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Gustavo Kuerten

( Tennis Player)

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Biography Gustavo Kuerten
photo Gustavo Kuerten
After the defeat of Marat Safin on the Frenchman Santoro Yevgeny Kafelnikov remained the sole representative of Russia in the men's singles at the Open championship of France. After the victory in the 1 / 8 finals over Spaniard Tommy Robredo in the quarterfinals Rossiyanin meet with himself Gustavo KUERTENOM. With the strongest tennis player last season, talked a special correspondent of the newspaper "Time News" Konstantin COMCO.
- I think that, like all Brazilians, you watch football?
- Yes, but less than before. Basically looking at the teams that play countrymen. For example, in Lyon, where he acts Anderson, Edmildson and this year Kasap. For PSG, which besides Christian will play Ronaldinho. Better than others I know Aldair and Cafu. The last three years, when I played in Rome, they came to root for me. Agree, nice to know that in the hall for you sick compatriots, especially those.
- You travel a lot, but could you ever live abroad?
- Tennis players often leave home, but unlike football, we always return to their homes. I see their future in Brazil. I like to live there, though even in my home town of Florianopolis is difficult to find peace.
- For foreigners, Brazil - it's football, carnival, samba, beaches, mulattos ...
- Quite often an idea of a country fit into a standard set of words. On the TV only and see what favelas (shantytowns in Brazil. - Ed.) Or carnivals. But in fact, Brazil is not so. It seems to me, first of all, Brazil is different from other countries so that people here are quite easy to go to the contact. We, of course, there are problems, and the state system is not perfect. For example, some do not pay taxes because they do not know how the government uses this money. But in recent years, our economy has to straighten out, although corruption remains an obstacle to this.
- Now you have the first issue of the Brazilian sports Do you feel responsible for the fact that for many of you are the embodiment of Brazil?
- I do not consider myself as such. I can be the first number for another year or two, but do not consider myself someone to whom people looked upon as an emblem of Brazil. I just love their homeland, their roots.
- Is it true that you have created your fund?
- This is so. Recently, my family and I have created a fund Kuerten. And next year we will be able to help many people - children, the disabled, just the poor who need support. Of course, this does not change completely the situation in Brazil, but I hope, at least partly, we can help someone.
- Do you think sport can return the Brazilians faith in yourself?
- Yes. Brazilians are very emotional as I. We are big enthusiasts and patriots. For example, ten years ago, Brazilians at best watched on TV just a couple of tennis matches of the year - the final at Wimbledon and Roland Garros. Today, when I play, for me the next half of the country. And this attitude to all types of sports, and especially in football.
- They say that aside from tennis helps you surfing?
- I started surfing at age nine, when I got a board. Surfing really improves my mood. This is a beautiful sport - ocean waves, nature, paradise place. Now I have many friends, surfing, and with them I go to different places to float on the crests of waves.
- Do you have another hobby - music. Does it help you to tune in to the game?
- No. If you observe me, then they would see that I am constantly moving, doing something. I love music, it requires me to dance, sing ...
- You consider yourself a favorite of Roland Garros?
- Every time I come here, I feel that I have a chance. This is really a special tournament for me. And that is why I strive to be in the form. Very important experience from the first two laps, and if I pass to the quarterfinals, then I know that I can play better.
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Gustavo Kuerten, photo, biography
Gustavo Kuerten, photo, biography Gustavo Kuerten  Tennis Player, photo, biography
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