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Biography FAGUNDES Antonio
photo FAGUNDES Antonio
Antonio Fagundes was born April 18, 1949 in Sao Paulo (Brazil). As he observes Antonio, he began to realize something only 14 years of age. He studied at a college in Rio Branco. In school Fagundes learned a lot about the man that gave him a good summary. Over time, a group of young actors College Rio Branco broke up, and Fagundes started to become independent. Still young, but a new and very great his talent was recognized: he received the award for best actor at the IV Festival of amateur theater.

In 1966, Antonio was supposed to play a small role in the scene before the fight bulls. There was truly recognized and appreciated his great talent. Then he played already in the well-known productions as "Morte acidental de um anarquista" in 1983 and "Nostradamus" in 1986. The number of his works in film as hugely. Actor played interesting roles in "Pra frente, Brasil" in 1982, "Eternamente Pagu" in 1988, "Doces poderes" in 1997 and many. On television, Fagundes known for "Bel Amy", filmed in 1972. He also starred in "Mulheres de areia" and "O machao". In 1976, Antonio Fagundes konrakt signed with the company at the withdrawal of classical Globo telenovela. Incidentally, the purpose Fagundes was just working in the classical telenovelas. In 1978, he starred in "Dancin 'days" and "Jorge, um brasileiro". One year later Fagundes starred in the role of Pedro in the series "Carga pesada". In 1981, the telenovela, with the participation of Antonio "Amizade colorida" was an instant success. After this role, Fagundes was the most-cited Brazilian actor. Still in the 80 years he starred in "Louco amor", "Champagne" and "Corpo a corpo".

In 1988 - again blast in his career. He addressed the role of Ivan in the "Vale tudo". Fagundes for a long time chained to the attention. In 1990, played the role of professor in Cayo comedy series "Rainha da sucata". After playing a series of Philip Barreto "Labirinto", filmed in 1998, Fagundes named, like his hero, Ricardo, "evil type". In 1993, Fagundes began to enter into a new world - a world Benedito Rui Barbosa. In the same year, Antonio starred in the TV series "Renascer" in the role of the farmer Josц? Inocencio. Three years later, Fagundes starred in the telenovela "Rei do gado" ( "The fatal inheritance"), that Benedito Rui Barbosa, in the role of Bruno Medzenga. In 1997 - again success. Again played a romantic hero in a new telenovela "Por amor" ( "In the Name of Love") as Atilio with a wonderful actress Regina Duarte (Helena). All women literally povlyublyalis in his hero, and also recognized Antonio Fagundes is the sexiest man of. For 50 years, with gray hair, Fagundes was not on, because it created too great an impression on women. In 1999, he starred in the TV series "Terra Nostra" ( "Land of Love") as Gumersindo. Late 1999 and early 2000 was marked by Antonio four new works: "No coracao dos deuses", "Bossa nova", "O tronco" and "Villa-Lobos".

Antonio Fagundes decided to record her first CD. In "Tributo a Joao Pacifico" it makes a great respect for the composers.

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  • Sasha for FAGUNDES Antonio
  • I really like your rold and so how you played in the movie "In the name Luba"
  • Anonymous for FAGUNDES Antonio
  • Rosina Schoepflin for FAGUNDES Antonio
  • Antonio es mejor actor del mundo lo amo por machos ants es grandioso
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    FAGUNDES Antonio, photo, biography
    FAGUNDES Antonio, photo, biography FAGUNDES Antonio  Actor, photo, biography
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