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Rio Ferdinand

( Footballer defender)

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Biography Rio Ferdinand
photo Rio Ferdinand
Born November 7, 1978.
Hometown south-east London, the first child Giuliana and Janice.
Country England.
Position Defender
For England spent 27 matches, 1 goal.

In school, favorite subjects were: drama, athletics, gymnastics. Also keen on tennis, table tennis, swimming and, of course, football. Junior played for the team: Blumfilds (school age groups to 11 to 12 years, . played as a central striker regularly hammering 30 goals in season), . Itham Town (in the school age group under 13 years, . played as a central striker and as a central midfielder), . Vest Ham (14-year-old played in the age group under 15 years),
. Vest Ham With Junior signed a contract for 2 years, although he had offers from Norwich, Middlesbrough, Miluola, Charlton and Chelsea. He earned 30 pounds sterling (about 45 am.dollarov) per week. His duties included the same way and clean shoes for Harry Redkneppa and Tonny Cottee. Together with the team in season 1995-1996, won the Southeastern League.

The first professional contract Rio Ferdinand has signed the same with Vest Ham at the age of 17. In the adult team made its debut May 5, 1996 coming on as substitute in a game with Sheffield Vensdey Stadium Upton Park. For the period from November 9, 1996 to January 11, 1997 was given to a team 2 divisions Burnemuf, played in 10 games. (Incidentally, the first exit on the field as a player DOJ occurred in a game against this team, where the Rio went for the replacement of 17 minutes, the DOJ won 3-0. MJ played in a field of white form, in which Rio looked like a player still Leeds. Rio was very fond Burnemuf during a brief stay there, and I think the holding of this match was more symbolic, . Alex Ferguson so decided to start a career in the Rio MJ, . as well as at one time a successful game for Burneuf a positive effect on the rest of the professional life of Rio),
. The first full 90 minutes for Vest Ham played on Jan. 25, 1997 in a game with Vrekshem in the FA Cup.

The first goal in the Premier League in a game with Blackburn Rovers. From Leeds signed a contract November 26, 2000, transfer was 18 mln.f.st (about 27 mln.am.d.). In the first season for Leeds scored 3 goals: Deportivo in the Champions League, Liverpool and Vest Ham in the Premier League. In May 2001, played in 2 games against Valencia CL. For England played in the age of 17 to 19 and 21 years for adults made a debut on Nov. 15, 1997 at Wembley against Cameroon. Formed the basis of Defense England at the 2002 World Cup. Total spent 27 appearances for England, 1 goal. 22 July 2002 signed a contract with Manchester United worth 30 mln.f.st. (about 45 mln.am.d.), thus becoming the most expensive player in England and defender in the world.

Football idol - Pele, Maradona, Romario. Best player against whom had to play - Dennis Bergkamp. As a child, liked to play Liverpool, favorite player of that time - John Barnes. Likes to read, listen to music, watch movies.

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Rio Ferdinand, photo, biography
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