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Marty Friedman (Marty Friedman)

( Solo guitarist VIXEN)

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Biography Marty Friedman (Marty Friedman)
photo Marty Friedman (Marty Friedman)
The first time Marty Friedman (Marty Friedman) became famous as a solo guitarist VIXEN, which played a real speed metal. He also played in groups and DEUCE HAWAII. Later, Marty joined forces with his friend, the same fan-string guitar Jason Becker (Jason Becker). This is how the group CACOPHONY. Thanks albums "Speed Metal Symphony" and "Go Off 'Marty and Jason have been ranked didst join the order of the great guitarists. However, recognition of their talent did not come immediately. "We were not experienced the best of times," recalled Marty - always sat without money. We constantly had to shoot in the hotel two kompaty.

One group. another - for teams of technicians. But I think everyone should go through it so that you fully appreciate what has managed to achieve. "

Playing CACOPHONY. Marty Friedman released his first solo record "Dragon's Kiss" and videoshkolu "Exotic Metal Guitar with Marty Friedman", which sold very. Evaluating the "Dragon's Kiss", Marty finds that satisfied them by 90%, because since he was able to significantly improve your game.

When the group broke up CACOPHONY, Friedman and Becker went to Los Angeles hoping to play with some "cool" metal band. As a result, each has his: Jason Becker went on tour with David Lee Roth (David Lee Roth), and Marty agreed with the group MEGADETH. When the two Dave's - one Mustaine (Dave Mustaine), . a different Ellefson (Dave Ellefson) - made out of drum machines Metuji Nick (Nick Menza) drummer and took into its ranks guitarist Marty Friedman, . update of the said, . that "now is not in the chain of weak links",
. Acting as a whole, the group recorded the album "Rust in Peace".

While recording the album Marty discovered that in group rhythmic MEGADETH both parties are the same, in contrast to when a guitarist plays a high inversion of the chord, which is parallel to another. At first, Friedman decided that this was some sort of a fad, but when he tried to play it along with Dave Mustaine, I realized how powerful begins to sound a general rhythmic Party

. Earlier during the HAWAII and CACOPHONY Marty played Hurricani, . using the MXR distortion plus, and lotions Electroharmonics, . MEGADETH then he began to play guitar with 24 frets Jackson, . single volume knob and one pickup JB-J company Seymour Duncan,
. Sound formed by two separate systems: one for the rhythmic accompaniment, the other - for solo. For the rhythm - Preamp Custom Audio Electronics, then the signal goes to the Yamaha SPX 900 and amplifier VHT. Solo sound is generated preamplifier Chandler Tubeworks, the signal from which is again in power VHT. Both amplifiers are loaded on the column with a Marshall 25 Watt Celestion speakers. Using the SPX-900, Friedman prefers only "soft" samples of sound, the sound was not overly colored, and no Delay and reverb.

Marty was also used Aural Exciter, instrument Hush system Sampson and Bradshaw. The last stop is more detail. This system was specifically designed for Marty Friedman's famous designer Bob Bradshaw rack system (Bob Bradshaw).

Its essence is that all processing and connecting wires are behind the scenes, and all the switching from one sound to another are made in the same guitar techniques Friedman. All programmed and rehearsed: the transition from rhythm to solo, . again to the rhythm, . and then to the pure sound - all traffic, . which would have to perform Marty, . performed his technique, . using panel Footswitch, . specially made by Bradshaw,
. "I think, . Some guitarists even like to press the pedal, . lying in disorder on the stage, . wrapped wires, . as spaghetti, . but I have never found in this fun, . - Said Marty, . - This is the best technical innovation for me as a guitarist, . because I do not think now about, . you need to click on some pedal, . just at the moment, . when you need to invest one hundred percent in the notes, . who do you play,

I remember how Eddie Van Hale (Eddie Van Halen) during his first tour of the whole evening was locked on the lotion, with difficulty concentrating on the music ".

After the release, "Rust in Peace" group participated in the opening round of the U.S. Judas Priest and the rock festival in Rio. Then MEGADETH very uspeshno conducted a world tour. The next step after "Rust in Peace" was a record alboma "Countdown to Extinction". This album has achieved almost unparalleled levels of sophistication. The peculiarity of "Countdown to Extinction" was that the songs were written for him by all group members. Shock number of this album was the song "Symphony of Destruction". Working on some clips MEGADETH, as well as engaging in preparation for the tour, in conditions of complete lack of free time, Friedman recorded his second solo album, titled "Scenes".

According to Marty himself, he got real pleasure to work on this album. "Scenes" - a marked increase in the game Marty. Here, Friedman is much reduced pace of the game, though something of its old manners still hear. Marty's passion for Chinese and Japanese music is clearly influenced by the material of the album.

In addition, it should be noted that the draft is not less active than Friedman himself, another person involved. This Japanese keyboardist Kitaro (Kitaro), is a fan of Marty. Participation gave Kitaro album "Scenes" special significance. The duo of musicians has been around for several years - since the beginning of the tour "Rust in Peace" group MEGADETH. Kitaro immediately agreed to participate in the project "Scenes", not even hearing a single demo tape.

Unusually, this album does what Kitaro and Marty are not held in the studio for a single moment together. They communicated with each other only by phone. Kitaro has worked with the records to be sent to his Colorado studio, and Marty at that time was in Los Angeles.

