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BEATA Lise (Rotermumd)

( Entrepreneur)

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Biography BEATA Lise (Rotermumd)
photo BEATA Lise (Rotermumd)
(p. October 25, 1919)
In Berlin, there is an unusual museum of erotica, which is a kind of mistress Lise Beate. And then just translated into many European languages appeared memoir the mistress, under the title "With pleasure on the market, moreover, this book became the most widely read in Europe over the past few years.
. Annual turnover of mail-order firm Beate Lise is now about 230 million marks
. It operates hundreds of specialty shops and cinemas, which include "children under eighteen" is prohibited.
In addition, the company sends its goods ordered by catalog or the Internet, millions of customers in dozens of countries around the world. It seems incredible that such a powerful industrial empire created and manages the still thin, almost fragile, though in sport trim, despite his 82 years, woman.
. In the late 40-ies it alone and the first in Germany had to conquer new and challenging market delights
. However, she Lise Beate does not think this market is problematic. "It's hard to sell buttons, the machine or, say, Coca-Cola, because it did not all drink - she writes in her book. - It's not easy selling pants or shirt, because they do not all are or are not the same ... And sex is needed by all. And accessible to all. This - the most tradable commodities.
Sexuality - a very important aspect of everyone's life. The only difference in the degree of importance of this factor in a given age. But, I repeat, it is - an integral part of human existence.
But here we need to know exactly what to sell, to whom and how. What should, . example, . "goods", . to meet the secret desires, . sometimes unclear, . not clearly took shape, . restrained residents of northern Hamburg and noisy, . temperamental, . loving experiments bavartsaN Hispanic and polyakaN How to attract a specialized sex-shop new customers, . if this had long been no appeal of forbidden fruit, and much of, . is sold into the sex-shop, . Today was obschedostupnymN naked beauties show on television almost every day, . erotic lingerie you can buy in regular stores, . condoms and people calmly, . without, . to blush to the roots of the hair, . spread on a moving belt at a supermarket cashier, together with other "essential commodities".,
. Nevertheless, the firm Beate Lise for more than half a century, remains the guarantor of pleasures in Germany
. In her book she tells how she did it.
"I was born in East Prussia. But my mother is from Berlin, and his father a native of Wurttemberg. They were quite unlike the Prussians - moderate, severe, in military disciplined, closed like a buttoned up. In Germany, whereas there were only three women doctors. And my mother was one of them. "
. To enter the university medical school, the mother Beata had to first finish the gymnasium - women in their city then were not there, (it was thought that the girls enough and eight classes).
. His inner freedom, his determined character and purpose Lise Beate clearly required mother
. If she was one of the first in Germany, women doctors, her daughter was one of the first pilots in the country.
"When I was somewhere last seven years, - writes Beata - Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic Ocean. Grand event! The real sensation! That made me so shocked that I even devoted a pilot poem - his first children's poem. And then decided that she, too, become a fighter pilot in. When a couple of years decided to speak about his dream house, they did not take it seriously. And most annoying was when someone said: "Well, what samoletyN! Thou-girl!" How I wept!
Rushed to his father, and he began to pat me: yes, says we have until the pilots take only men. But if you want this very much ... I read somewhere recently that in the Soviet Union, the first woman appointed commander of the squadron, even! So, maybe you'll have to go to RossiyuN .. "
In Russia, the German Grizodubova not have to go. At seventeen years Beata began to engage in Berlin's clubs, eighteen had already received pilot license. Flew wildly daring, and always won prizes in various competitions. Immediately after the exams in flying club began working for a company that produces sports planes. She felt, and "run" them, rather - "tested in flight" (before sending the customer must be sure to bump into a certain number of kilometer-hours for inspection and adjustment of all systems).
. Soon after the war began, and the plant switched to production of fighter
. Beata already tested in flight "Messerschmitt" and distilled them to the Eastern Front. They met with the captain of the Luftwaffe named Lise, whom she married soon. Two years later he was killed in an air battle. In April 1945 Beate was besieged in Berlin, which went to rescue his little son. First of May, at night, she sat in a small propeller airplane son and a nurse who had looked after him, and slipped to the low level flight, the Soviet position.
"I was happy that I pulled from the besieged Berlin. Flying to nowhere. Where getting completely healthy - it depended on the fuel. I wanted to get into the southern part of Germany - there was much calmer. But the fuel for it, even approximately, not enough, but there was nowhere to refuel. Then he remembered that in the far north, somewhere near Flensburg, was a little-known airfield. I even did not really know the names: Luke, Luck, Luck ... But found. Tam and villages. Directly with a small child came into the English camp for prisoners of war (I still had military pilots, while the battles and did not participate), but very soon they let me go. "
. So quite by accident Beata Lise was in Flensburg - the small "a provincial" city in northern Germany
. Here and now the headquarters of the firm, where she still arrives each morning at work. Then began the firm with a slim pamphlet called "Font X" - "Text X", printed on brown paper.
In memoirs Lise Beate says, what problems women face after the war. Then we will speak not only bread but also contraception. Tablets in general have not yet been invented. Abortion is banned. And the unfortunate women who are often even secure a roof over his head was not, did not know how to avoid pregnancy. Lise Beate remembered how his mother once told her about some book, which was due to more or less exactly which days are particularly dangerous for women (ie, it can easily become pregnant), and which are safe. Lise Beate sought out this book, has done something like the outline of her, told more or less popular and made a template on which the women can navigate.
. This so-called "system of Knaus' (named after the German doctor) was not too reliable, but still better than nothing
. Lise Beate received many orders for his pamphlet, which had been sent by mail for a ridiculous price - two Reichsmark. But first it had to be printed. She sat on a bicycle, came from the village, which was staying with her son, in Flensburg and come to the most, as she said, a cheap printer.
