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Barry Charles

( Architect)

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Biography Barry Charles
photo Barry Charles
Charles Barry was born on 23 May 1795 at Westminster. In 1817, he traveled to India and the East, also visited Greece, Egypt, Syria. Barry returned to England in 1821, bringing with him a lot of sketches.

First of its remarkable construction was the Church of St.. Peter's in Brighton. It was followed by a church in honor of the same Apostle in Manchester and the local Athenaeum. Then on draft Barry built King Edward's school in Birmingham.

Creative architect position was ambivalent. Well-known neo-Gothic master it in 1830-1832 years building a clubhouse travelers. In the external appearance of the club felt the direct impact of the architectural image of the famous Florentine Palazzo Pandolfini.

. Club travelers have long been considered the most beautiful buildings of its kind in London, until it was surpassed in beauty clubhouse reforms (1837-1840), designed by Barry in the light of latest construction technology
. It is even more clearly demonstrated the author's passion for creativity of the Italian masters of the High Renaissance.

. Barry also built a magnificent Bridzhvater House for Lord Ellesmere, Trentem and Clifden House for the Duke of Sutherland, as well as Strickland Hall for B
. Middleton.

The main and most remarkable buildings Barry was the building of the new parliament - the Palace of Westminster in London, pledged April 27, 1840. The ancient building at Westminster Palace burned down during the fire on Oct. 16, 1834. We had to build a new palace, and in 1835 a competition was announced under which projects are accepted only in style of Elizabethan time or pseudo -. Charles Barry won a competition in conjunction with the architect and painter Augustus Pyudzhinom. Parliament House was the monument of the Victorian era.

. During the construction of the Parliament used an array of technical innovations: mobile cranes, prefabricated scaffolding, concrete mixers and winch, driven by steam.

. The eastern facade of Parliament nominated by the side of the Thames at 24-30 meters
. This part of the building stands on an artificial embankment. Victoria Square Tower was the highest in the world (102 meters). Facing stone slabs, cast-iron pillars and arched structure of metal and brick provides fire safety tower. The main tower appeared contrary intention Barry - its designed ventilation engineer. The tower serves as a natural hood for the entire building

. At the famous All the great bell tower of Big Ben, named after the general contractor, Benjamin Noll, and four children.

. The first meeting of the House of Peers was held in the newly constructed building in 1847, and in 1862 was followed by the consecration of the Houses of Parliament
. But Charles Barry had not seen it - he died in Kletsgame May 12, 1860. For construction of the parliament building Barry was promoted to Esquire.

Assistant in the building of the parliament building was his son - Edward, Middleton, born in 1830. That he completed the construction of the building. Edward, like his father, achieved great success - he became a professor of architecture of the Royal Academy. Its main work - Koventgardensky theater, opera house on the island of Malta, a concert hall in Halifax.

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Barry Charles, photo, biography
Barry Charles, photo, biography Barry Charles  Architect, photo, biography
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