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REINA Claudio

( football player)

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Biography REINA Claudio
photo REINA Claudio
Born July 20, 1973
Birthplace Livingston, New Jersey
Country USA.
Position Midfielder
FC Sanderland (England)
In the past, he played for: Bayer Leverkusen (Germany), Wolfsburg (Germany), and Glasgow Rangers (Scotland).
The first game for the national team U.S. held: January 15, 1994 against a team from Norway.
The first goal for the national team scored: 20 April 1994 at the gate team Moldova


Personal Information

After six seasons fubolnyh held at a high level, . Claudio Reyna might well be considered one of the stars of Glasgow Rangers and Sanderland - two of the most famous teams in Europe,
. Reyna was born July 20, 1973 in the family, Argentine immigrant. As Father Claudio still had a lot of "roots" in Argentina, Claudio, together with his entire family moved there for permanent residence. A few years later the family Reina was forced to return to the United States and settled in Springfield, in New Jersey. It is here, and made his first steps in football a little Claudio. At the moment, Reyna is married to Danielle Egan, one of the well-known in the past futbolistok U.S. women's national team. They have a growing child.


School Career

When Claudio was 10 years old, . He began playing football at the school in Nyuvark, . and 12 years old sporting goods store Parade recognized him as the best footballer in the country among its yearling,
. This happened in 1989, and in 1990 he once again becomes the best player of the State of New Jersey and the country. Team City Nyuvark twice became the champion of the state, and also achieved historic results, winning 47 consecutive matches. Throughout a career in school Nyuvarka, Reyna, the team only lost twice to their rivals, which incidentally happened in the absence of Claudio, who at that time was to collect national team U.S. under the age of 23 years. Reyna finished his career in this school scored 62 goals and gave 59 assists.


University Career

Claudio Reyna is one of the most titled players in the history of University Championship U.S.
. With his help, the University of Virginia has won three titles on the U.S. version of the Champions NCAA in 1991, 1992 and 1993. In 1992 and 1993, Claudio became the best player on the American version of the magazine Soccer America.


Professional career

Signing a contract with the Bundesliga team Bayer Leverkusen at the end of the 1994 World Cup, at the age of 21-year, Claudio began his professional career
. In the season 1996 - 1997 year, Claudio enters the field as part of Bayer 5 times. After, we can say, unsuccessful performance for Bayer, in July 1997, the Rhine has been leased by another Bundesliga club Wolfsburg. That's something this team and managed to discover his talent Rhine. In 1998, he was igrakom number 25 in the Bundesliga. Claudio scored two goals in two games against the Munich of Bavaria and four times was named the best player of the game in the first half of the season. Over half of the season Reyna scored a total of 5 goals, which is absolutely bad for his standards. In the season 1997-1998 years, Claudio has always come out on the field in the 11-players. With his help, in that season Wolfsburg reached the Cup semi-finals in Germany. Claudio Reyna's popularity has reached such a high level that in 1998 he became the first (and so far the only) American awarded the honor of being the captain of the European komandy.V 1999, crossed the Rhine in the Scottish team Glasgow Rangers. Reyna instantly became one of the leaders of the team starting in the middle of the season and helped the team win the champion title. In August, after the first season at Rangers, Claudio was named igrakom month, scoring 4 goals in 4 games. He was also named best igrakom match in the UEFA Champion against the Italian Parma in the same year. In 2001, Reyna transferred to the English team for a record sum Sanderland among American igrakov $ 6.8 million. Reyna signed a contract for 5 years.

National Career

Claudio Reyna has played almost 100 games for his country. He was a member of Team USA at the world championships in 1994, the year, and became one of the leaders of the team during the world championships of 1998 in France and the 2002-year in Korea / Japan. In addition to three World Championships, Reina twice participated in the Olympics (1992 and 1996). In 1992, he was the youngest igrakom in the team, and played 90 minutes in each match the U.S. team in the tournament. Over the top teams of the country, Reyna played for the first time in 1994, was against Norway, and in the same year, scored his first goal, the team gates Moldavian. Things have Claudio went well, but just before the 1994 FIFA World Cup of the year in the United States, Reyna was injured leg, and was forced to follow the tournament from the bench. This is not obezkurazhilo Rhine, and in 1995 by Claudio helped the national team to win the U.S. Open Cup, as well as get into the semi-finals of the tournament Copa America. During the Cup of the United States, the United States national team defeated its historic opponent, Mexico's national team, with the score 4:0. In that match Reyna scored a goal and gave the two helps. In 1996, the year, Reyna has played well in the Olympics, scoring a beautiful goal in the first minute of the match against Argentina. In 1997, the year, . only through the decisive goal from, . Claudio who scored the goal against Canada, . Team USA has won a place in the World Cup finals of 1998 goda.Blagodarya beautiful game that season, . FIFA invited the Rhine to play in the match stars of the world in Hong Kong,
. In the game, Claudio distinguished bare. The year 1998 was again one of the most productive in the career Reyna. Best game in the season, the U.S. had against Austria, defeating them with a score 3:0. Reyna scored a goal, and gave 2 helps. In 1999, the year, Claudio favored team 4 times, scoring one goal in the match against Germany, which the U.S. won with a score 3:0. The year 2000 marked the beginning of the most successful company the U.S. team in the history of World Championships. Having successfully completed a qualifying tournament, Team USA was one of three teams won their ticket to the 2002 FIFA World Cup from CONCACAF conference. Fourthly ra row, . U.S. gets into the final stage of the most prestigious football tournament in mire.Iz due to injury, . Claudio Reyna was unable to cheese in the match against Portugal, . which the U.S. won (3:2) in sparkling style of defeating the enemy at one hundred percent,
. The absence of that match allowed the Rhine to heal trauma and return to the ranks in a fighting mood. This was necessary just for the game against ispokonvechnogo "enemy team of Mexico, which the U.S. won by less the 2:0. Conquered Mexico, the U.S. broke the 1 / 8 of a tournament for the first time in almost 70 years! Although Reyna, the team lost in the next round team in Germany, they probably showed the best game of the tournament. That this fact and gives hope for the future. Although Claudio Reyna has 29 years, according to many football fans in the States, he is quite able to play at the next World Cup in Germany.

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REINA Claudio, photo, biography
REINA Claudio, photo, biography REINA Claudio  football player, photo, biography
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