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LEAR, Amanda

( Actress, painter, singer)

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Biography LEAR, Amanda
December 16, 2000 in the four-story house of an actress, artist and disco stars of the 70-ies Amanda Lear was a fire. Fire comes from bad zatushennogo fire - this was the verdict of the police. Eyewitnesses said that the fire was absolutely incredible. In a moment the flames enveloped the house, and those who it was, was left with no chance to survive - who did not burn, he suffocated from the smoke. The fire killed the singer's husband, Alain-Philippe Malanyak d'Argens and their 20-year-old neighbor. Furthermore, burned 15 paintings by Salvador Dali, for many years a close friend of Amanda Lear. The singer at that time was in Italy - it is just a day of fire invited to the entertainment shows one of the television studios in Milan. After the show, Amanda and learned the bitter news from Provence. "I wish I'd then also died in the fire," - she would say later.

The history of Amanda Lear mysterious and fraught with a lot of unsolved mysteries. However, this only fueled interest in her. About this extravagant woman, there were many rumors that are most commonly Amanda herself and distributed, was confused his fans and biographers. In 1984 he published her book "Dali Amanda's eyes, stunningly unreliable, especially in those chapters, where the singer wrote about me. In the end she got caught and now speaks of himself quite cosmopolitan: "I - is British, living in France, educated in Spain, Italy and loving adoptive Germany. I feel like at home, only in old granny Europe ... "

Amanda Tepp, the father of an Englishwoman, on his mother - Russian-Mongolian origin, was born November 18, 1946 in Hong Kong. At a very early age cut a girl's interest in learning foreign languages. And as early as 18 years to the two native languages (French and English), Amanda added, speaking German, Spanish and Italian. In addition to this young talent had really carried away and drawing in 16 years, raced off to study in Paris, before you get a complete secondary education in a London school.

In London, it all started. Amanda was invited to one of the most popular in Europe modeling agencies, headed by Catherine Harle. A year later, the girl was not to know. She has shown collections of Yves Saint Laurent and Paco Rabanne in Paris. There, she made the acquaintance with Salvador Dali, for whom remained muse, model and close friend for nearly fifteen years. In the period from 1965 to 1973, Amanda was replaced by many modeling agencies, is emblazoned on the covers of most European fashion magazines. And in 1967 made her film debut in the film directed by Henry Lanoe. In the early 70-ies, she met David Bowie, and a whole year they spent together. Bowie's desire was that Amanda was singing, and especially in order to attract more attention in the press launched a rumor that Amanda Lear - transsexual. As she was born a boy named Alan Tepp. However, in adulthood, he replaced the floor and even came out (or rather, left) married a man named Morgan Lear. For a while, Amanda categorically defended the two versions of its origin. A Salvador Dali, a big fan of unusual, occasionally shocked his friends, talking about Amanda, that it is "- man". Today pesky questions about whether she was male, Amanda angrily replied: "At this absurdity circulated about me, I did not pay attention. I am a woman to the tips of nails, and I was quite satisfied.

Dali in his own affection for Amanda. It was beautiful, intelligent, spoke five European languages, was interested in art, she tried to paint. Dali willingly appeared with her in public, even though he was 35 years older. Salvador Dali's wife did not approve of such behavior of her husband. Many of the photographs from the archives Dali Museum Figueras face rival simply cut:

After an affair with Amanda Bowe knew where she was to seek ways to express themselves. In March 1976 she released her first single, Trouble. The success was quite unexpected. Then the German company Ariola pestering young star is an experienced producer. With the help of his musical talent, her smart enough for a dance genre of texts and unusually low rates Amanda immediately stood out from the cohort of thousands of artists.

. At Christmas in 1976 her song Blood And Honey has broken all records of merchantability and led many of the tops
. Revenues Amanda seemed astronomical, but she continued to pose and walk the catwalk, often starting with straight hits in the studio. The debut album by Amanda Lear "I Am A Photograph" entire 33 weeks was in the German charts. It is said that when the recording saundmeyker Mont Anthony forced her to smoke almost a pack of cigarettes, and only four o'clock in the morning, when the singer was emptied from exhaustion, she managed to get a suitable tone.

. I must say that Amanda had a very special vocal abilities
. One of the directors at the radio broadcast of her song "The Srhinx" asked: "What is the name of this guy?"

. After the release, Sweet Revenge, when 4 million copies have been sold in more than fifty countries around the world, could already speak of a European phenomenon by the name of Amanda Lear.

. In April 1979, Amanda married
. In America, she met Alain Philippe, pop producer, and all through the month of dating on Valentine's Day became his wife.

. While Daly was not pleased that Amanda has some kind of personal life, without him, however, Amanda was the only woman who was allowed to live in his house after his wife's death
. Thanks to Dali, next to which Amanda had lived for eighteen years, she became involved in spiritualism - began to talk with the spirits. If you believe the singer, the voices of spirits Amanda convinced of the necessity of vegetarianism, the rejection of alcohol. Alain-Philippe hobbies wife did not approve. As he did not like and its proximity to the underlined Dali.

Twenty-one year she and her husband were happy. Alain-Philippe was for her husband and child at the same time, as the children they brought - Amanda did not want to, considering that this man of art should be free and devoid of commitment.

. Since 1981, she began to stand to show their art work
. Sami 80-90's were quite successful for Amanda Lear. Send her album Diamonds for Breakfast, Tam-Tam. A television magnate Silvio Berlusconi suggested that she place a leading new entertainment show. She agreed, and within four years became the biggest TV stars of Italy. However, she continued to act in films as in episodic roles: "Uncle Adolf, known as the Fuhrer" (1983) - and in the major: ( "obsessed with sex" (1998), "Pretty Woman" with Gerard Depardieu, "DJ" (2000).

. Small filmography Amanda Lear is not evidence of absence from her acting gift
. Perhaps she simply did not have enough time. "Fellini has repeatedly suggested that I withdraw from him - tells Amanda - but insisted that I added 15-20 pounds. To be removed from such a genius, I swallowed before bedtime tons of pasta and steaks, bridou their cake with chocolate and whipped cream ... But in vain! I remember how disappointed, Fellini said: "Amanda is perfect as a toothpick."

It categorically states that he never turned to plastic and other surgeons and never on a diet. Lear continues to be a prosperous model, stylish dress, act in films, paint, gouache and watercolor and to various shows, such as extravagant as she was.

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  • LILIA for LEAR, Amanda
  • Was because perdacha which stated that Amanda was deystivitelno man, but now I read her biography and certainly don `t know who to believe.
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    LEAR, Amanda, photo, biography
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