is not quite nicely, . or that it did not work found its glory then those people know well lohi.Ya Faith, . why I am writing under the nickname, . so I do not opoznali.Ona such a caring and trudolyubivaya.Mne seems that this man will never cease to do something, . work and make good dela.Poverte TK,
    . really I did not know of one year.
  • alinka for BREZHNEV Faith
  • you better all
  • Ivan for BREZHNEV Faith
  • I want to Set proposal faith but don `t know how please help
  • Ivan for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Please pass the faith that I really love it but don `t know how to tell her please tell her I told her I want to Set the offer hands and hearts
  • Enzhulka Lappochka for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Vera Brezhnev-the best singer in the world
  • obazhatel for BREZHNEV Faith
  • 6twr876rf for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Хуета epty!
  • Alex for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Vera Brezhneva.Ty very beautiful girl! "This must never find happiness, health and love! Well-being in your seme.Bud happy.
  • Julia for BREZHNEV Faith
  • She Pts classroom!
  • Anonymous for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Faith certainly beautiful but not the best Via Gre Nadya Meyher yields
  • Anonymous for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Some sort Denise Richards in the amount of Russian
  • D! M @ N for BREZHNEV Faith
  • And it's true that Vera was studied in DIITe??
  • Anastasia for BREZHNEV Faith
  • I think that Vera is the best and very красивоя, and the song NIRVANA general super
  • Alla for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Amazing girl! Very talented! Her songs: "I'm not playing '," "Nirvana" deserve uvazheniya.A last,, Love in the City "just genialno.Stroynaya, beautiful, charming and mysterious ........ ........ Faith, so keep
  • Alla for BREZHNEV Faith
  • I agree that Vera is very beautiful, but the most beautiful woman of Ukraine and Russia-Anastasia Prikhodko ................
  • Nikolay for BREZHNEV Faith
  • dream to give suck and fuck faith in the ass
  • Don for BREZHNEV Faith
  • 89645299241
  • Eugene aladort for BREZHNEV Faith
  • o4eni xo4et poznakomica li4no
  • aladort for BREZHNEV Faith
  • 89246487788 pishi zvani poznakomimsia
  • rihard for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Lucishe ne bivaiut! sexualine ne bivaiut! bila bi ona moei, ea bi toliko na rucikah nosil.prpsto zolotzo!
  • rihard for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Verocika ea bi za toboi v ogoni poshol bi, ti moea skazka, ti dlea menea sfetaea-sfetaea! tebe net ravni, im do tebea rasti da rasti
  • Leo for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Each era, his jewels ...
  • Insist from Sochi for BREZHNEV Faith
  • FAITH most beautiful, most intelligent, IDEAL. FAITH YOU MY IDOL. How could such a NOT LIKE VOPROS.TAKAYA Sugar.
  • Insist from Sochi for BREZHNEV Faith
  • I am a fan OF VEROCHKI.A my best friend of Sofia. VIA GRA, most of all they like NADIA Granovsky, who returned after long,, LEAVE, IN THIS YEAR
  • Kandos for BREZHNEV Faith
  • YULYA for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Beauty - simply no words!
  • Ivan for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Vera and Nadia of Viagra the best !
  • Anonymous for BREZHNEV Faith
  • SIMPLY VERA class ! Her songs saved me in difficult times! Improve the mood and I longed to get to the group!
  • Tatiana for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Faith as it said in a recent interview that she loves the camera and she loves it. Their mutual love. This is so. She lives in very simply looks, . She never zametnaya.Esli you'd met her on the street you would not even look at it would, . and never would not recognize her. I live in Dnipridzerzhinsk and I saw her very close, . a year ago. And I was very shocked, . that in life she did. But I like it and always liked,
    . I respect her, that she was very purposeful artistic and I think smart. Not every girl can see a chance in life.
  • Sasha for BREZHNEV Faith
  • singer whose house protects the addict named Max is sympathy.
  • Anonymous for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Stalker for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Vera just super! The figure just ohuet
  • Natasha for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Sorry but for me faith Female Clearly it avtsa Silicone!
  • alex-xxx for BREZHNEV Faith
  • I would you all night ... all morning!
  • Igor for BREZHNEV Faith
  • If I was given a choice: Semenovich or Brezhnev, I'd chose to Brezhnev. And not in terms of sex all this choice. Just seems to me a good girl. But kanesh not see my faith as my neck!
  • Nadya for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Hello .. Do I like .... I trudge on you. Kisses ..... Your girlfriend. Poky Poky.
  • Dima for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Hi Vera, you are the classroom and magnets fun, list all your dignity does not make sense. I hope that we'll be friends and we correspond in their spare time for you:)))
  • Albina for BREZHNEV Faith
  • You sing like the angel
  • Anonymous for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Vanch for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Anonymous for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Yes, all these dolls selikonovye in the morning with terrible stanovyatsa!
  • sky 77 for BREZHNEV Faith
  • popsyatina .... Comment pleased ---- "aladort for Brezhnev Vera 89246487788 pishi zvani poznakomimsia" Xb just жжот ... apparently thought that dating
  • Poverti mne gospoda, esli bi wi nesnali ee kak pewizu, to na ulize wi tochno bi ee nesametili!
  • Victor for BREZHNEV Faith
  • And I like it, so keep the faith
  • SImONA for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Maltsev Dasha for BREZHNEV Faith
  • I for me verusya just super! what sisiki good but with all climbed vpopu!
