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BERG Nikolay

( Writer)

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Biography BERG Nikolay
photo BERG Nikolay
(1823 - 84). His ancestors were Lifliandskii nobles; completely Russified his father was chairman of the provincial government of Tomsk. He studied at the Faculty of Philology of Moscow University, but did not complete course. He served in the Moscow office of the state bank. In 1845, Mr.. published several translations of poems in "Moskvityanin"; since 1850, with the transition of the journal into the hands of the so-called "young version" was among his closest staff. When the Eastern war, Berg went to the Danube and determined at the service of an interpreter in the main headquarters of the southern army, after the retreat of the Russian army came to Sevastopol and survived his defense. In the late fifties, went to Italy, where at this time of liberation war broke out, and spent much of the campaign headquarters of French and Italian armies in the end - in the detachment Garibaldi. In 1860 - 62 years of wandering in Syria, Palestine and Egypt. During the Polish uprising went to Warsaw as correspondent for the "St. Petersburg Vedomosti" and remained in Poland until the end of life for several years served as a viceroy in the region, with 1868. was a lecturer of Russian language and history of Russian literature at the Central School and replace it with the University of Warsaw, in 1874 - 77 years was the editor of "The Warsaw Diary". Berg wrote poems and stories, travel essays and articles of historical content. Impressions of his wandering life, he outlined a part in separate books: "Notes on the siege of Sevastopol" (M., . 1858), . "Sevastopol album (with 37 hand-drawings, . M., . 1858), . "Guide to Jerusalem and its environs" (St. Petersburg, . 1863), . "Notes on the Polish conspiracies and uprisings from 1831 until 1862" (M., . 1873), . part in a number of articles in "Moskvityanin", . Russian Messenger, . The Contemporary (1863 - 64), . "Library for Reading", . "Russian Antiquity" and other,
. After the death of Berg published his "Notes", brought to the last days of his life ( "Russian Antiquities", 1890, N 2, 1891, N 2 and 3, 1892, N 3). In all the writings of Berg's seen a sincere person and very independent, but at the same time, poorly versed in the complex phenomena, which he had seen. He did not know how to captivate the reader, or to comply with the prospects, in his portrayal of the biggest people, the most momentous events often lose all their glory. From the Garibaldi he had a pale, mediocre figure; Italian lakes cause it boredom, an ardent dreamer K. Aksakov seems to him a false man. Nevertheless, some of Berg's works are of interest as a rich collection of factual material are as, . example, . "Notes on the siege of Sevastopol, and in particular the" Notes on the Polish conspiracy and insurrection ", . in the preparation of which the author used illegal literature and previously unpublished documents from the official archives,
. Prominent, one might even say, Berg took first place among Russian translator Slavic poets. He translated "Kraledvorskuyu manuscript" (Moscow, 1846), "Serbian song" (Moscow, 1847), the whole poem, Mickiewicz's Pan Tadeusz (Warsaw, 1873) and others, and these translations performed by light, a good verse. - Wed: Vengerov, "critical-biographical dictionary ', t. II.

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BERG Nikolay, photo, biography
BERG Nikolay, photo, biography BERG Nikolay  Writer, photo, biography
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