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Turgenev Ivan Petrovich

( Scientific)

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Biography Turgenev Ivan Petrovich
Director of the University: 1796-1803 gg.

Turgenevs descended from the Tatar Murzas who departed from the Golden Horde in Russia under Basil Dark. In XV-XVII centuries. were servicemen people in the XVIII century. - Landlords Simbirsk Province. The father of the future director, Peter Ivanovich, some time was in the service in Western Siberia, and the birthplace of his son Ivan was Mr.. Petropavlovsk. Up to 15 year old boy grew up and was educated in g. Simbirsk in the atmosphere of Russian provincial gentry culture. In 1767, Mr.. He was brought to Moscow, recorded, as things like that, in St. Petersburg Infantry Regiment sergeant, as defined in the gymnasium at Moscow University to an experienced teacher - professor. IM Shadenu.

After graduation, Turgenev comes to military service, has repeatedly engaged in military operations during the Turkish campaigns, and only in 1789. receive retired with the rank of brigadier. While still in the army, carried away by literary educational movement, entered the Masonic Lodge "Harmony", which operated in St. Petersburg and then in Moscow. Actively collaborated with writers NI Novikov, п?.п?. Kutuzov, IV Lopukhin in the opened in 1782, Mr.. at Moscow University "Friendly Scientific Society". With the cessation of Novikov's circle in 1788, Mr.. went to his ancestral estate of Turgenev's first in voluntary exile, and after 1792, when he was lured to the investigation of the case Novikova, into exile, where he stayed until the death of Empress Catherine II in 1796

. Difficulties in Moscow with the accession of Paul I, rumors, . that the position of director of the university named after his release from prison Shlisselburgskaya NI Novikov, . not confirmed: in the chapter entitled "Russia's glorious nursery education" is to obtain the rank of State Councilor and the government flat at University House ardent ally of the former publisher of the famous - Ivan Petrovich Turgenev,
. uratorom in place of the late I. Melissino appointed his nephew I. Shuvalov, Prince Fedor Nikolaevich Golitsyn. Since taking office, the new director with the help of the curator has made annual grants for capital construction to 5 000 rubles in ten years, negotiated the acquisition for the university next door Pashkov. From abroad were invited to the new professors were sent to probation M. J. Wise, J. P. Voinov, IA Dvigubsky etc.

In 1802. has been particularly generous PG Demidov, giving the university its library, a cabinet of natural history, numismatic collection and the collection of art treasures. addition, they have been allocated monies for the maintenance of the department of natural history and student scholarships.

Continuing the tradition of the teacher IG Schwartz, educator, NI Novikova, Turgenev paid much attention to the educational process. He encouraged the literary exercises of youth, . initiating the organization of "A Collection of students of the University guesthouse", . active participants were: the future poet Vasily Zhukovsky, . A. Merzlyakov, . Voyeikov A., . brothers Andrew and Michael Kaisarova, . Semen Rodzianko, . eldest sons of the director Andrei (poet and critic) and Alexander (later a prominent writer and social activist),
. Homestay Turgenevs university students in a friendly atmosphere met with MM Kheraskov, I. Dmitriev, Nikolai Karamzin. In close relationship with Turgenev was the Metropolitan of Moscow Platon (Levshin).

. Not all of Turgenev's gone wrong with the curators, especially P.I.Golenischevym-Kutuzov, was intending, according to some sources, put the university on a war footing, and the Noble board turned into Cadet Corps "
. They accused the curators and directors for alleged negligence of the purchased by Alexander I for the University of the princes Yablonovskii European celebrities of the Cabinet of Natural History. But it is almost a major restructuring: September 8, 1802. University of submission to the Senate shifted to the Ministry of Education. 1803 was the latest in the university for the Director, and for curators. January 24 were approved by the "Provisional rules of public education" in which universities were created in the country school districts. Professorship has the right to choose the rector, the deans, who constituted the Board of the University. uratorstvo abolished. Intermediary between the university and the school district is a trustee appointed by the Minister.

May 20, was elected to the post of Rector Professor H. A. Chebotarev. Already assumed his duties to each trustee of youth and Turgenev's friend from university, MN Ants, . Ivan Petrovich, . survived that year the death of his son Andrew, . languished in anticipation of resignation, . which followed only on November 21, . by assigning the rank of Privy Councilor and maintaining the resulting salary (at the request of the Derzhavin),
. The unrest of recent years have affected his health. Died Ivan Petrovich Turgenev at the fifty-fifth year of life in St. Petersburg and was buried at the cemetery Lazarevskom Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

. A quarter-century Moscow University was purchased by a unique library of family Turgenev, containing the best examples of Russian and West European literature XVIII-early XIX centuries.

. V
. Remarchuk

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Turgenev Ivan Petrovich, photo, biography
Turgenev Ivan Petrovich, photo, biography Turgenev Ivan Petrovich  Scientific, photo, biography
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