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Naumov, Nikolai Ivanovich

( folk-novelists)

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Biography Naumov, Nikolai Ivanovich
(1838 - 1901). His grandfather was a deacon, my father served in Siberia, moved in a circle of the Decembrists and was issued his honesty. Early deprived mother, Naumov grew lonely, abandoned child. He studied at Tomsk school, but need not give him the opportunity to go beyond the first grade. Entered military service of a cadet, he was in 1860, Mr.. was a volunteer at St. Petersburg University and was preparing to pass the exam gymnasium, but was involved in student riots and subjected to arrest. Later, he was Commissioner for peasant affairs in Siberia. On literary career Naumov made in the "Military Collection" in 1858, under the pseudonym Korzunova, the story "The case of the soldier's life". In "Torch" 1861. was placed several of his stories: "The peaceful scenes of military life". Then he worked in the "People's Conversation", "Iskra" and was edited by G.Z. Eliseeva "Essays". In 1863, Mr.. Naumov attracted the attention placed in the "Contemporary" heartfelt story of people's life: "I carried". The flowering of literary activity and popularity Naumova refers to the 70 th year, . when he placed in the "Notes of the Fatherland" and "business" stories (mostly gloomy picture of peasant life), . published later in separate collections, . entitled: "Power of the straw ache" (Saint-Petersburg, . 1874), . "Still Waters Run Deep" (Saint-Petersburg, . 1881), . "At the edge of the forgotten" (Saint-Petersburg, . 1882), . "Web" (Saint-Petersburg, . 1888),
. In the 80 years Naumov placed stories in the "Russian Wealth", "common sense" and "Eastern Review". In 1897. published in St. Petersburg "Works NI. Naumov ". Naumov - bytopisatel, for the most part, the Siberian peasantry differs significantly from the downtrodden Russian peasants and the relative prosperity and the ability to stand up for themselves. Nevertheless, fully adhered to the school idealizatorov people, Naumov sees in the Siberian peasant only the embodiment of every virtue and majestic qualities. If he sometimes exhibits reckless drunkenness gold field workers, it is only as proof of a rich and broad nature Russian man. Drunkards Naumova never committed any outrageous sense of insult, just throwing handfuls of bills, give themselves unconditionally to strip for grabs, treat every counter and widely help the poor fellow. No regrets Naumov black paint to portray enemies - parasites. A large proportion of his works devoted to the image of heartlessness, arrogance, corruption, intimidation, through which the prey flock fists and buyers entangles guy and sucks the juices out of him. Fists Naumova deprived of basic human emotions and even themselves, nothing daunted, certify themselves as "thieves and robbers". Despite, however, on the one-sidedness, elementary methods and biases, Naumova stories figure prominently in the Russian "peasant fiction, by and large knowledge of people's life. Naumov - a gifted storyteller, and many of his stories, where he does not restrict the tendency (for example, "Nefedovskaya repairs"), read with thrilling interest, but had many improbable. Is remarkable in Naumova, although at times and pretentious, but bright and colorful folk language. Works published Naumova O.N. Popova in 2 m. (St. Petersburg, 1897). - Wed. Belts (Plekhanov) "For 20 years"; Skabichevsky "Works", t. II; Vengerov "Sources", t. IV. S.

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Naumov, Nikolai Ivanovich, photo, biography
Naumov, Nikolai Ivanovich, photo, biography Naumov, Nikolai Ivanovich  folk-novelists, photo, biography
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