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( commander, conqueror and ruler of the great Mongol Empire)

Comments for JENGHIZ KHAN
According to legend, born of Chingiz goes back to the Mongol tribe, one coming from a woman named Alan-Goa, which after the death of her husband, Dobun-Bayan, pregnant by a beam of light. From it came three sons: those who belong to the genus of these sons, called nirun. Meaning of this word - loins, t. e. indication of the purity of loins origin of these states sons from a supernatural light. In the sixth lap of Alan-Goa was a direct descendant of the Kabul-khan. From the grandson of the last Yisugei-Bahadur went to those who received the name Kiyat-burdzhigin. Word Kiyan in Mongolian means "big stream flowing from the mountains to the lowlands, turbulent, fast and strong".
Kiyat - plural of Kiyan: they also called those who are closer to the kind. Children Yisugei-called Bahadur Kiyat-burdzhiginy for the fact that they were simultaneously Kiyat and burdzhiginy. Burdzhigin same in Turkic means a person who has blue eyes. Color of his skin falls into zheltizku. Courage burdzhiginov became a proverb.
Son Yisugei-Bahadur Genghis Khan was born in 1162, Mr.. (other, more questionable data, 1155) From the early years, left 10 years from the kind of an orphan, he endured many hardships, vicissitudes. But since his youth he learned to understand people and to find reliable people. Bogorchin Noyon and Boragul Noyon, . who were with him during the years of defeat, . When does thinking about searching for food, . how much value they were, . he once said: "Let there be no sorrow and no need, . to die Bogorchi! Let there be no sorrow and no good, . to die Boragul! "Sorkan-Shir tribe Tayichi'ut, . which captured Genghis Khan, . contributed to escape from captivity, . subsequently received full honor and respect to his person, . children and supporters,
. Son Sorkin - Shire Dzhiladkan-Bahadur, referring to his courage, Genghis Khan has devoted almost poetic lines:
. "I have not seen on foot, which would immediately and acquired in their hands the head of unruly, I have not seen the (human), like this hero!"
. Sorkak was a man called the father of Chingiz
. While, . when Genghis was not yet Emperor, . He said: Many people want power, . but in the end will be headed by Temujin and behind him on the unanimity of the tribes confirm the kingdom, . because he has to ability and merit and on his forehead are conspicuous,
. Obvious signs of heaven vsepomoschestvovaniya and regal prowess. The words proved prophetic. Extreme sensitivity is the ratio of Chingiz to the first and beloved wife Borte. He suffered no man to doubt her chastity after a year of its stay in captivity. From the relations of personal devotion shaped model of vassalage, which he subsequently erected in the system. Personal qualities of Genghis Khan, with all their originality fit into the age-old characters, and in the age-old motifs, . who have lived hitherto policy: the desire to impress his indisputable leadership, . Path (sometimes heavy) move to the upper power through treachery and devotion, . through hatred and love, . through betrayal and friendship, . ability to assess situations and make decisions, . bringing success,
Successive line of Genghis Khan carried over the centuries of its direct and indirect descendants - Chingizid in the vast Asian region. There is a certain identity of family traits in the Genghisides in general, and those that had emerged as the leaders of the consolidation and the formation of a unified Kazakh statehood. From the firstborn Chinhiz Khan Juchi in the sixteenth degree, we have the famous Ablai, his grandson Kenesary. Grandson of the last Azimhan (1867-1937) enjoyed great respect for people.
In the life of Genghis Khan are two main. phases: a period of unification of all Mongol tribes into one state and the period of conquest and the establishment of a great empire. The boundary between them is marked symbolically. Originally his name Tengrin Ogyugsen Temujin. At kurultai in 1206, Mr.. he was proclaimed divine by Genghis Khan, his full name in Mongolian was Delkyan ezen Sutu Bogda Genghis Khan, T. e. Lord of the world, revealed by God Genghis Khan.
