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Popov Aleksandr Fedorovich

( famous mathematician)

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Biography Popov Aleksandr Fedorovich
(1815 - 1879). He graduated from the course at the University of Kazan on the physico-mathematical faculty. In 1843, . after defending the thesis "The theory of emotion bubble liquids" (Kazan, . 1843), . received a master's degree, . and in 1845 - Doctor of submitting the thesis "On the integration of differential equations of hydrodynamics, . reduced to linear form "(Kazan, . 1845),
. Student Lobachevsky, Popov became his successor, having taken in 1846, Mr.. Department of Pure Mathematics. Hydrostatics and hydrodynamics - the main subject of his studies. Popov printed on these divisions of knowledge: "On the laws of oscillations of the liquid in cylindrical containers" ( "Scientific Notes of Kazan University, . 1850, . I), . "On the conditions of fluid motion, . representing DC "(ibid.), . "On the integration of the system of equations, . application to the theory of equilibrium of elastic movement and ongoing bodies "(ibid., . 1852, . IV), . "A new solution to the problem of waves" (ibid., . 1852, . IV), . "Application of wave theory to the measurement of flows" (ibid., . 1853), . "Solving the problem of the waves with higher approximation" (ibid., . 1860), . "The experience of the theory of standing waves" (ibid., . 1860), . "The theory of waves, . originating from the sustained external pressures "(ibid., . 1867), . "On reflection of the sheer liquid jet on a horizontal plane" (ibid., . 1871), . "Investigation of the surface, . which represents the least resistance to flow "(ibid., . 1876), . "On the trajectories of particles in the liquid mass transfer" (ibid., . t,
. XI, Prince. 2, 1867), "The theory of vertical liquid jet" (ibid., 1864 - 1870), "Gesetze d. Schwing. von Flussigk. in cylindr. Gefassen "(" Erman's Archiv fur wissensch. Kunde v. Russland ", 1856)," Genauere theoret. Darstellung der Wellenbewegung "(ibid., XIX, 1860)," Probleme sur les ondes permanentes "(" Journal des Mathematiques pures et appliquees de Liouville ", III, 1858) and others. In physics: "Research, . Related to the theory of sound "(" Scientific Notes of Kazan University, . 1848), . "General equilibrium equations of electricity on the surface of the conductor (Kazan, . 1871), . "Sur l'integration des equations relatives aux petites vibrationsd'un milieu elastique" ( "Bull,
. dl. soc. d. Natur. d. Moscou ", 1853)," Observations sur la theorie du son "(" Journal de Liouville ", 1850)," Einwurfe gegen d. Theorie d. Beweg. d. Elektric. im Innern d. Leiter "(" Erman's Archiv ", XIII, 1854) and others. In the field of pure mathematics: "The significance of some integrals and sums" ( "Scientific Notes of Kazan University, . 1851, . IV), . "The doctrine of definite integrals" (ibid., . 1863, . I), . "Foundations of the Calculus of Variations" ( "Collected papers, . written by professors of the Imperial Kazan University on the fiftieth anniversary of its existence ", . 1856, . t,
. I), "Precis d'une theorie de l'integrale definie" ( "Bull. d. L. Soc. d. Natur. d. Moscou "1854, W)," Sur la valeur de l'integral defini "(" Bull de la classe physomath. de l'Ac. de Si.-Petesbourg ", t. XV, 1857) and others. In the history of mathematics: "Remembering the service and the works of H. Yves. Lobachevsky "(" Scientific Notes of Kazan University, 1857), "Essay on the development of arithmetic" (Kazan, 1873). Popov's biography and record of his writings cm. in the article "п░.п╓. Popov "(" Collection of the minutes of the Section of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Society of Naturalists of the Imperial University of Kazan ", t. I). VV. Bobynin.

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Popov Aleksandr Fedorovich, photo, biography
Popov Aleksandr Fedorovich, photo, biography Popov Aleksandr Fedorovich  famous mathematician, photo, biography
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