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James Hetfield (HETFIELD James)

( Guitarist)

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Biography James Hetfield (HETFIELD James)
Born August 3, 1963, Mr.. Los Angeles, California, USA.
185 cm
82 kg
Marital status
Married (August 1997).
Wife - Francesca Hetfield, daughter - Cali Tee Hetfield
. Machines:
. Dodge Ram
. 1955 Chevy BelAir
. Chevy Blazer
. Harley Davidson
. Movies:
. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
. Easy Rider
. Sling Blade
. Pulp Fiction
. Vanishing Point
. Food
. Mexican cuisine, meat and potatoes, barbecue, oysters
. Drinker
. Coors light
. Pacifico
. Bombay Sapphire Martinis
. Weapon
. Remington 30-06
. Weatherby 7mm
. Browning 300 Magnum
. Sports Team
. Oakland Raiders
. vSan Jose Sharks
. DC
. United
. Hobbies
. Hunting
. Snowboard & Surfing
. Cigars
. Shotguns
. Music
. Black Sabbath
. Motorhead
. Lynyrd Skynyrd
. Thin Lizzy
. Tom Waits
. Nick Cave
. Ted Nugent
. First visit to a concert
. Aerosmith and AC / DC, 1978
. What tools are used, James?
. Guitars ESP Explorer and Flying V with Ernie Ball strings, and lotions EMG; Amplifiers Mesa Boogie Tri-Axis and the Roland Jazz Chorus
. The studio used by many other guitars and amps

. Which projects except METALLICA participated James?
. James Hetfield helped with recording the first album Danzig (back-vocals in the songs "Twist of Cain" and "Am I DemonN"), and also participated in the recording of the song "Man Or Ash" of Corrosion of Conformity (album "Wiseblood") and solo Album Jim Martin

Where did James's ring with a skull and "wolf" earring?
The ring formerly belonged to Cliff Burton, who bought it in the store The Great Frog in London. Ibid, James bought a earring.

What happened at a concert in Montreal on August 8, 1992?
Before the concert pyrotechnics informed the group that will use the new special effects: during the Fade To Black at the edges of the scene will be fireworks. However, pyrotechnics forgot to warn that the old special effects also remain. Being sure that the fireworks will not be old, James stood next to the old fireworks plant and a sheaf of flame height of 12 feet set him on fire with the left side.

What groups other than METALLICA played James?
Before METALLICA been Obsession, Phantom Lord and Leather Charm. Later, he was the drummer in Spastic Children Project.

Why, instead of Flying V, James began playing the Explorer?
Explorer has always been a spare guitar James, but he played on it very rarely. But one day Flying V broke down and James found that the Explorer sounds perfectly suited for him. But during the speeches are often used and Flying V.

James is still riding on a skateboard?
Not any more, but just in case the concert contract contains the item "NO SKATEBOARDING". Now he rides a snowboard - snow falling not so painful and difficult to break the arm.

He actually tied up with alcohol?
Yes. Now he is drinking non-alcoholic beer and mineral water.

What kind of music James listens now?
Rocket From The Crypt, Gov't Mule, Corrosion Of Conformity.

ESP Guitars.
. Black Explorer - Woodburned Elk Skull and Barbed Wire inlays
. Black Explorer - Diamond Plate
. Black Explorer - Man to Wolf inlays
. Black Explorer - Snake inlays
. Black Explorer - Deer Skull inlays
. Black Explorer - Dot inlays
. Black Explorer - Eagle inlays
. Black Explorer - NRA inlays
. Black Double-Neck Explorer - Ducks inlays (crispy)
. Black JH-1 Flying V-Red Hot Rod flames
. Black JH-1 Flying V-Green Hot Rod flames w / Hot Rod stickers
. White Explorer - middle finger inlays (1st ESP)
. White Explorer - dot inlays (favorite ESP)

. Other Guitar
. Kenny Lawrence Explorer - Father and son camping inlays
. Gibson Explorer
. Fender reissue '52 Telecaster w / Parsons-White B-Bender
. 1966 Martin D-28 (acoustic)
. Three Gibson Les Paul end of the 50th (Sunburst Standard, Gold Top, Custom)
. 1963 Gibson SG
. National ResoLectric
. Many other guitars

. Amplifiers
. Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 Power Amps
. Mesa Boogie Mark IV
. Mesa Boogie Triaxis Preamp (Stock)
. Mesa Boogie Triaxis Preamp (Modified)
. Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
. Mesa Boogie Custom Graphic EQ
. Unit
. Mesa Boogie Amp Switcher
. Mesa Boogie 4x12 Speaker Cabinets
. Roland JC 120
. Celestion Vintage 30w Speakers

. Other equipment
. EMG pickups (81 Bridge, 60 Neck)
. Bradshaw RSB-12 Switching System and Pedal Board
. Bradshaw Patch Bay Custom
. Boss SE-50 Stereo FX Processor
. Juice Goose Rack Power 300
. Aphex Parametric EQ

. Morley Rack Mount Unit Custom
. Sony 820 Wireless Receivers and Transmitters
. Nady 950 UHF Receivers and Transmitters
. Ernie Ball Strings (.010 -. 046)
. Gibson Strings
. Dunlop Green Tortex .88 mm Guitar Picks
. Pro Co Sound Cables
. Ascot Road Cases
. Ultra Case Guitar Stand
. Peterson 520 Strobe Tuner
. Earth III Guitar Straps
. Smokes (A
. Fuente)

. Snowboards
. Burton Custom 59
. Superfly II 68

. Guitar Technician
. Andy Battye

. "Iron Men" - a joint interview with Tony Iommi

. Interview of Metallica for Playboy magazine

Photos of James Hetfield (HETFIELD James)

Photos of James Hetfield (HETFIELD James)
James Hetfield (HETFIELD James)James Hetfield (HETFIELD James)

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  • Karfagen for James Hetfield (HETFIELD James)
  • Elon James Hetfield is a very cool guy in the world! This is a cool guitar player, he has very cool guitar, and generally steeper it is not! MetallicA IMMORTALL, Hetfield FOREVER !
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    James Hetfield (HETFIELD James), photo, biography
    James Hetfield (HETFIELD James), photo, biography James Hetfield (HETFIELD James)  Guitarist, photo, biography
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