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(1956 - ...)
"I want to make the company, which would be in the top ten best companies in the world". Ilya Mikhailovich Baskin. Married, one daughter. Higher education, construction. Director of JSC "Garant", a holding company, which includes about 50 companies, including financial groups, association Phosphorit ", a port, factories
In my heart I have always been an entrepreneur. I also remember when we were students gathered mukulturu, I suggested the children to select good books and pass them to the secondhand ... The money we have eaten ice-cream. The first time in a student stroyotryad I went to an ordinary soldier, the second - the master, the third - the commander of trips.
After the institute he worked on a construction site, then engaged in supplying. In 27 years, he became Deputy Director of the sewing association. But all my ideas "choked" superiors, and then implement them more.
. In 1988, as soon as the opportunity of private initiative, organized a cooperative employing 15 people, giving it 50 thousand taken "under the name" credit and all his savings
. In the beginning was actually only the head and ... a wild desire to do business. Eight months had not received a salary.
But for the years 1988-1991 tovaroborot we have increased from 160 thousand. up to 50 million. rubles, in 1994, the company's turnover will amount to 100 million. dollars, and in 1995-m thinking to reach a billion. Number of employees - about six thousand people, will soon be tens of thousands, I hope.
Today I know how to manage such capital, which was not yet two years ago. We are working on the North-West - St Petersburg, but, of course, makes life liaise across Russia.
. Business philosophy.
. The pleasure of work, pleasure from the fact that we can what the others can not - most importantly, it is much more than the profit motive
. That's why I was never focused on high profit - and began sewing children's clothes - the profit is small, but the market is stable.
Business - is a creative process. Sometimes just ... - Something clicks in my head - an idea. And I realized one thing - to start small - if it starts small matter - cope with the large.
. Now here diversify their activities - have established the production of light warehouse, . bought a union "Phosphorit", . build port, . a plant of building materials, . created financial groups: investment company, . Bank, . Exchange, . create a pension fund, . insurer, . bought store,
. And then will continue to grow - I want to make thousands of businesses and I know - I can and, in general, I'm on Max Weber - an ideal entrepreneur.
For me very important strategy for my business. When I plan for two years ahead, but it's the visible result, what was conceived, brings real benefits - is, of course, great pleasure.
. We have launched a rocket with the satellite because when we intended to build a port, all in one voice said: "Brad, they did not build a port
. It's impossible ". It was then that we decided to do the impossible: for three and a half months of private structure bought a rocket, all organized and launched a communications satellite. All, too, said it was nonsense.
But we have proved that this is possible (the system now brings us earnings). Today the port is built. With the launch, we were led to believe that we can build a port. This is a very expensive cost for their faith, but maybe this is a very cheap fee, who knows ...
We recently acquired a controlling stake in a large factory in Kingisepp works there 4 thousand people, but will be 25 thousand. We take the long neglected production that no one can raise, but we do.
Previously, koscha case was in its infancy - not enough time for anything else. And now, when there was some sort of structure, there are people who can make all the whirling without me - has become more time to devote to health, family, a desire to give something to her daughter - not only material. I try to engage her as a wife (of an eye, my first deputy), to the point - and I'm happy when a daughter is happy that her mother's model, tailored to my company is sold.
. I do want my children were the owners, their business would like to send my child
. But if I see that my child does not pull "business, then I leave him the money, but it will pass into other hands - someone who will be able to continue his dignity.
. Life philosophy.
. I want, . my child to live in a normal environment, and therefore I have a social responsibility - so I began immediately to act during the August coup, . when many of my colleagues and leaders of the Union of cooperators just got scared, so I give money to churches and culture.,
. I think that we - the new entrepreneurial class - need to work here, raise this country, though I personally could make dollars and get out of here
. But there, in the West, I am not interested, and the business opportunities there are much less. Although these difficulties our real entrepreneurs only benefit.
But, unfortunately, business is now fully Sovkov. You know, there is a Russian, a Jew, but a Soviet citizen. There is a special breed of entrepreneurs - a Soviet entrepreneur. He first wants hapnut quickly as possible and never thinks about the future. Secondly, he does not care about their workers, the conditions in which they work. Thirdly, it is absolutely not involved in his education, he never thinks about the future.
. This is all fine, as most entrepreneurs come from "tenevikov", and they stayed and the habit to act in such a way to circumvent the law and the habit
. I think that these entrepreneurs will be more and more
. But that's terrible - the young, which is now growing up, she sees how much easier Khapaev the money, and is ready to take with them an example ...
