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Ljubimtsev Pavel

( Author and presenter of `Traveling Naturalist`.)

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Biography Ljubimtsev Pavel
photo Ljubimtsev Pavel
born July 19, 1957 in Moscow, in 1974 he graduated from 91-th Moscow school. From his childhood interest in animals, often visited the Moscow zoo, drawing birds and animals from nature and from memory, read books about nature and even dreamed of becoming a zoologist. By about 8 class interests of those few "subsided, they were replaced by enthusiasm for the theater and the desire to go to university theater.

Dream come true: in 1974. P. E. Ljubimtsev entered the Higher Theater School. Shchukin at Vakhtangov Theater. Among the teachers Lubimtseva - In. A. Etush, A. A. Kazan, A. A. Kalyagin etc.. The artistic director of the course was Albert Burov. Special role in the life Lubimtseva played his teacher of declamation - People's Artist of Russia, Yakov Smolensky. It was he Paul Ljubimtsev obliged by the interest of art-sounding words, which subsequently led him to Literary chtetsky department of the Moscow State Academic Philharmonic.

At the end of the Shchukin School P. E. Ljubimtsev became an artist of the Leningrad Academic Theater of Comedy, where he worked from 1978 to 1982. At that time, the theater was the principal director Pyotr Fomenko, who coined the nickname "Ljubimtsev" for novice actor.

Since 1992 Ljubimtsev - artist of the Moscow Philharmonic. For 20 years Pavel has prepared more than 15 solo programs, has won many competitions readers. In 1999, P. E. Favorite was awarded the title of "Honored Artist of Russia". With chtetskoy work, he does not leave today.

Since 1988, Paul Ljubimtsev Schukinskaya teaches at the College of the department acting. During these years he did as a teacher for more than 40 passages, participated in the formulation of several Degree productions and two productions put on their own.

Since 2001 P.E. Ljubimtsev - Associate Professor of VTU. Shchukin.

Television work in the company's "Living News" has started to Lubimtseva accident. One senior television - Michael Shirvindt - Schukinskaya studied at the school for a course under Lubimtseva. Knowing about children's interest in Paul Lubimtseva to animals Shirvindt invited him to transfer "Living News" - first as a writer, and then - as the leading "minutes and from the zoo" in the heading "Did you know that ...".

In 1998. the idea to create the author's program of Paul Lubimtseva "Zoos of the world", but then the project was not implemented because of the economic crisis. He managed to run through the year - in August 1999. September 12 TV program "Traveling Naturalist" aired. In 2001 she won the television award "TEFI"

Now P. E. Ljubimtsev continues to work in the Moscow Philharmonic, Schukinskaya College and in television "Living News" and parallel slowly wrote the book "Traveling Naturalist," which someday hopes to finish.

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  • Farid for Ljubimtsev Pavel
  • I know Paul Tamm only as veduschego.Postoyanno looking transfer Municipal puteshestvie.Pavel Ljubimtsev has, . my opinion, . rare gift of talking about difficult things fascinating obrazom.Na this site I read the first time it biografiyu.Hochu to ask is it possible to somehow communicate with him? "Maybe through some sort of forum? Or there is no possibility? thanks in advance.,
  • Pavlushin Irina for Ljubimtsev Pavel
  • All transfer, which is this magical man, become the most loved. Pavel Lubimtseva great positive energy, if it passes any form chondrules!
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    Ljubimtsev Pavel, photo, biography
    Ljubimtsev Pavel, photo, biography Ljubimtsev Pavel  Author and presenter of `Traveling Naturalist`., photo, biography
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