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Biography Romario
photo Romario
In his 35, he remains an idol of millions of Brazilian fans - this is because they called him the great Romario de Janeiro, . despite the fact that the contradictory nature of the famous Brazilian striker continues to surprise many: it can for several hours diligently pray in the temple of God, . and the next day to arrange their own homes noisy party with the girls from the agency "Playboy" ..,
This has always been: someone paid homage to his football idol, considering it a symbol of the nation, someone put him in reproach quarrelsome nature, excessive talkativeness and unwillingness to obey the generally accepted rules. At one time, some even hinted at the fact that Romario was the main destabilizing factor in the Brazil team, meet in World Cup-94 in United States. It was he who terrorizes a good half of the team and, instead of preparing in sweat, has dissipated nightlife. His speech at the world championship Romario has silenced the detractors, but the Brazilians due to him for the fourth time in its history, became champions of the world.
However, the murder will be hidden. A certain 20-year-old "fan" of the hotel, Andrea Oliveira published in the newspapers a copy of your passport with a U.S. visa for the period of World Cup, . as well as personal photos, . which led to the unambiguous conclusion about the relationship between a footballer and his fan,
. "I am not interested in football, and Romario, with whom we met in a year and a half years - told Andrea. - He wanted me to be with him at the World Cup. Of the women I was only allowed to enter the national team training camp, and this could not fail to enrage the other players.
But the main reason for gossip at the same time gave 22-year-old Sonya barselonka Montroyg, has declared that she is pregnant from the best player of the world championship-94 and intends to submit to court to establish paternity. Romario, who has just returned then to Brazil after two years of performances for Barcelona, responded coolly: let try to prove. But his wife Monica's nerves snapped, and, taking the daughter and son Monikinyu Romarino, she always left dissolute husband.
Although it may not be worth it and so hurry. After DNA analysis showed that it was not the father of the child Barcelona. Romario did not miss a chance poernichat on this subject. Leaving the courtroom, he told reporters: "It is a pity that everything turned out well - painfully small boy is she cute. Even such little resemblance to me ... "

Blame devotees
Incidentally, the fact that Romario finally had to part with Barcelona, "played a considerable role is his fan. After a great game at the world championships in 1994, the girls just did not give passage to the famous football player, constantly depositing the hotel, which stopped players from the Catalan club. Communicating with groupies, Romario, obviously, is not limited only to autograph. Therefore, in practice he often was left with neither the strength nor the time. In addition, parents who are very worried about the future of their daughters, began to demand leadership from Barц╖a away from the team "this libertine".
Perhaps their anger was the last straw that broke the patience leaders Barcelona, and Romario was expelled from the club. In subsequent years, he played in several teams, both times in this period as part of the Brazilian national team has developed a fantastic bunch of forwards Romario - Ronaldo. Until now, the famous duo of Ro-Ro is perhaps the most effective in the history of Brazilian football. Of the 18 games that are held together Romario and Ronaldo, Brazil won in 14, with two defeats and a similar number of draws. Of the 54 killed in these meetings balls on their general account 34: 19 - with Romario and 15 - with Ronaldo.

COACH without pants
Football fans everywhere were shocked when it was reported that the Brazilian coach Mario Zagalo allegedly because of injury does not allow Romario to play the World Cup 1998. France. What really happened, remains a mystery, but Zagalo team eventually lost the second part of the duo Ro-Ro, and with it the title of world champion. Hardly forgotten telekadry Tear-Jerker, . which a few days before the world championship was sealed, . as the main troublemaker Brazil poured scalding tears, . trying to persuade the fans in the, . that it deserves to protect the colors of the national team,
However, breaking down long Romario. And a few weeks shocked the audience of its sophisticated revenge. Having bought a popular restaurant in the fashionable area of Rio de Janeiro, he decorated the toilet door of his caricatures of the abuser. The whim of Romario's chief coach of Brazil, sat dejectedly on the jerk with his pants down. Then Zagalo tried through the courts to ensure that the provocation of his cartoons were removed. However, the judge considered all this is just a joke little man ...
But the fact that he continued to do on the football field, a joke can not be called. Romario is not without reason, to notify all their desire to go to the World Championship-2002, despite the fact that by the time he will be 36 years old - the age for the attacker is, quite frankly, pension. True, this "retiree" is still not lost his sight, and the list of scorers in the championship Brazilian Romario, he last season for "Vasco da Gama," always listed at the top.

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Romario, photo, biography
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