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RICE Condoleezza (Rice Condoleezza)

( Presidential Adviser U.S. Dzh.U.Busha on national security.)

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Biography RICE Condoleezza (Rice Condoleezza)
(p. 1954)
Born November 14, 1954 in Birmingham (pc. Alabama) in a family of teachers. In 1969 entered the University of Denver in the department of music, but was interested in international relations, graduated from the University of Denver with a BA in Political Science (1974). She earned her master's degree at the University of Notre Dame (1975), doctorate in political science in 1981 at the University of Denver. In the late 1970's probation at MSU. Since 1981 worked at Stanford University (since 1986 a professor), . held various administrative positions (including since 1993 as vice-rector and Chief Financial Officer, . a member of the program of arms reduction and disarmament Hoover Institution,
. Initially supported Democrats, but in 1982 became a staunch supporter of the Republican Party. As a fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations was part of an advisory group under the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1981-1985) on nuclear strategic planning. In 1989-1991 was director of the Department of National Security Affairs of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe (in particular, . dealt with the democratic reforms in Poland and the study of management in the armed forces of the USSR), . then a special assistant to President George Bush's adviser on national security,
. In 1991 returned to the Hoover Institute after the Republican defeat in the elections. In 1999 took a sabbatical to participate in the election campaign George Bush Jr.. Was sworn in as an adviser to U.S. President Dzh.U.Busha for National Security January 22, 2001
. Author of several books - United Germany and Europe transformed: a study of public policy (Germany Unified and Europe Transformed: A Study in Statecraft, . 1995, . co), . Gorbachev Era (1986, . co), . Uncertain loyalty: the Soviet Union and the Czechoslovak Army (1984) and others,

The administration is Dzh.U.Busha Rice defines U.S. foreign policy, just as with Nixon's foreign policy is national security adviser, Henry Kissinger. She calls herself a 'leader' command of foreign policy advisers, seeking to expand the intellectual base of decision-making through the involvement of experienced politicians and professionals. Rice - a supporter of the deployment of new missile defense system, reducing the number of American nuclear warheads, re-equipping the armed forces of the USA. Priorities in foreign policy considers relations with Russia and China, . remaining, . from her point of view, . possible sources of danger to the West, . as part of the nuclear capabilities of these countries can get to the 'rogue states' or terrorist organizations,
. Known criticism of Rice on foreign policy Clinton. She said the United States spend money on the 'liberalization' of Russia, not taking into account the fact that the current high level of corruption highlighted by the IMF and private investment tens of billions of dollars have been spent virtually nothing. At the same time Rice has expressed in that spirit that Russia could become a potential ally of the United States if reconsider its policy preferences on the east, preventing the world balance of forces (in particular, with some Arab countries). Opposed the U.S. involvement in peacekeeping operations, NATO.

Rice - a member of the board of directors of companies 'Chevron', 'Charles Schwab', Hewlett Foundation and a member of the international board of the bank 'JP Morgan' (headed by a former U.S. Secretary of State Dzh.Shults). Co-founder of the Center for Assistance to a new generation, non-formal educational institution in Palo Alto (pc. California).

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    RICE Condoleezza (Rice Condoleezza), photo, biography
    RICE Condoleezza (Rice Condoleezza), photo, biography RICE Condoleezza (Rice Condoleezza)  Presidential Adviser U.S. Dzh.U.Busha on national security., photo, biography
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