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Nils Liedholm

( football player, coach)

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Biography Nils Liedholm
photo Nils Liedholm
Born October 8, 1922 (Valdemarsvik).
. Country Sweden.
. Role player.
. Clubs Sleypnar (1936-1938 gg.) Valdemarsvik (1938-1946 gg.), NorrkTping (1946-1949 gg.), (All Sweden), Milan (1949-1961 gg.), Italy.
. Sweden squad played 23 matches and scored 10 goals (1947-1958 gg.).
. Matches / goals played 407 official matches and scored 103 goals (only in official matches of the strongest divisions of the national championships).
. Head coach of Milan (1964-1966, 1977-1979, 1984-1987 gg.), Verona (1966-1968, 1992.), Monza (1968-1969.), Varese (1969-1971.), Fiorentina ( 1971-1973 gg.), Roma (1973-1977, 1979-1984, 1987-1989, 1997.) (all Italy).

. Honors Club:
. Swedish Champion (2 times): 1947, 1948.
. Champion Series A (4 times): 1950/51, 1954/55, 1956/57, 1958/59 years.

. Caps:
. Olympic Champion (1 time): 1948

. As a coach:
. Serie A Champion (2 times): 1978/79, 1982/83 years.
. Cup Italy (3 times): 1979/80, 1980/81, 1983/84 years.

. Introducing Nils Liedholm - one of the elements of the legendary Swedish trio Gre-No-Li, shines through in Milan in the first half of the 50-ies
. Liedholm played at the highest level, almost up short of his fortieth. He proved to be more tenacious than his two partners in the troika - Gunnar Gren and Gunnar Nordahl, not only on the field, but in life. Gren and Nordahl no longer alive. Nordahl died in 1995 in Italy, which brought the tourist group (he worked as a guide). Terrible was the death of Gren, whose body ten years ago found in the apartment where he lived alone, half-decayed.

And in vnefutbolnoy life Liedholm has been far more inventive than his comrades. To him the nickname stuck firmly Baron. His nature is fully consistent with this nickname: in the guise of nobility, intelligence and sensitivity in communication. But he is not just like a baron, but this was the Baron. Resourceful Swede has managed Okrut "Piedmont Baroness DonNU Nina, married her and got himself an aristocratic title.

. Long and successful career in football has been replaced by Liedholm almost a marathon in length and also a successful coaching career
. It was he who won for "Roma's Scudetto in 1983, after which the red and yellow had to wait for the next 18 years the champion title. The last time Liedholm led "Romoy" when he was almost 75. In short, life was a success.

Nils Liedholm played great football exactly a quarter century. Another 14-year-old teenager, he went on the field of "Sleypnara", the Swedish second division club, and attracted the attention of great technique, game intelligence and ability to play head (in both senses). The war prevented him from time to enter the proper level. Only 25 years Liddas "has received international acclaim. This occurred at the triumphant for the Swedish Olympic team in 1948, where "Liddas played left wing.

. Last Liedholm is best known as one of the components of the famous trio Gre-No-Li, the once shining on the fields of Italy and inscribed a few glorious pages in the history of Milan
. The history of this ligament is as follows: after the Olympic gold in 1948 at a great price on the football market in Europe was the best scorer of the tournament, ramming forward Swedes Gunnar Nordahl, nicknamed Bison. He became the subject of a dispute between two Italian giants - AC Milan and Juventus. More precisely, he and another striker - Dane Pleger. After all, clubs have agreed to amicably - Pleger went to Turin, and Nordahl - in Milan. History has shown, . that "Milan" cruelly "cheated" his chief rival - Pleger quickly sour and gone forever, . and Nordahl bombardirskie asserted his ability to fully and chop for eight seasons, 210 goals, . five times won the competition scorers.,

. So, Nordahl appeared at Milan in January 1949 and for the remainder of the season in 15 games scored 16 goals, instantly turned into an idol fans
. But the team needed a new intensification. And then the technical director of Milan Elder turned for help to Nordahl - not whether he will recommend someone from their fellow countrymen. Said Gunnar Nordahl and Nils Liedholm Gren. And for a company with them in AC Milan moved and coach "NorrkTping" the godfather of all of this trinity, Hungarian nationality Lajos Cheyzler. By the time the formation of a trio Swedes were no longer young by the standards of football people (Liedholm turned 27, Nordahl - 28, Greenland - 29), but for years they managed to be the major luminaries in the Italian sky. In the 1949/50 season, AC Milan scored a historic victory over Juventus in his field - 7:1, and, although in the end gave him the first place, it became clear that the long wait fans Milan champion title will cease soon. And Scudetto - the first for 43 years, were produced as early as next season. Repeated success has come to AC Milan in 1955, however, has led other Hungarians - BLla Guttman and without Gunnar Gren, who joined Fiorentina. Nordahl and Liedholm left without a partner, but continued to maintain its leading position in Milan. Nordahl away from Milan's second - the summer of 1956. With him, 35-year-old, decided to leave the new director of the club Jeep Viani, who needed money to buy popular at the time the attacker Karlett Galli. "Bison" to play another year in "Rome" and finished his career.

