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BOGDANOV Yuri Petrovich

( Photographer.)

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Biography BOGDANOV Yuri Petrovich
photo BOGDANOV Yuri Petrovich
Yuri Petrovich Bogdanov was born June 15, 1935 in g. Smolensk in the family of employees. Father - a railway employee edition of the newspaper, his mother - a master of woodworking factory.
At the beginning of the war, after the first bombing of the city's family was evacuated to the rear, in Bashkortostan. My father went to the front and died in 1942 in the battles of Leningrad.
In 1945 the family returned home mother, for Leningrad. In 1951 he graduated from the Jura 7 classes of 24-th secondary school after IA. Krylova and left to do in the Arkhangelsk Nautical School. Entered, graduating in 1955, was qualified technician-builder and was sent to Leningrad for Kanonersky shipyard. Several years of work at the plant have taught young professional.
Next - great experience in the construction department of shipbuilding industry, long trips to the shipbuilding enterprises of the country, sailing in the Arctic, Barents and White Seas. Leaving KB and a special drafting enrolling in ELAM (Leningrad Military Mechanical Institute), Yuri Bogdanov graduated with honors in 1964 and returned to work in the shipbuilding industry. From 1964 to 1977 he worked in Central Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology.
In 1977 he participated in the semi-annual voyage of scientific expedition R / V "Emerald" in the Indian Ocean.
Even in college Yuri carried away a photograph, taking captured "Exacta". This is handy during the cruise. Gradually the hobby became a professional. 2,5, Yuri Petrovich was in charge of photo laboratory branch of the Institute. All later life was associated with a photo.
S. P. Bogdanov - member of photo clubs of St. Petersburg and Vyborg "Friendship". His works are often exhibited in the city, union and international photo exhibitions and were awarded.
The endless fascination with photography encouraged masters to remove native who became Peter, his landscapes, genre scenes, portraits of the townspeople.
Officer Yuri Bogdanov on TSNIITS was Leningrad Leonid Nakhamkin bard, who once organized a concert of another St. Petersburg Institute of Bard - Eugene Klyachkin. This has led to interest in the topics bard songs, meaningful lyrics, the sincerity of feeling and manner of execution, to the identity of the authors. It was time to take up the camera. Since early 80-ies S. Bogdanov was regularly make authors and artists of Leningrad, Moscow and other cities.
To date, there is a portrait gallery of more than 60 Bard in color and black and white photographs. In addition to exhibitions, portraits were exhibited in the concert halls during the festival of art song. Prepared material for fotobukleta Petersburg representatives of a genre of art song.
Photos S. P. Bogdanova adorn many collections of songs of bards, as well as vinyl records, audio cassettes and laser discs A. Brunova, IN. Vikhoreva A. Gorodnitsky, E. Klyachkin, SW. Kukina, A. Hochinskogo and other authors and artists, including prefabricated.
In 2000 the publishing house "Profession" (St. Petersburg) published a book "St. Petersburg Accord, which included more than 100 poems and songs of bards of Leningrad-St Petersburg. Poems and songs are illustrated with pictures of the city, filled with N. P. Bogdanov.
The site of YU.P. Bogdanov also placed on the pages of bards in. Vikhoreva E. Klyachkin, SW. Kukina, A. Talkovskogo and others.

Photo Bogdanov, Yuri Petrovich

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BOGDANOV Yuri Petrovich, photo, biography
BOGDANOV Yuri Petrovich, photo, biography BOGDANOV Yuri Petrovich  Photographer., photo, biography
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