In European historiography has long dominated tradition portray Genghis Khan as a bloodthirsty despot, and Barbara. Indeed, he had not received education and was illiterate. But the mere fact that he and his heirs of the empire, . merged on 4 / 5 of the Old World, . from the mouths of the Danube, . borders Hungary, . Poland, . Novgorod the Great to the Pacific Ocean, . and from the Arctic Ocean to the Adriatic Sea, . Arabian Desert, . Himalayas and India suggests at least about him as a brilliant commander and administrator, calculating, . not just conquering destroyer and terrorists,
As a conqueror he has no equal in world history. He has been characterized as a commander courage strategic plans, deep vision of political and diplomatic settlement. Exploration, including economic, organization courier services on a large scale for military and administrative purposes - this is his personal discovery. In a reappraisal of Genghis Khan's movement has played a significant role, called the Eurasian. With respect to Genghis Khan Eurasians abandoned the concept of "Tatar yoke", . is connected with the ideas of Russia-Eurasia as a special historical and cultural region, . is dissimilar to Western Europe, . Middle East or China, . Russia as the successor of the Mongol Empire XIII-XIV centuries,
. The second idea Eurasians - this explanation for the sharp increase in the activity of the Mongol tribes in the Trans-Baikal under Genghis Khan specific feature - passionarnostju. Man with passionarnostju, obsessed insuperable desire to work for the sake of an abstract ideal, a distant goal, to achieve a Passionary victim not only the life of others, but also their own. Observed periods of sharp increase in the number of passionarians ethnos compared with the townsfolk. In the terminology of Genghis Khan is the "will of the people long, for which the honor and dignity of the most valuable, well-being and even life itself. They are opposed by those that appreciate the safety and well-being above their personal dignity and honor.
Established network of lines of communications, which opened unprecedented access to government and private sector needs, and ensured that trade and cultural exchange within the empire. Genghis Khan wanted trade to deliver such facilities that could be all over his empire to wear gold on their heads as ordinary vessels, without fear of looting and harassment.
On his attention to the personnel policy facts show respect for the bearers of technology and culture, taking care of their children, the involvement of a descendant of the house Kidane Elyuy Chu-cai to service. This philosopher and astrologer, was in charge of administration, finance, Office of the empire. Marco Polo, among the noble characteristics of Genghis Khan said that he did not violate the rights of property in the conquered countries.
A key component of the spiritual heritage of Genghis Khan is composed of a set of laws, perfect for its time, so-called Yasa. He elevated the cult written law, has been solid supporters of the rule of law.
The most important basis for statehood in addition to strictly observe the law of Genghis Khan, regarded as a religious.
Genghis Khan died in 1227, Mr.. and buried in the ground Purkash-Kaе?duny (now this place is not identified). According to legend, once in the area under the canopy of green tree of Genghis Khan, having experienced "a kind of inner joy," said approximate: "The place of our last home to be here"
. Vernadsky's idea that the legacy of Genghis Khan has a "great world-historic significance" by which "the peoples of different, often very high culture, were able to influence each other."
. Stressing the single-mindedness of personal qualities of Genghis Khan, . not worth as opposed to tradition, . portraying him as a brutal conqueror, . gloss over the political shape of Temujin, . and perceive it in all its multi-dimensional features, . as positive, . and negative,
. Like any conqueror, he fought, . hence, . destroyed, . destroyed, . beggared, . rob, . but at the same time attracted to his side defeated, . tried on several occasions to exercise thrift, . caution, . concern about the future and the strength of their gains,
Chingizizm - a concept which found it necessary to put into historical science researcher at the Kazakhstan. Yudin. Under it meant not only that certain practical traditions, including traditions of succession of military science for a long time continued to operate on the conquered by him and his descendants of the large territory. This refers to something else - namely, ideology, and, moreover, is so powerful that it could seal a large scale and for a long time what can be called geopolitical legacy of Genghis Khan.
This ideology. P. Yudin called worldview, ideology, philosophy, the sanction of the social system and structure of social institutions, political and legal system, culturological doctrine, the basis of education, a means of regulating behavior in society.

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  • reasonable man for JENGHIZ KHAN
  • There insignificant fellows inflamed brain at all times tried to classify themselves as kagorte velikih.Esli and look kakuyuto link to Genghis Khan, . then it can be found only through a son Jochi, . and yet did not know he was born from the Genghis Khan or someone else from the gang of robbers who robbed and restraint in a year, . future wife Kogana.Da and ridiculous to expect that one Juchi was the father of all kazahov.Nuzhno look for what is worthy of his nation where it is really well known in world history, . not to invent any beleberdu showing his incompetence all over the world.,
  • Anonymous for JENGHIZ KHAN
  • Abu Anis, you dub.dubom in history !
  • Turk for JENGHIZ KHAN
  • Abu Anis you're right! thanks for the article!
