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Bogolepov Nikolai Pavlovich

( Scientific)

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Biography Bogolepov Nikolai Pavlovich
photo Bogolepov Nikolai Pavlovich
(27.XI.1846 - 2.III.1901)
Rector: 1883. - 1887, 1891. - 1893

Born in g. Serpukhov, Moscow province in the family of quarterly warden (originated from the clergy). Father, Paul Bogolepov differed developed sense of duty, fearless of the dangers of performance and rigor to subordinates. His mother, Emilia Karlovna, nц╘e. Filgaber, a German by birth, gave his son primary education. Tutor Mitrofanov, a graduate of Moscow University, has prepared him to gymnasium course.

After graduating in 1864. with a gold medal 1 st Moscow gymnasium, Bogolepov entered the law faculty of Moscow University, where he studied until 1868, Mr.. and was determined to serve in the criminal department of the Moscow Senate. Paperwork burden to the atmosphere of a young man, and he took advantage of an invitation to stay at the University of. In 1876. they have been prepared and defended his master's thesis, which allowed us to obtain the position of a privat-docent at the Chair of Roman law and to begin preparations to receive the title of professor. For two years Bogolepov was sent abroad. This time he spent in the leading university centers in Western Europe, studying the history of law and in particular the Roman law.

. Returning to Russia, a young scientist will be preparing his doctoral dissertation, which was published in book form in 1881
. As a result of protection Bogolepova was awarded a doctoral degree and he was elected a full professor in the Department of Roman Law. In 1881-1883 he. acting Secretary of the legal department.

. Professor Bogolepov has the undoubted talent of teaching: while reading course in the history of Roman law, he carried out the successful experience of practical training with a large number of listeners, . that independently written abstracts and protect them at seminars, to avoid repetition of material tutorial, . Bogolepov developed the methodology discussion in the lectures of the main ways of scientific inquiry and the concentration in instructional printed materials mostly elementary scientific knowledge.,

. During the principalship Bogolepova at Moscow University, the largest event of university life across Russia was, of course, approval and implementation of the new Constitution (August 18, 1884), abolishing the election of rectors and deans
. Universities destroyed corporate law students and increased tuition fees. However, of transient system of teaching.

In 1884, Mr.. the initiative of professors AP Bogdanov, AI Chuprova, SA Muromtseva etc.. Psychological Society was founded. He became Chairman of the famous philosopher Professor. MM Trinity. With financial and organizational support of the university was held VI Archaeological Congress in Odessa. In January 1887, Mr.. the initiative of Professor Medical Faculty, NV Sklifosovsky was founded on the campus Devichye field. In August of that year was held in Yaroslavl VII Archaeological Congress, which took an active part of Moscow University professor, VF Miller, D. Anuchin, IV Tsvetayev. In August 1892. hosted the International Congress of Prehistoric Archeology and Anthropology, organized by the Society of Naturalists, Anthropology and Ethnography of Moscow University. This event coincided with the opening on the initiative of Prof.. DN Anuchina Geographic exhibition, the exhibits which were the basis of the Geographical Museum of the University.

. Bogolepov faced with an actual boycott of almost all professors of the reaction of the statute in 1884, depriving the university autonomy, limiting teachers purely educational objectives and condemns the whole social life of the university to their inspection.

. On the other hand, it was a time of intensive growth of revolutionary sentiment among the students
. In 1893, Mr.. at Moscow University has its first Marxist circle. The problem of combating youth movement arose Bogolepov before and after the end of his tenure as rector, when he was in 1895. became the trustee of the Moscow school district, and in 1898. was appointed Minister of Education. It was on his instructions for participating in student unrest in 1900. 183 students at Kiev University have been given to the soldiers, which caused numerous protests Russia's public. He is famous for its conservatism in the conduct of public policy in education. The fate Bogolepova was tragic: he died from wounds inflicted by him on Feb. 14, 1901, Mr.. graduated from Moscow University for his revolutionary activities of the student PV Karpovich.

. He was buried was privy councilor Nikolai Pavlovich Bogolepov in Moscow at the now defunct Dorogomilovsky cemetery tombstone he erected the means of the professors of Moscow University.

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Bogolepov Nikolai Pavlovich, photo, biography
Bogolepov Nikolai Pavlovich, photo, biography Bogolepov Nikolai Pavlovich  Scientific, photo, biography
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