A Liedholm until the end was still far. He helped AC Milan, winning two world titles - in 1957 and 1959, and shone at the world championships, held in his home. Zabil beautiful goal Brazilians in the finals, which, however, did not save the hosts mundialya from the massive defeat (2:5). Seeing that Liedholm, despite age, still in perfect order, "Milan offered him a lucrative new contract. In champion sezone-58/59 game red-black orchestrated ligament Liedholm, Schiaffino. Uruguayan led halfway line, but the Swede went into defense. Which only positions he did not ever play: started an extreme forward and insider information, then retrained in central midfield, but in recent years career served as a sweeper. Such multiplicity also helped him place as an outstanding coach.

Last good services rendered "Liddasom" "Milan" when he was a player, was his word, zamolvlennoe of Gianni Rivera. This was before sezona-60/61, the last for Liedholm and the first at the highest level for 17-year-old Rivera. Young genius, while speaking in a modest "Alessandro", betrothed to AC Milan for old time coach of the club and also a former player of red-black Pedroni. In Milan, first took up this idea with skepticism - too frail seemed Rivera heads the club. Only the insistence of Liedholm and Schiaffino, Pronyaev vice president Spadachchini argument, saying, "this guy out of 40 kilograms of 35 - in the head," helped change the view superior posts.

. Inventor of the "ZONE"
. In 1961, despite the age (39 years), Liedholm, by his own judges to be the most resilient team, able and wanted to play again
. But the age dictated the need for visits and coaching courses (Swede decided for themselves to go on this path). President Milan opposed looser schedule, which in this context have asked for a "Liddas", so the game had to leave.

. In sezone-61/62 Liedholm started as a youth team coach Milan, and finished as first team coach, will replace Carniglia
. His departure in 1965 was forced: "Liddasa" knocked viral hepatitis. Recovering from illness, Liedholm took the course sezona-66/67 proposal "Verona". At that time the club was on the last line of the table in the series, and to agree to such an option was brave enough to act. The Swede had the vision and asked for a solid prize of 10 million lire in the case of withdrawal of the club in the strongest division. The owners agreed with a light heart, because to believe such was virtually impossible. But Liedholm miracle: in the first season saved "Verona" from the departure, the second - raised her in a series A.

. Then there was a rift with President Garontsi and sezone-68/69 Baron was in the "Monza", in the same position rescue a sinking team series
. This time saving is even more difficult. However, Liedholm again coped with the mission, many years later recalled that salvation "Monza" has made him a very strong impression of the entire coaching career. The next arena for the deed was "Varese". This command was Baron led a series A in 1970, opened to the public in passing talent Roberto Bettega, who immediately took her to his Juventus. Liedholm summoned Fiorentina, where he quickly assembled a team of young promising guys (led by Giancarlo Antononi). The sixth and fourth place in 1972 and 1973 were very good achievement, given the age of the team, but impatient owners demanded more, and parted with Baron. The summer of 1973, the president of Inter's Fraytstsoli wanted to invite him, but ran into a veto board of directors, reporting on "red-black" past Liedholm. However, without work, he did not stay long: it has only seven rounds of the season and the Baron took the vacant place in the "Roma". Once again addressed him as rescuers: the Romans were fourth in the table below. In the first weeks in office Liedholm pessimism added: "Roma" fell to the bottom. But then things quickly went on the amendment and the team finished the season in eighth place prosperous. Borne fruit innovative tactics, implemented Liedholm - Zone defense. He is in Italy, the inventor of the band method. And the fact that "zone" was designed specifically to them, not by accident. It played a role of northern origin coach. In Sweden, as in Russia, the 40-ies was common practice for players, finished the summer season, in large numbers picked up sticks and play hockey - who is a Canadian who, in Russian. Liedholm when he was a player "NorrkTping" fond Bandy, and the collective skills of the game in the defense made just out of this sport. He has always been committed to the idea of teamwork in football, and quoted the example of the Soviet national team and Dynamo Kiev of the sample the second half of the 80-ies, however, stipulating at the same time that these teams did not have some fantasy. At first, the protection zone was seen by critics as edakii version of Don Quixote. But Liedholm quickly forced to change their mind: his "Roma" in sezone-74/75 climbed to third place. About him began to speak as a "magician", comparing it to bore a moniker Helenio Herrera, who has just completed a coaching career.

