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photo Povaliy Taisiya N.

Povaliy Taisiya N.

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Biography Povaliy Taisiya N.
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 Povaliy Taisiya N.

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  • Elena for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • Taechka YOU SUPER ! All you wealth, happiness, love !
  • Aigul for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • Thank you very much what you have. You are my Jedaiah women. Bathrooms Aigul, Kazakhstan, Astana
  • Lyuk51 for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • Taechka! You are the best. " п÷п╬п╤п╟п╧п╩я┐я│я┌п╟, if you can often appear on television Inter +. Dobra, happiness, success and very strong health.
  • ZHENYA for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • you it's time to retire
  • tondoy for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • 43 years! Yomayo. but looks like something eh?? sexy old lady =))
  • Marina for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • Darling, Taechka! You are the most magnificent and beautiful zhenschina.Toboy impossible not to admire. And your talent is unmatched, you have a divine voice. Thank you for what you have. For all the beautiful that you give to people. You are the best! You're not just a woman, you are QUEEN!
  • Annie for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • Taisiya Nikodaevna, you are simply adorable, just an unearthly, I have not enough words that could explain the important role you played in my life! Thank you for all your blessings, luck, love and creative enthusiasm! You - the most, the best!
  • Atlantis for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • Taichka, . you are the most beautiful woman in the world! Your voice is the voice of an angel, you are so feminine, . refined, . charming and graceful, . that there is no one better than you, let your creativity wins as many hearts! "Without a doubt, you are the best singer, . female, . wife, . and Mother,
  • Alena for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • Dear, dear Taisiya Nikolaevna! You are an angel, your voice - it is rock crystal, nightingale trill. I love you very much, you - my favorite singer! You are a long way behind in its glory thorny path, and finally achieved what you truly deserve! Keep it up, you - the best!
  • Alena for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • Dear Taisiya N., . You are our sunshine! I love you very much and respect, . love your songs, . especially the Ukrainian -, . they simply charming, . so take my soul - not to put into words! Congratulations, . dear, . a Happy New Year and I wish you to be a, . what you have, . - Goodwill, . tender, . affectionate - the best! More often sing in Ukrainian! You are the best, . just super!,
  • Elena for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • Taisiya Nikolaevna, did not pay attention to all sorts of slander attacks on your e-you now on our stage the best of what est.U you have a beautiful voice with a rare for today's performers range. And you just go to the beauty and joy to your fans, and you have them, believe me, because those who have once heard that you never no one sputaet.S new year-you health and happiness!
  • Anonymous for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • babi for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • ana dura
  • Dani for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • Taisiya - my beautiful goddess! Taisiya - my guiding star! Taisiya - my constant MAGIC! Taisiya - my crazy, utopian ........... but sincere, pure and sacred .... DREAM!
  • Konstantin for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • You have nothing but Lihuto ludshe.
  • Alexei for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • Taichka YOU the most charming, most beautiful and the most beautiful woman! Your voice, like the murmur of the brook in the dry desert! I love you and adore you! You ideal woman and singer !
  • Guest for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • Not "Edina" a "?" Dina ", the brakes.
  • Anastasia for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • Taisiya YOU remarkable singer and please remove the video for the song punished by love, and you Zhenya ..... schmuck!
  • Anonymous for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • Natalia for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • !
  • Hope for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • W? svo? mi plastic surgery? Yami ty vzhe resembles the old mavpu W m? krofonom.
  • Erlen for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • Heard the first time in 2001, fell in love with this voice, this beauty forever. Duets with H. Baskov, especially during the adversarial environment that made her a symbol of pure Ukraine. Amazing performance in the Ukrainian language, I would say, fascinating. Success, luck, you unfading beauty and years of live performances. Yours sincerely, Old colonel (my real title in the past and the present state of mind).
  • Anonymous for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • п╞п╨п╦я┘ 44 Rocky, the rock? 12 Bulo ago ....
  • countrymen for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • 44 Bulo 12 Rock? "In fact
  • from usa for Povaliy Taisiya N.
  • I LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, you are a Goddess thank you
  • tomm for Povaliy Taisiya N.
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