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Andrei N. Illarionov

( Director of the Institute of Economic Analysis.)

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Biography Andrei N. Illarionov
Born September 16, 1961 in Leningrad. Father - Plenkin Nikolai Andreyevich, teacher. Mother - Julia G. Illarionov, also a teacher.
In 1983 he graduated from the Economic Faculty of Leningrad State University (LSU) for an economist and a professor of political economy. In 1987 he graduated from Leningrad State University graduate at the department of economy of modern capitalism. Ph.D. in Economics.
In 1978 he worked as a postman, 1978-1979. - Methodist in Leningrad Park of Culture and Leisure. In 1983-1984. and 1987-1990 he. - Lecturer, Department of International Economic Relations LSU. In 1990-1992gg. - Senior Scientist and Section Head, Laboratory of regional economic problems of the St. Petersburg Financial and Economic Institute (the head of the laboratory was Sergei Vasiliev). Since the beginning of "reform Gaidar" In April 1992, Sergei Vasilyev, who became director of the Working Center for Economic Reforms of the Government of Russia (RTSER), Illarionov made by its 1 st Vice (Ilarrionov remained so until April 1993).
. Trained in Birmingham (UK)
. Together with Sergei Vasiliev, participated in the development program of the Government, approved by the summer of 1993. Viktor Chernomyrdin, who in December 1992. Head of Government, met several times with Illarionov, but then before the April 1993 referendum, Mr.. contact ceased.
Immediately after the referendum of confidence in the president of Russia, 26 April 1993. Illarionov was appointed head of the group analysis and planning of the Prime Minister of Russia in the rank of adviser to Prime Minister Chernomyrdin. Together with Finance Minister Boris Fyodorov, Illarionov, strongly condemned the operation with the exchange of notes 26 July 1993, Mr.. After a difficult conversation with the Prime Minister (in the words of the Illarionov, who - as a result of this conversation "), was more than a month in hospital and later" dolechivalsya in a sanatorium, but not very successfully, ". After that Chernomyrdin is no job of their planning team leader did not give. Over the next six months Illarionov met with Chernomyrdin only "in extreme time: the night of 21 to 22 September, the night of 3 to 4 October and the morning of 13 December". All three times the meeting occurred at the initiative of Illarionov, who in all three cases, advised to dismiss the chairman of the Central Bank Viktor Gerashchenko. According to Illarionov, one of the main reasons for the defeat Democrats in elections on Dec. 12, 1993 - inflation, which Illarionov blames Gerashchenko and Chernomyrdin. February 7, 1994 Illarionov resigned, accusing the Prime Minister to "economic revolution". In response to this was February 9, 1994, was dismissed for violation of labor discipline, and expressed that Illarionov had missed three days - without the knowledge of Chernomyrdin - read 17-20 January 1994 lecture in the UK.
. Since 1994 - Director of the Institute of Economic Analysis
. In June 1998, became one of the founders ultraliberal socio-political association "Northern capital". July 10, 1998 included in the composition of the Commission of the Government of Russia on ekonomicheskoyreforme.
Member of the editorial board of "Journal of Economics". He believes that "thanks to" kick Gaidar, Russia ... just two-plus years of reform has changed drastically, "that" Gaidar has saved the country from the real threat of famine in the capitals and major industrial centers of the country in the winter of 1991-1992 ". At the same time recognizes the validity of allegations of radical-liberal critics of the "reform government" that, . that "shock therapy" as such in Russia was, . "monetary policy was not hard", . "Government has gone on too much compromise with the industrial and agricultural lobbies", . "committed large-scale human error" - "and it is these compromises and mistakes ultimately become the main causes and the first and second resignation of the first reformer of Russia",
. He believes that after Gaidar's government was "turned, in essence, to full restoration of the bureaucracy, to frank massive lobbying."
. While the chances of Viktor Chernomyrdin to become the next president of Russia after Yeltsin, . predicting with, . that the president Chernomyrdin in Russia, . as now, . be "vysokomonopolizirovannaya economy with a huge share of expensive government regulation", . and in the field of human rights (which, . his opinion, . "Yeltsin largely respected") - a situation may drastically change, . ..,
. "Judging by the mores that prevails in Chernomyrdin's team.
Disagreeing with Larisa Piyashevoy in the "Standard" of privatization, Illarionov referred to the Coase Theorem, according to which it does not matter who gets the property - if only someone going to the. Piyasheva commented: "Here we are dealing with an important secret conviction of our founders nomenklatura capitalism. I think it was first expressed in clear-text. Thieves country did Russia, as we see, more conscious than you might think "(Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 16.11.94).
Opponent policy "currency corridor": "currency corridor generally flawed ... a policy of floating the ruble, and is - fixed. The fact that the boundaries of the corridor was moved, from my point of view - a blow to financial stabilization, ... because it provides guidance for the further devaluation ... At the end of January this year [1995] I made a statement that the country's economic capabilities allow you to enter a fixed rate - 5 thousand rubles to the dollar. Now [December 1995] I would call another number - 4500 rubles per dollar. "(" Case ", 48 December 1995).
Office phone: 220-93-01. Address korrespodentsii: 103074, Moscow, Slavyanskaya Square, Building 4, page 2, Institute of Economic Analysis.
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Andrei N. Illarionov, photo, biography
Andrei N. Illarionov, photo, biography Andrei N. Illarionov  Director of the Institute of Economic Analysis., photo, biography
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