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Biography Twiggy (Twiggy)
Talking about the popularity of 'the girls on the cover of' can not mention
one that first stepped on this popular route - Idol 1960, an Englishwoman Twiggy.
And if not her, canons of beauty today would be totally different. Real name Twiggy - Leslie Hornby. This elegant pseudonym Twiggy (engl. - 'Reed') came up with her manager, and the first fifteen years, Leslie acquaintances simply called stick - a stick. And they were absolutely right.

With the growth of 1,69 cm Miss Hornby weighed only forty (!) Pounds and had unrealistic (even by today's times) parameters - 80-55-80. And for the mid-1960 it was just indecent. While the pages of fashion magazines and on the catwalks of fashion houses reigned smooth elegant maidens with movie star looks.

It is natural that toschenkoy Leslie, who grew up in a modest London suburb in the family of carpenter and barmaid, was not a dream to become a model. And she dreamed about the beautiful dresses on display in the windows of the capital's shops, and a 'proper' boyfriend, because most of its more curvaceous girlfriends at the moment is to acquire 'halves'.
Meanwhile, Leslie attended a girls' school Brondesberi, the evening ran to the dance, and moonlighted on weekends in the cabin of Mr. Vincent, where the soap heads to clients. There's something to it, and said Nigel Davies. This 25-year-old owner of the tray on the antiques market in the fashionable London district of Chelsea concealed his humble name to a sonorous pseudonym Justin de Villeneuve, and wanted to use his flair for good things at a loud arena. He first saw Leslie in something that will soon put in his ears the whole fashion world.

Such a magical character did not bring much trouble to charm our hudyshku. Soon, he ordered Leslie haircut (updated its appearance), she invented a new name (Twiggy) and showed it to all your friends who worked in the fashion.

Initially, the case for ambitious pair were not very successful. Appearance Twiggy - shocking thinness, boyish haircut, sleepy, mistrustful glance - was too unusual even for 'Swinging' London

. Everything changed, . when a certain Dirdra Mc Sherry, . journalist for the London Daily Express saw the picture on the wall Twiggy her former hairdresser, . met a girl and published her picture on the central reversal of the newspaper under the headline 'Face 1966',
And Twiggy instantly became the most popular girl in London. Her appearance coincided with the androgyne trend of the times. Justin did not let success slip. He launched an ambitious advertising campaign on his young girlfriend. And when it thundered on the media around the world, has had contracts with several modeling agencies. For the right to receive Twiggy they come into conflict with each other (and is not dreaming current supermodels).

In the end, Justin founded Twiggy Enterprise Ltd., Headed by the father of a girl, and offers personal boutiques in London, Paris and New York. Earnings Twiggy exceeded the salary of the Prime Minister of Great Britain, its trading case brought almost nothing more that they have the Beatles, and she became the most popular model in the world.

But Justin has earned her the status and name, Twiggy nearly went mad with fear. Even so, ordinary girl, not much liked the profession of the model, and pursuing the crowd of fans had a horror. And after several scandals Zhyustenom in 1970 Twiggy leaves the world of fashion.

At first she just lazy, spending money earned in four years 'madness'.
Then he married an American actor Michael Whitney, gives birth to daughter Carly.

But the personal life Twiggy was not developed. Whitney drank, brawled. And the name of Twiggy reappears in the foreground of attention. She sings, dances on Broadway, acted in films (including the famous 'Blues Brothers'), even occasionally agrees to pose for fashion magazine.
Finally, in 35 years Twiggy meets dvolski handsome dark man - actor Lee Lawson, falls head over heels again, marries and becomes the world's most famous housewife. Today Twiggy - 50. Not so long ago she released her second autobiographical book, which with characteristic British girl's simple honesty about his extraordinary life, as well as the fact that photographers still bugged her suggestions about the shooting.

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Twiggy (Twiggy)Twiggy (Twiggy)Twiggy (Twiggy)Twiggy (Twiggy)

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