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Dvadtsatidevyatiletny Guy Ritchie, was born and raised in London. Prior to his directorial debut in the film dealt with the fact that the advertising took off and did demos for bands. Throughout adult life, he wanted to withdraw the film, ever since, when the child looked "Kessedi Butch and the Sundance Kid" (Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid). The money earned from advertising, Ritchie directed his first film a twenty "difficult task" (The Hard Case). This work evolved into work on the script of "Two trunks.
"When I worked on this film, I tried to create something that would be believable and at the same time ridiculous". Ritchie wanted his film could find its niche among the films of this kind. "I saw how some have tried to do such a film, but they were either too naturalistic, either in their movies blood flowed in all directions. As for me, I must admit violence in movies, in any case, we have seen, but I'm not interested in that film was drowning in blood. Compared with the Hollywood blockbuster, we always try to stay away from overt cruelty. "
Very commendable desire to protect viewers from violence. Two barrel "can be considered a full-director's first work of Guy Ritchie. His previous film "The difficult thing was short, but was so expressive that the Sting, after seeing it, without much thought over the decision to withdraw in the role of JD in" both barrels ". "I saw a short film Guy and was delighted with his energy. I like the way he portrays violence. I do not like wanton cruelty. I think a much more interesting when violence is implied rather than directly depicted on the screen "- recognized Sting.
. For Richie was a very important selection of actors for each role: "Casting is an eternity, and we listen to hundreds of people until you see is the one who needs the required role"
. Judging by the film, . in which each character is allotted a harmonious place scenario, . Judging by the brilliant and relaxed game of each of the characters, . team, . create images, . really managed to pick up the actors, . that best reveal all, . even the most unpleasant characters.,

. Film producer, Matthew Vaughn of twenty (Matthew Vaughn) began his film career working as an assistant to Simon Fields (Simon Fields), head of the studio "Limelight Films" in Los Angeles
. This proved very useful experience for further work in the film industry. He returned to the UK and worked on several shorts before he produced his first film "Song of Innocence" (The Innocent Sleep) in 1994. After that I was searching for a fresh project, but nothing attracted his attention. Matthew received a script "both barrels" from his longtime friend Guy Ritchie. "I took the script, preparing to see a glimpse of him before going to bed. I read it entirely and could not wait until morning to speak with Guy Ritchie, "says Wong.
. Executive producer Steven Tisch (Steve Tisch) to the "trunk" worked on "Forrest Gump" (Forrest Gump), . Il Postino "(The Postman), . "Long kiss on the night" (The Long Kiss Goodnight), . "Bad influence" (Bad Influence) and other not less known films,
. Among the honors for his work, listed as the Oscar for best picture ( "Forrest Gump") and Golden Globe. It should be noted that compared with the anti-artistic and propagandistic "Forrest Gump," "Two Smoking Barrels" - a significant step forward in cinema.
Filming began on 6 November 1997 in the boxing hall of "Repton". First the scenes was a game of cards, in which Eddie pulled all the money. The main filming location was London's East End. Designers Ian Andrews (Iain Andrews) and Eve Mavrakis (Eve Mavrakis) pretty job of staging. They worked with Richie closely, trying to translate the director's ideas into reality, do something that was created imaginative Richie, visually perceptible. The basis of habitat characters in the film was taken by the notorious district of SoHo. Neon signs "Girls, . Girls, . Girls ", . old brick walls with traces of last year's poster, . cheap shops, . an empty warehouse in Kemeden Town, . converted (temporarily, . of course) for plant cultivation and processing of marijuana - all this creates the unique atmosphere of the film.,

. Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
. The cast of this film, apparently not very familiar to our audience, accustomed to the American cinema
. Of all the famous people, perhaps, can only be called Sting, who has long established itself not only as a musician, but as an actor is enough to recall his role in Lynch "Dune". Unfortunately, in both barrels, he got only a marginal role in Eddie's dad named JD. In fairness it should be noted that the whole film seems to consist of the roles of secondary. Specifically in the movie so many key roles that they seem to be secondary to the number of appearance of characters on the screen.
The other actors - also not new to cinema, though Sting is really good most of them fathers. For example, Jason Flemyng (Jason Flemyng), performing the role of Tom, has starred in more than twenty films, including television. Among his works are films such as: "James Gang" (The James Gang), "Rob Roy" (Rob Roy), "The Jungle Book" (Jungle Book), "Stolen Beauty" (Stealing Beauty), and others.
. Dexter Fletcher (Dexter Fletcher), playing a soap, well known in England as a television and film actor
. He starred in the films: "When the whales come" (When The Whales Came), "The Elephant Man" (The Elephant Man), "A good long Friday" (The Long Good Friday), "Bugsy Melon" (Bugsy Malone), " Lion Heart "(Lionheart).
. Nick Moran has starred in nine films, "Two Barrel" - his fourth film
. Nick perfectly blended into the image of Eddie. Native of the East End, Nick says: "My father worked as a butcher in the area and often told me stories about the local pubs and there the characters. Frankly, the script is excellent - everything you need to successfully inscribed in it ". Preparing for the role of Nick spent a lot of time watching the game of professional players in the card. "I have friends who work the dealer. I went to several casinos and watching the players, to see how they behave, how little they lose ". Among films, . which Nick played such, . as: "Miss Monday" (Miss Monday), . "Clancy's Kitchen" (Clancy "s Kitchen), . "The future lasts a long time" (The Future Lasts a Long Time), . "Heavy Days, . difficult night "(Hard Days, . Hard Nights), . Song Buddy "(Buddy" s Song).,
. Pi Eytch Moriarty (PH
. Moriarty) plays a gangster Harry Ax, whose table is always decorated with new models of vibrators and a constant half-meter rubber member. Moriarty plays a gangster's very natural, as if his life was engaged in the same things, and his hero. This is not surprising, since a similar role he performs is not the first time. He played brilliantly in the classic English gangland action movie "A good long Friday" (The Long Good Friday), also starred in "Games of patriots" (Patriot Games), "bastard" (Scum).
. However, not all the actors playing in the film have already proved themselves to be in a movie
. For example, Stethem, Jason (Jason Statham), who played Bacon, appeared in films for the first time. Ritchie said his commercial promoting jeans Levi "s. All together: the director, producers, actors, designers, and all who have participated in this project, managed to make an explosive witty film. Film, . which, . One bandit kills another member of the rubber, . addicts shooting at gangsters from "an overhead", . characters threaten each other with flintlocks sample XVII century, . baby-son learns from his father, . as extract money from debtors, . taking sunbath, . as well as a lot of London slang and a great soundtrack.,
. Finally it should be noted one interesting detail
. Many who have watched the film, unanimously noted resemblance to Mr. Sting and ... G. Zyuganov. This circumstance makes the film as something closer to the domestic audience, we find in the face of the English characters are painfully familiar to any rossiyaninu traits.
. In general, all the characters of this film behave exactly the that Russia's policy
. Instead of honest work, they have a lot of lying, are illegal means, taken away from each other the same, the money earned by others, abused each other and down dale, and do not disdain the physical "dismantlings". However, unlike our politicians, the movie characters make it witty, relaxed and funny, providing plenty of excitement in the film who comes to the electorate.


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Guy Ritchie (Guy Ritchie), photo, biography
Guy Ritchie (Guy Ritchie), photo, biography Guy Ritchie (Guy Ritchie)  Director, photo, biography
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