For Liedholm word "magician" was not of a purely metaphorical sense. He had a weakness for astrology and its success in football, explained, . I was born under the sign of Libra, . which, . his calculations, . most conducive to this occupation: fellow Liddasa the Zodiac - Pele, . Falcao, . Nordahl, . Didi, . Sivori, . Piola, . Paolo Rossi, . Bobby Charlton,
. When he advised the player, he looked first at his mark, and only then - on his handling of the ball.

. One fine day it turned out that Liedholm for years resorted to the services of Mario Moggi, known in Italy as the "Wizard of Busto Arsizio"
. Two "magician" coming together, have created a miracle: two years have raised is simply no way Milan to the title of champion. In sezone-77/78 when Liedholm returned to the red-black camp, the team reached the fourth line, which in itself was an achievement by its then very modest position. And in the next season, AC Milan got the right to wear stars on his shirt - the distinguishing sign of the team 10 times overrun Scudetto. Of these 10, exactly half - five - were held with the active participation Liedholm, player and coach.

. Scudetto Milan in 1979 remains a mystery for all: come to grief veterans Rivera and Capello were the only stars in the team, . not counting the 18-year-old Franco Baresi, . that Baron gave a start in life, . boldly defining it in the starting line-up at such a young age,
. This Scudetto was overshadowed by the death of only Nera Rocco - the man, whose name also was connected with lots of success "Milan" in the 60's and 70's. Shortly before his death, Liedholm offered Baron (Bath), as called Rocco, to lead AC Milan together, and he did not object. But the project was not destined to be realized.

In the summer of 1979-th Liedholm he suddenly resigned from the club, which has just led to the triumph. The reasons are prosaic: experiencing serious economic difficulties "Milan offered to renew the contract only for a year, . while the Swede demanded to sign a new labor agreement for three years - just before his retirement age (60 years),
. In poslesezonnoe South American tour, AC Milan went without Liedholm, led by his assistant, Alvaro Gasparini, who tragically died just during the trip. AC Milan has not accepted the terms of the Baron, and he moved to AS Roma. As it turned out, he moved just in time for soon AC Milan became the epicenter of totalizatornogo scandal and was expelled from Serie A.

A Liedholm began a new ascent with Romoy ". The new president of the club Dino Viola, full of ambition, demanded of him Scudetto. In Italy, open borders, and "Roma" at first "licking" at Zico has reached enormous popularity - the "White Pele". However, with the "filing" Liedholm club eventually gained not his, and another Brazilian - Falcao, who was in Europe no one knew. At the disgruntled and disillusioned replica in your address Baron replied: Falcao - is a phenomenon, and you will soon appreciate it. Future confirmed that he was right at 100 percent. Baron persuaded the president to buy a young Ancelotti at Inter "for any money. "Roma" by sharing it with the star power of Juventus, and in 1983 took the gold. Viola requirement was fulfilled. The following year, red-yellow, almost became the club champion of Europe, losing on penalties Liverpool. By that time Liedholm has become a rich businessman, bought a vineyard in Piedmont.

Large segment coaching career Liedholm was a wavering between "Romoy" and "Milan". In 1984, worn out by two consecutive departures in the second division AC Milan once again decided to resort to the services of Swedish coryphaeus. And Baron quickly put his former team on its feet. Sezon-84/85 red-black finish in fifth place and the first time in six years he served in European competition.

. In 1989, Liedholm was decided to retire, but in March of 1992, his gray head was seen again on the bench: "Verona", having driven his coach for eight rounds before the end, she turned for help to Ma-tre
. However, a magician, had once saved the club in a hopeless situation, this time did not help: the age was not the same, and hardly anything has been done in this time trouble. In sezone-96/97 Liedholm, still very cheerful-looking on the doorstep of his 75 th birthday, the last time agreed for a short time to help Romeo, when she split up with does not meet expectations, Carlos Bianchi.

. As a coach Liedholm leave a memory wise tactical experimentation and independence from public pressure, which usually accompanies mentors leading clubs in Serie A.

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Nils Liedholm, photo, biography
Nils Liedholm, photo, biography Nils Liedholm  football player, coach, photo, biography
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