  • Turk for JENGHIZ KHAN
  • all who do not agree with Abu Anis, bring the facts! not write any garbage!
  • Kazakh patriot for JENGHIZ KHAN
  • Abu Anis rights to 100% when it in Mongolia, China, Uzbekistan, Altai Territory, and of course the tribes lived in Kazakhstan (Zhuzes emerged, childbirth), now a card-we all Kazakhs belong. So the entire region The above when it belonged to Genghis Khan, and Kazakhs in fact our Dad and our veins flows the blood of the great conquerors. Would our ancestors alive soldiers of those times, they would have told us how they chased the Chinese, Russian and Uzbek all ....
  • Peresvet for JENGHIZ KHAN
  • Dull "Borat" the descendants of Genghis Khan? Thank you laugh. The fact that he had conquered all of Central Asia is a fact, and the rest is nothing but imagination. In Russian Buryatia and Kalmykia much more right to be descendants of Genghis Khan.
  • Varyag for JENGHIZ KHAN
  • Another delirium ordinary Kazakh Natsik. Pitiful. Favorite game Nazis from Central Asia: nabeysya in relatives of any tyrant, . a passing of their village (Alexander of Macedon, . Genghis Khan, . Tamerlane). But Japan did not you accidentally settled? You're a bit like the Japanese, . as Russia's Yakut,
    . Tell this story in Mongolia and India (Mughal Empire). They laugh at you, Boratiki.
  • Vasya for JENGHIZ KHAN
  • Vasya for JENGHIZ KHAN
  • Peresvet you how to give SAG ...... ntsam. at Kulikovo field ....
  • kamil for JENGHIZ KHAN
  • For Basil, your Peresvet (proper names written with capital letters) did not give anyone, . you write, . he simply did not have time, it soaked one guy in the first minute Kulikovsky battle (it will tell you any schoolboy). For the Kazakh patriot-read books, . patriot,
    . Uzbek (Uzbek Khan) - the ruler of the Horde, and as, . Kazakhs could soak Uzbeks? (If Khan Uzbek, . sitting in Bukhara, . rules Rus, . and your ancestors, . mean, . soaked Khan Uzbek? Nothing doing! ) Boneless, . I understand, . but bend! Stop, . guy, . wriggle to a stranger slave.Prichem here Genghis Khan, and Kazakhs,
    . If all the nomads begin to imagine themselves descendants of Genghis Khan, then every three hundredth inhabitant of the planet, and every inhabitant of the planet, can call himself a descendant of Genghis Khan. We all live under one sky. Do not boast of its former glory (or their) ancestors glorify himself, conquer the world, not necessarily war-there are many other ways. Here is the glory and ensured. Genghis Khan, the son Yesugei Bagatur: Peace be upon thy!
  • Torah for JENGHIZ KHAN
  • Listen nrod in order to understand which of the Kazakhs could be a descendant of Genghis Khan, and who do not - we must be self Kazakh, and to know your gender (ruy). Mneya hate it when my nation called somewhat obtuse borates can also be absolutely crap any nation. And Revolve, I can delete the crap and every upstart to call our nation tupimi nomads and boratopodomnymi. So let us keep your opinions to yourself. Yes, many peoples of Central Asia bear the blood Temudgin, but the fact that the Kazakhs are direct descendants - with this argument is stupid and useless. For starters, you can ask at least to the Chinese sources, where everything is. Yes, and then - the first wife of Genghis Khan, Borte, was a prisoner of war is not a "what a robber namely in captivity Merkit, but they are also relevant to the establishment of the Kazakh nation. and then she got pregnant by Merkit - unlikely to judge for yourself, have them in captivity, she was 4 months, and when Temujin her freed from captivity - she gave birth to a week and a half. Pregnancy was Owned by Temudgin, or you seriously think that in those days, pregnancy was 4 and a half months? stupid. I like his direct descendant of the learned quite a lot of serious scientific works, the ancient sources to do with different people. I ask you, do not trust the many art books about him, even his appearance, they can not adequately describe. And once again, throw the Nazi views of their own, Kazakhs, too, is not always merciful and kind. I wish you all good luck.
  • Starik for JENGHIZ KHAN
  • Great was a military leader, but we do about it know almost nothing, and history re written many times, now you do not understand where the truth lies. A Bichurin ethnic ty Chuvash, and Chuvash for the horde had nothing to do, historians may sometimes be mistaken or lying Specials.
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