The alliance of these two musicians gave us a great album, proving that you can create music, in which the expression of feelings is superior technique to play the guitar. Marty Friedman in his style did much more than hundreds of guitarists, the main criterion for which is the rate. While working on the album "Scenes" Marty has also issued another videoshkolu "Melodic Control" 1993. In 1994, Friedman decided to use a short pause between the end of the tour in support MEGADETH "Cowntdown to Extinction" and recording a new album, begin to prepare the next solo CD "Introduction". As in the previous solo material new disc Friedman was very different from what guitarist worked with Mustaine and company.

When Marty is set to a wave of MEGADETH, his music is thoroughly permeated with the naked aggression and straightforward, but is pulled out of the Friedman Group, and his musical picture becomes more calm. When recording "Introduction" Marty used mostly the same musicians who helped him at work on the "Scenes". (Nick Menz - drums, Brian Bekar - keyboards, Steve Fontana - engineer / co-producer). On this album, as well as on the "Scenes", the basis of sound is "sampling". 'Probably, I would invite to record a big band of 70 people, - says Friedman - but I just could not afford the luxury. Had to deal with the use of samples. My engineer Steve Fontano have a friend named Alex Wilkinson, who works on film, and TV shows. He has access to an amazing variety of Phonograms sounds like oboe, bass clarinet and flute, sounding so that it can be taken for a real flute.

I took the thirty or forty fragments obtained from Alex. In my opinion, the album turned out good. I am writing material all the time. Ideas come to mind unexpectedly. When this happens, I write them down on tape and put off until then. Then, . after, . as I have accumulated a whole heap of cassettes with ideas, . I listen to them all and pick out the best, since my musical concept did not change the past 10-15 years, . some ideas may accumulate over the years, . then to be used in the current work,
. Example, . some material on the "Scenes" coined, . when I was 15 years old, . other was written 8 years ago, . but something created the day before, . I started recording the album. " MEGADETH's new album, . named "Youthanasia", . went on sale in late 1994,

The disk may be softer and easier all the previous works team, but on the melody and emotion he has no equal. When it came time to work on "Youthanasia", Mustaine and company again turned to the expert service, led by their long-standing and most successful co-producer, soaranzhirovschi-ROM and a sound engineer Max Norman (Max Norman). The first experience of cooperation with Norman Group acquired in 1990, during mixing the album "Rust in Peace". This alliance was so successful that Max began to take part in the Ask-finance, intelligence and arranged almost everything that the team has done since.

Without a doubt, Max Norman is one of the best acquisitions MEGADETH. Album 'Youthanasia "was recorded in Phoenix, Arizona, in the studio with the mysterious name" Fat Planet in Hangar 18 ". Those who have not heard anything about this place, can not get upset, they are not alone. "I wanted to record in Phoenix, because that is where all the participants moved the group - said Norman - the original idea was to rent a house and all there is to equip. But it was no good - it was very difficult to find a suitable place, and besides, had presented many challenges to organizations, property owners. Then I decided to rent some warehouse and build inside the studio ".

Construction of the studio began b. February 1994, drum set collected on May 16, then proceeded to rehearse with the band, which lasted until June 6. Then the team took up writing material. We used a 48-track digital camera, 64-channel remote control and a variety of additional effects.

Unlike previous albums, for 'Youthanasia "musicians were written together. That is why, on closer listening material, you can see noise and other errors that would never have appeared, for example, "Countdown To Extinction". But precisely because of this you realize that people are playing, not computers. Speaking about it, Marty Friedman notes: "I've always believed that the mistake is a mistake, and it must be corrected. But one day, leaving one error, I was surprised at how suddenly just "breathe" song. It adds a sense of human imperfection syg rannomu and tapes ".

On the last album, Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman divided the parties rhythm guitar n ratio "fifty-fifty", with the exception of one song, in which Mustaine played all rhythm parts. The greater part of the solo was performed by Friedman. He played a major solo on "Train Of ansequences", "Tout Le Monde", 'Family Tree "and" I Thought I new It All ", also sang the main solo and fill in all the" Addicted To Chaos ". In "Blood o'f Heroes" Friedman made the central solo, using the pedal Wha-Wha, and besides, there is little harmonic part between verses, where both play guitar.

On the "Youthanasia" and "Black Curtains" Dave took the first solo, and Marty - the second. Solo on "Killing Road" section - Marty played the first half, but Dave-second. On "Victory" all the solos are played in sequence: Dave, Marty, Dave, Marty. In "Reckoning Day" no solos at all, and all the guitar fill executes Dave. No guitar solo on "Elysian Fields", although the end of the song a few moments, played Marty, though not very audible. After recording 'Youthanasia "Dave Mustaine once said:" The game Marti on this album the best of what he worked so far.

Photos of Marty Friedman (Marty Friedman)
  • Marty Friedman (Marty Friedman)
  • Marty Friedman (Marty Friedman)
  • Marty Friedman (Marty Friedman)
  • Marty Friedman (Marty Friedman)

Photos of Marty Friedman (Marty Friedman)
Marty Friedman (Marty Friedman)Marty Friedman (Marty Friedman)Marty Friedman (Marty Friedman)Marty Friedman (Marty Friedman)

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  • This is the most prgressivnyh guitarists I have heard (and I heard a great many), not including such luminaries as Hedrix, Satriani, Page, and t. d. CD recommend Megadetovskogo period (his own CD, produced during the work in Megadeth)
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