  • Anonymous for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Sweetheart so, the soul rejoices when you see this gorgeous beauty! Most the best! And how glad I am that she Aquarius like me! Aquarians they rule !:)))))
  • Anonymous for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Most best, very nice and beautiful! "Oh, why did not my sister ... and she Aquarius like me! Aquarians they rule !:)))))
  • Anonymous for BREZHNEV Faith
  • The best and beautiful girl! What is Marilyn Monroe, what Oksanka Fedorova rest! Pity, Vera is not my sister I would be glad! "But ... It Aquarius like me! Aquarius rulyayayayat !:))))
  • Buka for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Vera! Nobody listen! Blonde-most-most !)) psi who said that we are stupid?: -0
  • Dima for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Her eyes are very beautiful .... And what is a man I am, unfortunately, not znayu.Nadeyus good.
  • Serge for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Charming, is it something that attracts the eye without the vulgarity of such can only dream of, and communicate - the top of bliss. Role in the film just shocked, fell even more. Where can I find a poster or a calendar with her image? 'll Show!
  • Konstantyn7006 for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Just like ......
  • Konstantyn7006 for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Was as usual in life .... get away with muzhchinonoy, which she thinks the ideal ....., and eventually at the age of 35 will remain in its 40 years ....
  • Konstantyn7006 for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Verunchik not go on about the mind ..., I feel my heart ...., this you love, that stood under the windows, so that was not predictable, so the clouds, so that always surprise ...., of course a businessman well but love is better .....
  • Konstantyn7006 for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Modera greetings, . and Vera reads what we write, . Most messages with exclamation, . but the busy schedule is to find time to visit these sites, . For here the voice of the people, . but to the people sometimes worth prislushivatsya ....( with Love admirer),
  • Konstantyn7006 for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Hard to live on earth, knowing that there is an ideal of beauty ..., knowing that this ideal is not be reached because, as a star in the sky, like a dream, when you want to sleep forever ...., how life is not happy .....
  • Alina for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Return Group Viagra
  • Len. region. for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Sorry fans of the Faith. But we believe that it is very ugly.
  • Karina for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Hi, I really liked the film with your participation "Love in the City" ***))
  • vova for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Pease enough .... Th! yes on this one can only dream of! and those who wrote about her bad burn in hell, you idiots! FAITH - YOU SUPER! ibud this what you are!
  • Lisa for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Vera is very beautiful.
  • Alina for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Vera Brezhnev you super! Your songs are the best! I adore you!
  • Anonymous for BREZHNEV Faith
  • erotika
  • Julia for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Vera Brezhnev's most beautiful and greatest star of Russia's showbiz! (and Dima Bilan of course!)
  • Olga for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Vera charming, purposeful and responsible girl. Very nice clips, but all the same in the group, it was much more brighter, she stood out, but now has become more boring to look at it. Get well, get well and WELCKOME TU NU VIRGOS!
  • Andr? j for BREZHNEV Faith
  • verunchik ti-super (especially voice) call? Th myeon? 80959004133pa-pa tsm you
  • Dimon for BREZHNEV Faith
  • If anyone hears let the thread of what the thread инфы how to find it, well, in the sense of what database to download and where to Proseč address, well, or relatives.
  • Aleks for BREZHNEV Faith
  • such bitchiness дефки as she usually suck cool:)
  • Nastya for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Vera, I adore you my address so kazan ul Vagapova d 15 sq. 42 please write to me you обажаю
  • Victor for BREZHNEV Faith
  • I am from you taschyus
  • Nicholas for BREZHNEV Faith
  • I love you very much
  • White officer for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Such a dear! This bunting, I am madly in love you, Vera!
  • Anonymous for BREZHNEV Faith
  • faith, when I see you on TV - just going crazy. I really like you. I wish you madly. I beg you call the phone 8 962 7773111. I want you passionately. one you live. I will pay for the night with you.
  • DASHA ~ Sexy girl 45-61-65 for BREZHNEV Faith
  • I'm Dasha, I love your "creativity"! You are the most beautiful in the world, only after I ! hee-hee
  • Estrella for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Vera Brezhnev-BEAUTY! And she super!
  • VANEK for BREZHNEV Faith
  • not consider her beauty, as it is not strange, but dovolnotaki charming girl ..... but about tvorchestov say nothing, I am a x "" "" I do not listen .....
  • Anonymous for BREZHNEV Faith
  • ja eö terpet nemogu samodowolnaja raswratnaja dama.
  • Anonymous for BREZHNEV Faith
  • I do not know, . in excess of the beauty of it just rolls ... no make-up force on the streets ... sometimes there is a brighter ... and generally devchenki in her husband's billionaire, . any zaporozhets becomes expensive MEPC) so that go well married - half way to success) and even when she laughs, . it should not be so wide open mouth - this is not the first cultural, . and secondly the lack of evidence of the mind ...,
  • Anonymous for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Shumova rank Nest chooooni hudam mastoooooni hudam
  • Dimon for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Ugh, I hate this woman and everything that she does
  • Acne for BREZHNEV Faith
  • Verachka sun you are just super! I muggles live without you! I even made сибе napliche tattoo portrait Verachki What do I do with it? Potskazhite please.
  • Rajneesh for BREZHNEV Faith
  • I love you so much Vare and you are my dream girl.Kiss and hug you tightly
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