. I believe that the only way for this country to rise - is to send young people to the West to learn this business
. Here we are implementing a training program for future hosts Russia 6 million. I knocked the U.S. Congress for the U.S. and 10 million. our government to implement the training program managers in the West. On a competitive basis, we started sending our young people to study. Only these - fresh and normal people here can do something. And all these exchanges, intermediaries - when you just remove the paper and to shift money from one pocket to another - wealth will no longer. I do believe that mediation - one of the main causes of inflation.
Workers and colleagues.
Actually, I'm tough, demanding man, but if I want my business developed well - I have to think about the people. That's going to buy a bus for transporting workers to the factory, built next to her kindergarten, etc.. I would they want to pay 20-30% of the shares that they were my partners, and that did not go anywhere. But to lead, make decisions and take responsibility for them, I must myself.
I can not go on equal partnership, even for my dream - the creation of a large enterprise. And before I tried to do it myself, but if you want to develop business, to expand production - it is impossible - to look for people who need to train people, we must invest in people.
My most important business - people. The principle of selection - the integrity and professionalism. Actually, I've noticed - if a person works as a mercenary - is often drawn, as needed, but give him at least 5% of the profits - another thing, people change, he began working as an entrepreneur.
I work with the team, risking together and solve together. If the business does not trust the team, you need to limit the family shop.
. Society.
. I think, . that inequality between people - is the natural state, . law of nature, . but as the enrichment of the rich, . should gradually increase the standard of living and those, . who they work, . as the owner is not interested in lumpen, . but well an employee,
. Of course, if the man has physical problems, then society should help. As for the lazy, then ... and lazy, probably, to give, because they will riot, loot, kill, but pity for such people can not be. While I believe that people by nature still good and people should be trusted, but ... unfortunately, not currently in our country, where often "like owner of the whip."
This is a very dirty business. I plunged into it, though he went there, as in many cases to prove that the impossible is possible. I became a deputy, because no one believed that this will. I put forward for the agricultural and mining regions, and the original poll I know 1 percent of the population, and would have voted in tenths of a cent from this. After 45 days, for me, voted 50.3 per cent.
Help me to hold the election campaign I invited the young guys who had just graduated from the University. He took a helicopter landed in it by 10 well-known people in this region, we flew to my factories. There, I said to them: ask my workers, who is Baskin, I tell myself nothing will. But we have radio, television and newspapers. All of this was removed and show people, in particular, and in my constituency. Came to support me, Ilya Glazunov, though it happened by accident. Month I went to barns and farms, acquired during this time is very valuable experience in communicating with people.
When I chose the general director of "phosphorite", it really helped me. I quickly found a common language with the audience, making them believe me. They saw - a man of action, and a sincere person: I promised myself to speak frankly on all matters, and people will feel it.
It is difficult to work politician. I left because I realized that if I stayed - bankrupt, and lean not win politically. And leaving, I was successful in his business. But in politics anything can be done if the command to find decent, knowledgeable people.
And these Democrats ... see, I see, I feel a whole lot of nonentities, who forced their way into power, they have tasted power, they only want power, they revel in their power. They intervene in all cases, they have ownership, and who have property, the order and power. What do they differ from kommunistovN They are worse - the Communists were even bad, but some system, and it acted, and these only Khapaev, Khapaev, Khapaev unfairly. They are Russia ready to sell - that's why I want to have billions to deal with them independently - from the billions they have goiter spiral. They do more and do not know how.
I could offer Sobchak system, which is fed to the city ... but why is it he does not need. I think the mayor should be a politician - he has the political affairs and head of the administration to be an entrepreneur with a good team. City can be managed as a large plant - need to privatize everything, because private stores are not empty, but all these Municipality, the government - do not.
PochemuN, but because to them no time to go will not. Why - to listen to their bredN They never, while in power, this will not do - take a list of the Supreme Council - who these people were before - the old nomenclature. And what they have now - a new nomenclature.
Of course, what made Gaidar, a fantasy. He was a unique person, I began to understand this recently. Ultimately, our society is now a cure itself, including the mechanism of self-regulation. And I'm grateful Gaidar, because now no need to pay bribes, which I previously never given.
All bought with his money, let them in debt, with the risk, but just not have anything to do with our officials. And now the need is no longer. If now it is done, it is criminally. But this is not about me.

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    BASKIN, Ilya, photo, biography
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