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Placido Domingo (Placido Domingo)

( Singer)

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(21 January 1941)
- Mr. Domingo, in the beginning of this year, you celebrated their 60-year anniversary of the birth and 40-year anniversary since the first major opera debut. Have you thought about a time when one would have to withdraw from stsenyN
- Of course, I realize that singing endlessly I will not be. So I took the responsibility to lead as the artistic director of Washington Opera and Los Angeles Opera. However, underestimating one small thing. When deciding to become artistic director, I proceeded from the fact that I could not sing more. But since I am still able to speak, then leave his career simply can not.
"I am young in body and soul"
- 60 years - it mnogoN
- I'm not afraid of his years. When the years pass, you become younger. After you have accumulated youth! So I feel young and soul, and body.
I was lucky that I grew up in the theater. When I was very young, I saw how my parents were given three representations on Saturday and two more the week. The day after the speech was a mandatory dress rehearsal. Their example was brought up. Later, when I arrived in Israel as a young singer, with my wife, Martha, we were ten to twelve performances of each month. And then, when I started my international career, I knew how and what to do in order not to hurt yourself. And I think the result - there. If I abused voice, I would simply have not been.
- Together with Luciano Pavarotti and Jose Carreras you managed to make a classic opera commercially profitable enterprise. How to respond to perturbations of criticism, which is called your performance "tabloid market with mud" N
- Of course, what we are doing - this is not opera! This does not apply to it. We sing some arias from operas, sing some songs. Therefore, the presentation and come so many people. If it was only opera, certainly much of the public we would not have collected.
. Unusual concert
. - Do you often remember an unusual concert that took place 40 years ago on stage opera house in Tel Aviv, when you listen to only two people - your wife and close drugN
. - Yes, it is
. And to achieve what I have today, it cost me a great-great effort. Although I do not think that has something special. I am a humble student of his own voice.
- Amazing voice ...
- When people ask me, as I am known for its voice, I give you an example. Suppose you need to construct a building 12 storeys. But you have enough money for only six floors. So you are building a six. Then find the money and build the seventh. And so it goes until the construction is not completed.
- So, your whole life is devoted only to "build" golosaN
- I am interested in many things, sports, politics. But my concentration on work and discipline are absolute.
- And to the people you're as strict as to sebeN
- The worst thing for me - it is with someone quarrel. I do not like conflict. And when I someone does not like, I do not like. So I'm doing everything possible to resolve conflicts. Actually, I do not know how life will turn. But today I am very happy.

Placido and Marta Domingo parted ... month

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  • Gnilomedov for Placido Domingo (Placido Domingo)
  • Hey ... where the biography of the old men?? What a shitty site you ... send you all to hell! ha-ha-ha)))
  • Denis for Placido Domingo (Placido Domingo)
  • I quote the text of the letter which had just written. Seeking how to convey it to Mr. Domingo. If someone will do it without me, I will be pleased. Subject: Do not die! Dear Placido! You must'nt dead! I have the little daughter, her name is Daria. She is 7. I want she to hear you forever! I'm too lived one, I understand, how is it to live so heavy life. But I also was in any part of armies, where I'v understood between LIFE, LOVE and DEATH. Please, don't deprive me some special belief. Because I do believe, that you are the carrier of blessing. Now I'm listening Your concert with our great Netrebko from Austria 2006. If I'll said that I'm receiving pleasure, I'll said never. I want you to live always. Sorry of my English. My congenital is Russian. But I to love You (love-in it's true?) The team of my letter "Do not die!" means not only request, . but order from army: To not die! Your friend from Russia - Denis Vladimirsky Sent-Petersburg 6 Sovetskaya 5-4 THANK YOU,
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    Placido Domingo (Placido Domingo), photo, biography
    Placido Domingo (Placido Domingo), photo, biography Placido Domingo (Placido Domingo)  Singer, photo, biography
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