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Biography DJALILOV Musa

. Musa Mustafovich flooded (Jalil) was born February 15, 1906 in the village Mustafina Orenburg province (now Sharlykskogo region Orenburg region) into a poor peasant family.

. When the family moved to the town, Musa began to walk in the Orenburg Muslim theological school-madrassa "Hussaini", which after the October Revolution was transformed into the Tatar Institute of Education - Tino.

. The first poems were published in the newspaper Kyzyl Yoldyz "(" Red Star "), when he was 13 years old.

. In 1922 he went to Kazan for continuing education and joined the workers' school
. Poetry, writing in the years of study, included in the collection "Barabyz" (1925).

. In 1927, Musa Jalil moved to Moscow, where he works as an editor of children's magazines and enters the literary department of Moscow State University.

. After graduating from MSU Jalil has been appointed head of the department of literature and art Tatar newspaper "Communist" in Moscow.

. Collections of poetry period 1929-1935 years - "Comrade," Ordenonosnye millions "" Verses and Poems. "

. In 1935, Musa Jalil was appointed head of the literary section of the Tatar studio at the Moscow State Conservatory
. Tchaikovsky. Studio was to train national cadres to create in Kazan, the first opera. Jalil wrote the libretto for the opera "Altynchech" ( "golden-haired"), "Girl-fisherman". In December 1938 the Opera House was opened. Musa was the first leader of the literary department of the Tatar Opera. Now Tatar State Opera and Ballet Theater named after M. Jalil. In the theater Jalil worked until July 1941, ie. before he was drafted into the Red Army. In 1939, Jalil was elected as Chairman of the Board of the Union of Writers of Tatarstan.

February 1942. Senior Political Musa Jalil - Army war correspondent of the newspaper "courage" on the Volkhov Front. At the front, he wrote more than thirty poems.

In June 1942, as part of the Volkhov front was surrounded. Seriously injured, was taken prisoner (under the Meat Bohr).

Nazis formed a nationalist Legion Idel-Ural (Volga-Ural ") from voennopllennyh Tatars, Bashkir and other nationalities of the Volga region. It was designed for "holy war" for the puppet state "Idel-Ural". In 1942 in Berlin, appeared organization Tatar mediation "(Tatarishe mittelshtelle). Later became known as the Committee of Idel-Ural, and from 1944 - "Union fight against Bolshevism."

Hearing that Musa Gumerov (the so-called himself a prisoner Musa Jalil) - a famous poet, the Germans had included him in the committee. However, Jalil, agreeing, was knock together an underground group whose task was the opposition of the plans the Nazis.

The first legion posted in the front, rebelled and sided with the guerrillas. The same happened with other legions. The Germans were forced to abandon the idea of the legions on the eastern front.

The Nazis threw Musa Jalil in Moab prison. Tam (1942-1944) created the world famous cycle of poems - "Moab Notebook. These poems were awarded in 1957, the Lenin Prize. Moab collection of poems was first published in Tatar in Kazan in 1953. Publishing House "Young Guard" under the title "Heroic Song" poems Musa Jalil was released in 1955.

First Moab homemade notebook size 9,5 X7, 5 cm contains 60 poems. Second Moab notebook - also homemade notebook size 10,7 x7, 5 cm. It contains 50 poems. These notebooks are stored in the State Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan Joint. It is still unknown how much was just notebooks.

Musa Jalil, along with ten colleagues had been executed in Moab prison on Aug. 26, 1944.

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DJALILOV Musa, photo, biography
DJALILOV Musa, photo, biography DJALILOV Musa  Poet, photo, biography
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