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Munz Andrey

( Artist)

Comments for Munz Andrey
Biography Munz Andrey
Born in 1954 in Moscow in the family of the architect.
In 1977 he graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute.
Winner of nine architectural competitions.
In 1983 he joined the association of young artists and art.
In 1984 he joined the Union of Architects.
In 1991 he joined the International Federation of Artists.
In 1996 he joined the International Arts Foundation.
Since 1974 he has taught drawing, composition and painting.

Collections where works

Works are in collections in gallerists SI. Popov (Moscow);
in the collection curator O. Greene (San Diego, USA),
in private collections and banks of Poland, Holland and France, at the Gallery "PETRA" (Venice).

Participation in exhibitions and auctions

1985-87 XVI-XVIII-Youth exhibition at the Kuznetsk bridge in the Manege. Moscow;
1986 Member of the spring show at the House of Architects. Moscow;
1988 Solo exhibition at the House of the architects 'creativity' Sukhanovo ". Moscow;
1989 Personal exhibition in the House of Scientists in the narrow. Moscow;
1990 Group exhibition "Art and Computer. Moscow;
1991 exhibitions at the Little Georgia. Moscow;
1991 Member of the International Federation of Artists exhibition at the Manege. Moscow;
1992 Uuchastnik exhibition "Art for Life". Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1992 Personal exhibition in a public center of Kansas City. U.S.
1992 Solo exhibition at the University of Fulton. U.S.
1992 Solo exhibition at the Hotel Aerostar. Moscow;
1994 Together with O. Gerasimova exhibition at the House of Artists on Gogol Boulevard. Moscow;
1994 Personal exhibition in gallery "Selena-Art" at the Cultural Center of Peter Lines. Moscow;
1995 Group exhibition in San Diego. U.S.
1995 Personal exhibition in "V-gallery". Kansas City. U.S.
1995 "Golden Brush". Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1996 "Golden Brush". Central House of Artists. Moscow;
1996 Exhibition Gallery on Novopeschanaya street with painters Agafonova, Garanin and Motherland. Moscow;
1996 Exhibition in Rossiyskom Center for Science and Culture together with painters Tereshkina and Garanin. Warsaw;
1996 Group exhibition (in conjunction with the Motherland and Shevchenko) in the Foreign Policy Association. Moscow;
1997 Group exhibition in the salon "Everest". Street. Baltschug. Moscow;
1997 Group exhibition in the hotel Olympic Penta Renaissance ". Moscow.

Autobiographical notes

My concept is the absence of the concept. I'm trying to feel free artists, so I try to stay open world, open to new ideas. There are artists who follow fashion, but is that it creates. I am therefore interested in the constant search and constant experiment. In addition, I try to write not so much paint, how many emotions.


"Andrew Munz - winner of nine prizes of architectural competitions. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture. His method - controlled random. Starting with improvisation, he sometimes comes to the real world, architecture, landscape, still life. Picasso said: "If you know beforehand that narisuesh, why draw". These words just describe the picture Andrew.

Vlad Krasnoyarsk
"Moskovskaya Pravda, 30 October 1996, p.. 3.


Gold War Memories, The Kansas City Star, 10.01.1992, page. 17;
Art on tap at memorial, The Fulton Sun, January 13, 1993, p. 13;
Four days, weekly AMF-Moscow ", N 11, 1994, p.. 7;
Catalog "Golden Brush 95", p. 44;
Catalog "Golden Brush 96, p. 47
Written by emotions, the newspaper Moskovskaya Pravda, 30.09.96, p.. 3;
Pathways. Abstraction at the turn of the century ", 1996, p.. 12;
Encyclopedia of Contemporary Art. Creative Fund of Russia, 1996, p.. 60;
Russian Collection. newspaper Moskovsky painter "N 19-20, Dec. 1996, p.. 19.

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Munz Andrey, photo, biography
Munz Andrey, photo, biography Munz Andrey  Artist, photo, biography
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