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Kiselev Alexander

( Secretary-General of the political party 'Union of Christian Democrats of Russia `.)

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Biography Kiselev Alexander
photo Kiselev Alexander
Born in g. Sevastopol 19/05/1950 Mr.. After graduating from the Higher Military Engineering-Technical College in g. Leningrad since 1972. served in the Armed Forces and concluded the service in 1991 as commander of a military unit - head of the construction.
. Participated and supervised work on the preparation and conduct experiments on Novaya Zemlya, the construction of the ground-based space program for reusable spacecraft Buran, has the government awards
. In 1992. joined the Christian Democratic Union, Mr.. St. Petersburg. In 1993, Mr.. actively participated in the election campaign for election to the State Duma Savitsky VV. in the selective association "Russia's Choice" for single-mandate electoral district N 208 in St. Petersburg. In 1994. elected General Secretary of the Union of Christian Democrats of Russia ". In 1994. actively participated in shaping the electoral bloc A. Belyaeva "Democratic unity Petersburg. He went into the organizing committee of the block, a candidate for deputy of the Legislative Assembly, Mr.. St. Petersburg 15-th electoral district (there were no elections).
In 1995. of three leaders of the Christian Democrats led the all-Party list and led the election campaign SHDR for election to the State Duma on party lists.
In 1996. entered the campaign headquarters BN. Yeltsin, became deputy head of the Organization Department and head of the Center for work with compatriots abroad. He was awarded the "Gratitude of the President of Russia".
. In the same year became a member of the Political Consultative Council under the President of Russia.
. Supervised by election campaigns, candidate for Governor of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, the State Duma.
. Supervised the preparation and holding of the Sixth Party Congress in g
. Moscow, two international conferences.
. As part of the party delegation attended the Congress of Democratic leaders of the Asia-Pacific region in Seoul, the congresses of the International Christian Democrats.
. Relations with political leaders of Norway, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Latvia, the United States.
. In December 1997, Mr.
. was elected to the composition of the constituent congress of the Congress intelligentsia of Russia from Mr.. St. Petersburg.
He believes that the future of Mr.. St. Petersburg, . as a federal city, . possible only by vesting it with additional powers the capital city, . such as placement of the State Duma, . number of government committees and, . perhaps, . of the ministries in St. Petersburg.,
. This will give the city additional funding from the state budget, will be an additional investor interest and a large number of jobs.
. In favor of raising this question says public opinion regions of Russia, . understanding of such an approach and a number of Duma deputies, . political leaders, . can support such a project and by the President of Russia and his administration as it immediately removes the excessive politicization of the State Duma - the deputies would be forced to pay more attention to legislative work.,
. It is important that Mr.
. St. Petersburg has an excellent opportunity for the placement and organization of such structures. Unclaimed current intellectual potential scientists of St. Petersburg will make a new breath in the quality of the laws of the State Duma.
. Such an approach immediately makes it necessary to build SCM (three hours, and you are in Moscow!), International Seaport, become real and other large investment projects ...

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Kiselev Alexander, photo, biography
Kiselev Alexander, photo, biography Kiselev Alexander  Secretary-General of the political party 'Union of Christian Democrats of Russia `., photo, biography
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