"What'll platitN" - asked her boss. How chemN "- said Lise Beate and pulled out a pack of Reichsmarks.
He said: "DengamiN! And who needs your dengiN! Reichsmarks For now you can not buy anything!" He was right. It was in 1946.
"Where are you zhiveshN - asked the owner of printing. - In derevneN So here's my price: five pounds of butter. That is two and a half kilos ". I told him: "I was living in the countryside, but she - a refugee, I have no cows, no court. Where can I get five pounds maslaN "-" I do not know. Pay - typing ". Oh how I took out the five pounds of butter! She sold everything they could, in debt climbed ... But come to him three weeks with butter, and he published a pamphlet.
For over a year Lise Beate sold 32 thousand copies. In West Germany, was a monetary reform, and people pay for the brochure is no longer two Reichsmark, and two new, real, full-fledged brand. So Beata Lise earned her first and only great for those times the money. People, . who ordered her to mail brochures, . often asked in the letter: "What about sex education voobscheN How to solve these or other intimate conjugal problemyN Can I buy condoms as" N Shortly Lise Beate produced a book about the problems of intimate and sexual disorders (the book was called "Is everything OK in our brakeN ") and signed its first contract with a" subcontractor ", . specially for her company began to manufacture condoms.,
. Trade Catalog Lise Beate "Hygiene marriage" - the official name of the company in those days, when about pornography, rubber doll-size vibrators and another question was
. Those years are not accidentally called in Germany "stale fiftieth": Puritan standards prevailed. Although, as stressed by Lise Beate ... "... The people with whom I have directly dealt belonged to my business very quietly, were very friendly and to me personally. But different agencies have been with me a real war. And even criminal cases always wound up. Although, in fairness, it must be said that they had to rely on the laws, some of which was adopted in the days of the Kaiser.
. There was, for example, the law in force since 1919, according to which the intimate relationship between people who are not married to each other, qualified as "indecent assault".
. And Lise Beate charged with inciting debauchery, and in the promotion of immorality because of the fact that she sent out to their customers condoms
. In the company's premises searched, and the prosecutor's office confiscated the card file with the addresses of customers (if they were only 72 people). Beata was in despair. Her lawyer said: "We have no choice but to ask these 72 clients. And if more than half will be married, then we will have at least some arguments. Lise Beate terribly lucky: it was found that married all 72 people. Criminal case was closed. But only one criminal case. And all such cases in the history of the company was about three thousand!
However, some only create advertising firm. Cost prosecutors, for example, prohibit the mailing of an "immoral" book, published by Lise Beate, as the number of orders for this book increased sharply. Of course, sooner or later the ban was removed, because I and the laws and moral norms, and people's attitudes toward sex. In the early 60-ies, for example, Lise Beate tried for the issue of special condom (so-called "whiskers"). This, they say, the anomaly and perversion.
This accusation was visiting the prosecutor's office to confirm the judge - a Professor Hallerman. But quite unexpectedly to all suddenly announced that Lise Beate should not be judged, and thanks for what she does. After all, people do not suffer from the fact that sex is "too much", but quite the contrary. Lise Beate acquitted and speech of Professor Hallermana the court entered the history of German jurisprudence.
"But since there has been changing rapidly psihologiyaN No. For example, I would like to join the Flensburger tennis club, but it was impossible. Tennis was then an elitist sport. The club were, as they say, representatives of the "chosen" of society. Among them was a real split. In the end, a majority of just one vote, I was turned. But it was in 1963. Now the situation is, of course, quite different. I myself am a long time already in this club, and children who continue the family business - even in the yacht club. Of course, I understand that it's not only a change in moral standards that have become more liberal.
. If you are a major employer and taxpayer in the region, many donate to charity and so forth, relevant to you is always changing for the better. "
. Incidentally, tennis Lise Beate played even today, despite the age
. Several years ago she underwent a course of scuba diving and has received a certificate nyryalschitsy diving. Well, as regards Lise Beate reputation in society, then in 1996 in connection with the fiftieth anniversary of her company in Flensburg opened dedicated to this event plaque. But in Berlin the same year opened a museum of erotica, named after Lise Beate.
Last year, the firm Beate Lise came to the exchange. Its shares are in steady demand, although the evil tongues and say that people just like half-naked beauties, pictured on this valuable paper.
. Lise Beate sons, who now play a major role in leading the family firm, began to acquire sex-shops in France, Spain and other countries
. One day journalists asked Beata not bother whether it is that their own children are engaged in erotic and pornoproduktsieyN
"You know, I was opposed to the children involved in my business. And not so much on moral grounds. When we started, children were still too young and managerial positions in the firm occupied the people I hired. I am afraid that those of my managers do not find common language with the kids (I'm talking about his sons because my daughter from her second marriage, having married, went to Africa). In the end, hurt any feeling subordinate 20-year-old guy who does not really know and not know how, but it is the successor owner of the company. But nothing happened.
. In addition, unlike me, my sons received a serious education, becoming a specialist in marketing, advertising, organization of production. "
. In Germany There are persistent rumors that Lise Beate personally experienced many of the goods sold in its stores
. Is etoN That's what she said in an interview on such a frank question:
"There is nothing immodest there is no. It is - quite a natural thing. First, because I have let my husband were the only ones who could all feel. It is now not necessary to be a special expert to determine, for example, quality vibrator: he's good, in principle, or not. And earlier, when the vibrators had just appeared, we did not even know: its function, mission they perform or not ... That's brunt.
Finally, we can only add that the first edition in German appeared in the publishing house "Haufe"

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BEATA Lise (Rotermumd), photo, biography
BEATA Lise (Rotermumd), photo, biography BEATA Lise (Rotermumd)  Entrepreneur, photo, biography
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