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Michele Placido

( Actor)

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Biography Michele Placido
photo Michele Placido
The same Cattani
Directed first "octopus" Damiano Damiani, first seen in the role of the Italian actor Franco Nero. But then changed his mind and decided to invite Placido. With Michele they worked together in the films "Man on his knees" and "The Messenger of Pizza". Interestingly, in both pictures Placido played notorious scoundrels. In the first - hitman Platamone, and the second - Italian-American gangster Mario. "I came to Damiano Damiani is not too well prepared for the role of Commissioner Cattani - Michele Placido remembers. - Damiani constant encouragement I. He insisted: "Believe me I know you better than yourself. You'll manage, you have to do so all the data.

Future Commissioner Cattani was born in 1946. in the tiny town of Ascoli Satriano, that in the southern region of Apulia, located in the Apennine-heeled "boots". Michele grew up in a poor family with eight children. In his native city has lived up to ten years. He studied at the convent school and then went to college in the regional center. In 15 years, returned home. "How many can remember, always dreamed of becoming an actor - says Placido. - The only - very vaguely imagined, as I would dobitsya. After all, in our city was not even a theater. So I decided quickly to serve in the army, only to not interrupt classes and devote himself to the theater ". Michele believes that he was lucky. Since he was a volunteer, he took no part in the army and the police and sent to Rome. Still in service Placido his exams and was enrolled in the Metropolitan National Academy of Dramatic Art, where he studied for three years later. For a long time, Michele felt himself entirely to theater actor. Entered into the company of famous director Luca Ronconi, with whom he worked for about five years. Then he got to the theater Giorgio Strehler. In 25 years he was first invited to weigh in the television movie "Pichchotto" that the Sicilian dialect means a boy. The film was a success, and Placido noticed well-known filmmaker. Later he worked with such masters as Monicelli Rosie, Bellokko, Komenchelli, Lidzani.

The good-natured Italian
Guides say that Placido found in Rome is easy. He's kind, gentle, open and always happy to exchange a few words with visiting. When his gaze brought tourists throw coins into the fountain, he begins to Italian emotsianalno gesticulate and shout loudly. "Translated from the Italian my name means" quiet, calm, "- says Michele - I had to learn to create characters people strong, courageous, and sometimes cruel. Usually, the actors give their character character. Still Cattani not very like me. I have many shortcomings. The difference in our characters lies in the fact that Cattani too serious. It lacks a sense of humor. He starts to smile only in the third part of the "Octopus".

Michele Placido never spoke about his personal life. It is known that the actor was married to actress Simonetta Stefanelli, who bore him three children. They parted after a scandal with an illegitimate child Placido in America.

In 2000. finished filming the tenth film "Octopus-10". Michele Placido long in this series does not play. Evil, as usual, in the series represents Tano Karridi, good - sad, but a stubborn judge Silvia Conti. These two characters connect the last season of "octopus" with the previous. Their roles performed Remo Girone and Patricia Millard, who came to the series yet in the 3 rd season in the era of the famous Corrado Cattani.
And he himself Michele Placido in 2000. graduated removed in the Italian mini-series "From heaven to earth", which played a major role - an elderly priest.

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  • Wee duzhe п¦п¦п¦я¦п+пTп¦ aktor.Ya duzhe love movies r Vashoyu participation, especially octopus, я¦п¦пTп¦ I marveled again? At 10, and read the School B? Greater weight ! Vi п+п¦п¦п¦я-п¦я+пTп¦!
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    Michele Placido, photo, biography
    Michele Placido, photo, biography Michele Placido  Actor, photo, biography
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