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GARCIA ROBLES (Garcia Robles), Alfonso

( The Mexican diplomat, Nobel Peace Prize, 1982)

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Biography GARCIA ROBLES (Garcia Robles), Alfonso
genus. March 20, 1911
Mexican diplomat Alfonso Garcц-a Robles was born in Zamora, the capital of Michoacц¦n, in the family Quirino and Teresa Garcia Robles. If you are going to become a priest, he then changed his mind and entered the Faculty of Law, National University of Mexico, in 1933. G.R. graduated with honors, receiving a degree in international law and international relations. He continued his education in Paris (1934 ... 1937) and the Academy of International Law in The Hague (1938). While in Europe, G.R. entered the Mexican diplomatic service and spent two years at the Embassy of Mexico in Sweden.
Upon returning to his homeland (1941) G.R. was appointed head of the department of international organizations, and then general director of political and diplomatic service. In 1945, Mr.. He was a member of the Mexican delegation at the conference in San Francisco, where he established the United Nations (UN). With the permission of his government G.R. joined the UN Secretariat in New York, until 1957,. he served as director of political department of the organization.
As head of the UN mission in the Middle East in 1949, G.R. met with the Peruvian delegate Juana Maria Sisley, which a year later became his wife. The family had two sons - Alfonso and Fernando.
After returning in 1957. Mexico G.R. became head of the department of Europe, Asia and Africa in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In this regard, he played a prominent role at the Conference on Maritime Law 1958 and 1960. From 1962 to 1964. G.R. served as Ambassador of Mexico to Brazil.
Worried about the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, G.R. thinking about the contract, which would create a Latin American nuclear-free zone. Its purpose was twofold - "to avoid repetition of the Cuban experience in any other country in Latin America ', and' delete even in the distant future the possibility of a nuclear arms race between the countries of the region '. In April 1963. Presidents of Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico signed a joint declaration of intent in this direction in November, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution with the same content. Despite the auspicious beginning, progress towards a treaty soon stopped. Unshaken GR, who became Deputy Secretary for Foreign Affairs of Mexico in 1964, played a crucial role in convening a conference of Latin American diplomats in Mexico City. Since November 1964. February 1967. conducted intensive negotiations, representatives of 21 Latin American countries to adopt the details of the agreement. G.R. co-authored the final version of the text. Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America, also known as the Treaty of Tlatelolco, bear the signatures of representatives of 14 countries, the ceremony took place on February 14, 1967, Mr.. in Tlatelolco, the Plaza, the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mexico City. Later joined to the contract an additional 10 countries, although the major powers in Latin America - Argentina, Brazil and Chile - to temporarily refrain from doing so. UK, U.S., USSR, China, France and the Netherlands have signed additional protocols to the treaty, pledging not to use nuclear weapons in Latin America and did not bring it there.
At the end of 1967. G.R. headed the Mexican delegation at the Geneva UN Conference on Disarmament, where he had to work closely with Alva Myrdal. As an experienced diplomat, known for honesty, patience and perseverance, G.R. was asked to take part in the development of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in 1968, of which the 115 countries of the world.
In 1970 ... 1975. G.R. Mexican representative to the UN. In December 1975. Mexican President Luis Echeverria Alvarez, appointed him as Minister of Foreign Affairs, but at the request G.R. Mexico's new president Jose Lopez Portillo made his permanent representative of Mexico in the UN Committee on Disarmament in Geneva. G.R. continued attempts to reach a compromise between the superpowers on arms race. At the special session of the UN General Assembly 1982. he made a call to start a worldwide campaign for disarmament. Although the proposal was rejected, the idea of the campaign gained wide support, and the summer of 1982. in the United States and Europe took place thousands of anti-nuclear demonstrations.
G.R. and Alva Myrdal were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1982. a major contribution to disarmament. The representative of the Norwegian Nobel Committee Egil Orvik noted that 'in the history of international disarmament name G.R. allocated a special sound '. 'As a driving force and inspiration Tlatelolco Treaty - continued E. Orvik - G.R. helped take the form of the agreement, have a real look at the destructive power of nuclear weapons'. In his Nobel lecture G.R. described the preparation and content of the Tlatelolco Treaty, reminding the audience that the Latin American nuclear-free zone, unfortunately, found no followers in the densely populated areas.
In 1985, Mr.. G.R. was elected chairman of the UN Committee on Disarmament. Active writer, which friends speak as 'obsessed with the idea of disarmament', G.R. the years of his diplomatic career, became the author of 20 books and over 300 articles on international relations.

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GARCIA ROBLES (Garcia Robles), Alfonso, photo, biography
GARCIA ROBLES (Garcia Robles), Alfonso, photo, biography GARCIA ROBLES (Garcia Robles), Alfonso  The Mexican diplomat, Nobel Peace Prize, 1982, photo, biography
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