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Ivanova Lidia Mikhailovna

( Journalist, member of the Association of free image-makers)

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Biography Ivanova Lidia Mikhailovna
Born March 7, 1936, Mr.. Moscow. Father - Samsonov, Michael I. (1915 g.rozhd.). Mother - Nadezhda Novikova (1917 g.rozhd.). First husband - Ivanov Oleg (rod.19.04.1937), the sports coach. Daughter - Paramonova Marina O. (1960 g.rozhd.). Grandchildren - Anton (17 years) and Andrew (12 years).

The most vivid impression of childhood Lydia Ivanova - the beginning of the war and the evacuation of the city of Miass. In the first and second grades were military affairs. Lydia's mother worked in the lumber camps, she tossed among the three fires - the mother, Tymofeevoyi Paraschiva Vasilievna, children, and second husband Basil. Nerves could not stand, she had a severe paralysis from a brain embolism, she became an invalid, aching 5 years died 42 years.

After high school, Lydia Ivanova has a specialty draftsman / designer in the urban training plant. In 1954, Mr.. Received on Avtozavod im.Stalina. From 1955 to 1960. was a member of the USSR national team in rowing, has four silver medals and the title of master of sports of the USSR.

From 1964 to 1967. LM Ivanov worked as senior Pioneer. Pioneer Camp abruptly changed her life. Lidia Ivanova gladly changed the profession, . graduated from the Moscow Regional Pedagogical Institute im.N.K.Krupskoy (1965-1970 gg.) and received a specialty gym teacher, . Opened in their work older Pioneer and educator method of playing, ,
. In 1971, Mr.. she enrolled in graduate school full-time task in SRI common problems of education of the USSR Academy of Pedagogical Sciences. The theme of her thesis: "The creative complex games as a means of uniting the pioneer group". In 1975. published a book by LM Ivanova game and Pioneer detachment ". In magazines п?пЎпІп°я?я?п№ "," Educating the student, "" Physical education in schools "published articles and essays

. In 1977, LM Ivanov defended a dissertation for the degree of candidate of pedagogical sciences and began work as a lecturer at the Moscow Institute of Agricultural Engineers im.V.P.Goryachkina at the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology,
. Taught pedagogy and the history of pedagogy students teaching faculty and students of engineering and the Faculty of Education. Then she was appointed dean of the Faculty of Social Professions - went to the propaganda team of state and collective farms near Moscow with concerts. LM Ivanov made a tradition of "Student HUMORINA helds," festival "Golden Ear", "Dedication to Students" debate "about the tastes and fashions".

In 1981. left the institute on free creativity. She wrote, lectured, traveled with the cycles of the cities: Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Lysva and other. For this work, has repeatedly received awards All-Union Society "Knowledge".

In 1992. Vlad Listyev Lydia invited Ivanov to lead a popular television program "Theme". Year of work in this capacity, dramatically changed her life, she became a recognizable and popular with the creative team traveled to the transfer of 20 countries. However, after the death of Vladislav Listyev leading Lidia Ivanov dismissed and she decided to re-engage in journalism. In 1997. published by "Knowledge" was published her book "promenading itself or the art of living in a relaxed atmosphere, and the publishing house" Piter "- new book" Love is to know about her young and the elderly "(1998). More recently, a TV movie was filmed for women "Fullness of Life", which was attended by Lydia Ivanova.

In 1996, LM Ivanov came to the podium, becoming a model for obese women. In 1997 she organized the People's Salon Lydia Ivanova, who successfully operates in the Great Hall of the Polytechnical Museum in Moscow. Purpose - interactive communication middle-aged and older. The program of salon performances of artists, . Dance, . and conducted by LM Ivanova talk show on the theme "An old man's racket", . "Loneliness is canceled", . "Easy to Be molodymN", . "Do not grow old soul veterans, . "The thin and thick, . - Who kogoN and others use the same interest of participants,
. With constant was sold out nearly twenty evenings. People receiving emotional and psychological support, often come more and proudly tell us that go to Ivanova study, medical treatment and have fun ". Currently, LM Ivanov continues to work on new books and publications. In the newspaper "Gallery" continuously published philosophical articles on art: "Beautiful is known without analysis", . "The contradictions of talent", . "Mozart TV" and other, . for the weekly Bulletin of Russia "Lidia Ivanova wrote journalistic articles:" Predators ", . "U.S. capsule, . "I go out alone I'm on the road",
. Since 1997, Mr.. LM Ivanova is a member of the Association of free image-makers.

Lydia Mikhailovna finds himself held the personality and quite a happy man. Her attitude is expressed most fully in the lines of Marina Tsvetaeva: "Lord, Soul come true". Best holiday considers changing classes. Most loves to sing and dance to rock 'n' roll, as well as on stage to perform songs accompanied by an ensemble of young and talented artists "Skolder Blues". Is engaged in aqua, in breeding colors. In 1999. L. Ivanova awarded the title of 'Man-holiday'.

Lives and works in Moscow. Address: Moscow, 103220, Petrovsko-Razumovsky passage, 8 kv.13.
Tel: (+7-095) 213-18-88.

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Ivanova Lidia Mikhailovna

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  • For me you are a special example of what should be a woman, that men are crazy. I really want to meet you and chat.
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  • Hello, Lydia Mikhailovna! Admire you! "Everyone would have to live - it would be great! With appreciation Lulaeva Elena
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    Ivanova Lidia Mikhailovna, photo, biography
    Ivanova Lidia Mikhailovna, photo, biography Ivanova Lidia Mikhailovna  Journalist, member of the Association of free image-makers, photo, biography
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