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Biography Matthew GANAPOLSKY
photo Matthew GANAPOLSKY
Keira Proshutinskaya and Anatoly Malton lured program Bomond "along with its lead in the first channel in the block" author's TV ". This is how the 15-minute broadcast, which lead - a strange man in a cap, constantly waving his hands and tried out the "stars" behind the scenes details of their lives.
. I program Matthew Ganapolskogo Detective show "unhappy fate: she wanders from channel to channel ..
. - Creative plans for the near future - the next pereezdN
. - How will
. Do not forget that television is not my main. I think the main radio, but I have since written and hosted by entertaining game, a show on the radio "Echo of Moscow". And the "Beau-monde" and "Cartoons show first appeared it was on the radio there - the real room for an impromptu. And new projects that plan to run, I run-in Ekho.
. Imagine a third-grade class, which proudly sits in the teachers chair, in front of him, his peers, sweating and timidly, recites a poem, and the door of class subdued all students who are ready to show all their talents
. As you may have guessed, this was the third graders Matthew Ganapolsky.
- I took the initiative to select the number of amateur school for the New Year's lights. And, as I am now no one seems to me this is not instructed, I simply samonaznachilsya. I do not know how I managed all the "build". In fact, I was pretty quiet and unnoticeable to the study treated at low pressure. We lived in Lviv. Dad had a patent for the manufacture of toys. It was such toys celluloid with a small weight inside, acting on the principle of "Vanka-Vstanka", but mind - bears, bunnies. Sometimes I helped my father to paint them, inhaling the terrible smell of acetone. And my mother loved to sing. Perhaps, and here lie the roots of my love for creativity.
As usual, all the provinces, though suffering a bit of creative ambition, seeking the capital. Our hero has arrived in Moscow in order to learn the secrets of play-acting, and receiving them in GITIS. Lunacharskogo prestigious specialty producer, went back, "in ridnu Ukraina". In Kiev engaged staging performances. Who became a popular musical play "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" once again brought to the Moscow Ganapolskogo land.
As befits a young and very energetic man, Matthew married a pretty Muscovite Irina. And then came a difficult period of job search.

- My wife told me a wonderful phrase: "Calm down, while you look for a job, you will live on my money". I took up commercials. When I got some money, mother-in-law terribly surprised: "I do not know, maybe he was some neporyadochnyyN wakes up at 12 o'clock, somewhere to go and bring money."

- And the way radio was ternistN

- No. Somehow, I easily went to work in a children's editor and radio began to make popular in those years, the transfer of "Miracles on the seventh floor" - a unique children's version of "Good morning!". And then Eduard Uspensky offered me a deal on his radio performances.
. Following the devastating restructuring broke into our country's independence and complete freedom of creativity, without there "artistic council" and "civilian positions."
. Appeared in my life "Echo Moskvy"
. I offered to do the transfer, inviting into the studio stars. I knew these people, I could easily communicate with them, besides, these programs did not exist. It occurred to him the name "Beau-monde", which proved to be successful.
Keira Proshutinskaya and Anatoly Malton lured program Bomond "along with its lead in the first channel in the block" author's TV ". This is how the 15-minute broadcast, which lead - a strange man in a cap, constantly waving his hands and tried out the "stars" behind the scenes details of their lives.
- Then the public knew almost nothing about the personal lives of stars, about their interests. Perhaps, before I had only one man - Urmas Ott, who was allowed to take candid interview, but he spoke with an accent, and it turned out that he seemed to be an alien. And as you know, to foreigners, we had a special, servile attitude. My character is very active burst on to television and, of course, shook Russia ...

- And now you have become a detective ...
- It is very interesting to observe how human psychology is arranged. Sometimes players are often marvels of intelligence, but do not notice the obvious things. I look at all these people: how they debate the hot with each other, as the dig for the truth, and truly universal pride covers me, because we have been able to interest the public and it is fun, but nebessmyslenno spends time.
. There is a topic on which the star host tries not to talk
. His family. It would be cruel to torment Mathew issues at that time, if not cooled down yet the pain that came with the tragic death of his wife Irene
In recognition of her son Misha, his dad very well prepared. But the special culinary delights not recognize. Unpretentiousness - a good thing, which is quite harmoniously complements the quiet nature. According to Matthew himself, for 25 years driving experience, he almost did not violate the rules. Have not Ganapolskomu and throw fists to defend his point of view. For a good holiday popular entertainers, as it turned out, too little it.
- Frankly, I had forgotten, when resting: My life is arranged so that I have to give some "debt" - I have to take care of several elderly people. It takes quite a long time. But it wants to enter into the sea and just a long, long time to stand. Once I stood in the waves for four hours: it was very warm water, night, starry sky, about forty meters away from me, with lights blazing beach. And it was something wonderful and incomprehensible! ..

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    Matthew GANAPOLSKY, photo, biography
    Matthew GANAPOLSKY, photo, biography Matthew GANAPOLSKY  Anchorman, photo, biography
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