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PEREZ Guillermo (Guillermo Perez)

( Actor)

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Biography PEREZ Guillermo (Guillermo Perez)
photo PEREZ Guillermo (Guillermo Perez)
Present name of the Venezuelan actor - Guillermo Perez. These days, we observe with great interest for Perepetui in the life of his character, Rodolfo Arizmendi, his first major role, appears on our screens TV series 'Luisa Fernanda'.

In his second work on television Guillermo Perez has an opportunity that many would like to get in this profession - to lead the cast of the telenovela "Luisa Fernanda" (version "Abigail"). And although many people think, . that the invitation of the actor as the lead role was taken in haste, . as his career lasts for too short a time, . one of its strengths, . that allowed Guillermo accept this challenge, . is precisely the preparation, . because his persona is under the strict guidance of teachers Felicia Canetti (voice and diction), and Hector Manrique (acting),

The first finalist of the contest "Mister Venezuela 97, took off his overalls mechanics, which he wore on the show" Nina Mimada "(Waldi), in order to try on a shirt, pants and jacket Professor Arismendi. Honest, intelligent, reserved, a man who should be freed from the constant control mothers to fall into the trap of his irrepressible student Liuzy Fernando (Scarlet Ortiz), who captivates him with her intense and passionate love.

- At one time, this character has become a springboard for another venesueltsa - Fernando Carrillo. And what do you expect from his first starring role?
- I am very positive attitude to the project, but after the first series looked at it, he liked me more. I do not know what will happen next, it must be decided by people who watch soap operas, and in fact the last word always remains with them, but my expectations have only positive episodes to please and everything will be fine.

- Do you feel fear?
- It is not a fear, a sense of great responsibility that you put on yourself. And anyway, if you start any work with fear, it is best to do this is not done.

- Presented us with his character.
- It is completely different from what I have done before, as he is absolutely sure that doing and what he wants. We Rodolfo planned whole life, but familiarity with Luisa Fernanda changes everything. But still, this is the planned life helps him to know true love and understand that what he feels to Alice (Dora Mazzone), this is not a real feeling. This character gave me the opportunity to learn something new and do everything as best as possible.

- Do you draw inspiration from teachers who taught you?
- Yes, there. I just learn from Hector Manrique, who always helped me and never left without training. When I read the script, I had to decide how I'll play my role, that he will receive from me, but this is a purely individual work.

- Tell me, have you got the same mother-proprietress, like your character?
- Thank God, my mom - an amazing person. She gave me complete freedom and always supported me in what I did, what decisions are taken and that she has always respected. So, in this life I have not had this experience, Rodolfo.

Well organized baseball player

Another passion of the actor, born January 28, 1971 - Sports. Baseball - it is his love, and I must say, mutual. At 18 he joined the team Rojos de Cincinatti and two years he lived in Florida, United States. But at the moment Guillermo completely absorbed acting profession:
- Now, I continue to prepare and wait for the next project. I do not know whether he's here or abroad, the only thing I want - it once again become one of the main characters.

- How do you manage to take care of his top form when you have your own restaurant?
- I am well organized person and it saves me, though: the new telenovela I have to decide, but it is not easy

. - What is the reaction of women when they see you on the street?
. - Recently, I almost did not go out on the street, . as the pace of work is very intense, . but first, . Only when the film was released: in general, . when telenovela is on television, . people begin to recognize you - first once, . then another and another, . and here, . when you walk down the street, . all passers-by to pay you attention.,

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PEREZ Guillermo (Guillermo Perez), photo, biography
PEREZ Guillermo (Guillermo Perez), photo, biography PEREZ Guillermo (Guillermo Perez)  Actor, photo, biography
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