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Shwidkiy Fradkov

( Minister of Culture, theatrical)

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Biography Shwidkiy Fradkov
photo Shwidkiy Fradkov
Born September 5, 1948 in g. Kansk Kirghiz SSR in the family soldier.
In 1971 he graduated from the Faculty teatrovedchesky National Institute of Dramatic Art (GITIS) they. A. V. Lunacharskogo specializing in Theater Studies ". Engaged in the history of English theater XVIII century. Graduate studies, was called up for military service in the army. Doctor of Art.

From 1971 to 1973 he taught at r. Ulan-Ude.

. From December 1973 to January 1990 - the editor, executive secretary, deputy chief editor of Theater.

. From 1975 to 1993 - the browser-Union Radio and Television on the theater, the leading monthly radio program "Theater and Life", "Portraits of friends.

. In 1980 - 91 - by scripting a documentary film and television.

. In 1991 - 93 - Director General of the editorial and publishing complex "Culture" of the Ministry of Culture of Russia.

. In May 1992, became one of the founders of the Development Fund and the promotion of drama.
. 19 March 1993 was appointed Deputy Minister of Culture of Russia.

. On January 22, 1997 - Member of the Interdepartmental Commission for Coordination in the field of rehabilitation.

. 28 August 1997 was appointed editor in chief of the All-Russia State TV channel "Culture"
. Also becomes deputy chairman of the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK).

September 8, 1997 was dismissed from the post of Deputy Minister of Culture.
From January 1998 - leading the program "after the news" on TV channel "Culture".
On May 21, 1998 - Chairman of the VGTRK. The same decree he was dismissed as chief editor of the channel "Culture".

. From July 1998 - Chairman of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise VGTRK, chairman VGTRK.
. January 31, 2000 was dismissed as chairman of VGTRK.
. February 8, 2000 was appointed Minister of Culture, was the Minister of Culture from 2000 to 2004

Since 2004, the head of Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography. One of the founders of the channel 'Culture', Doctor of Arts, State Prize Laureate in Literature and Art. Moderator 'Cultural Revolution' (channel 'Culture') and 'Life is Beautiful' (CCC).

. June 7, 2008 Prime Minister Vladimir Putin dismissed Mikhail Shvydkoi of the head of the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography in connection with its liquidation
. The corresponding order was signed in. Putin on June 7. Options Roskultura by M. Shvydkoi headed since its inception in 2004, transferred to the Ministry of Culture of Russia.

. In November 2008 Dmitry Medvedev has appointed Mikhail Shvydkoi President's special representative for international cultural cooperation

Author of books:

- Dramaturgy. Theater. Life, "" Secrets of single Comedians ";
- "Notes on a foreign theater of the second half of the twentieth century";
- Numerous publications in the periodical press.

Speaks English.
He has state awards.
Married. Wife Marina. Has two sons and a granddaughter.

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  • Natalia for Shwidkiy Fradkov
  • Dear Mikhail E.! Thank you very much for your transfer Shelter comedians! Very little in modern television broadcasts of these challenges. But as I would like to wish for the program had more new interesting people. Yesterday saw the program Sergei Galanin is a great. Why not get in the program by Anatoly Aleshin. This is very interesting, educated and open person, which unfortunately is very rarely seen on screen. I assure you, the rating program rises in times TK. a Aleshina huge audience of admirers. Thank you very much in advance! I hope to be heard! Sincerely NEC.
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    Shwidkiy Fradkov, photo, biography
    Shwidkiy Fradkov, photo, biography Shwidkiy Fradkov  Minister of Culture, theatrical, photo, biography
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