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Jim Braddock


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Biography Jim Braddock
photo Jim Braddock
Jim Braddock was born June 7, 1906 in New York in a family of Irish immigrants.

Becoming a boxer, he earned the nickname "Cinderella," and with good reason. Child of the New York slums, the young James could not later recall the case when he had eaten to satiety. Then he dockers, but just in those years in the U.S. came the Great Depression, and this young, healthy man loitering in the rank of the unemployed on the streets of New York, interrupting random parabotkami.

Some pennies James J. Braddock received by participating in third-rate boxing fights. But he had some ability to boxing, strength of character, and gradually he began to stand out from a number of losing themselves into drinking, inept fighters.

Like Cinderella by Charles Perrault, he was incredibly lucky. He spent only three bouts with more or less strong boxers - with Carnot Griffin, John Lewis and the art proficiency Lasky, and overcame them, to the surprise of all was declared a member of the Board of boxing title match with Baer. Bosses were aware of professional boxing, . that the world champion did not survive the battle with the class warrior, . and Max was they wanted it as the "king", . because he liked the public, . and especially the Jewish part of the country, . and then floated the candidacy of former dock workers.,

. In fact, Braddock had just one big battle
. He had only one well-known opponent - this is, you know, Max Baer. And the victory over him dockers were introduced to the gallery of "immortal" in life happens, and so. But it should pay tribute to James J. Braddock: He is 30-year-old who does not have high skill struggled with Baer istuplenno since realized that fate had given him one and only chance to break free from poverty, and he used this chance.

. His opponent went into the ring in the good-condition
. Enough to roll about a strong team to fool the referee, he immediately attacked James: flippant, cocky and Max in the head never held that the applicant will have a resistance to it.
. Yes, as he was rastrenirovan Baer, but according to his ability, he excelled in the class of the dark voltage Braddock
. But she wants to freely quote the famous expression: "A hungry boxer - a terrible boxer". Champion did not let up in clowning and antics in the ring, not realizing that before him - an embittered and ready for all the rival.
The first round took place in a fairly equal fight, but an advantage for the applicant was still. In the sweat of his brow, he gained the winning points, that did not bother Baer. In the sixth he finally breaks through the protection of James, who started epistaxis ... In the eighth round champion driving the opponent into a corner, and his right, sharp blows, it would seem, must finish Braddock, but he just otfyrkivalsya and in general was far from being able to collapse.
But this was only an episode. Braddock missed a beat, and then sent not less sensitive, and he has recruited more. Going down the challenger in the center ring in the last round, Baer friendly whispered: "I am glad that the big money will go to you, James. You spend them with much better than I ". Although Baer won this round, the referee declared the world champion stubborn Irishman: Braddock won 7 rounds, Baer - 4, the remaining arbitrators are considered equal.
. New champion lost his title as early as next battle against the legendary Joe Louis, but the earnings ordered ably
. He sent two sons to Yale University, and daughter - in a music school. Himself became fermerstvovat. In 1942, he enlisted in the army and took part in combat operations, showing himself a brave soldier. From the life he left Nov. 29, 1974, died quietly on his farm.

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  • Elvis for Jim Braddock
  • It really was a great boxer! after я?п?п?п?п° Knockout I have no words!
  • Elvis for Jim Braddock
  • It really was a great boxer! after я?п?п?п?п° Knockout I have no words!
  • Elvis for Jim Braddock
  • Empty stomach is not every man can spasat your family! See Film Russell Crowe Cinderella Man you will understand everything!
  • Anonymous for Jim Braddock
  • pocket for Jim Braddock
  • Jim bredok greatest boxer. sorry that Luis proigral.smotrite shorter fil knockdown. I watched it all summer and I am not tired of it
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    Jim Braddock, photo, biography
    Jim Braddock, photo, biography Jim Braddock  OUTSTANDING BOXER, photo, biography
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