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Maria Sharapova

( tennis)

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Biography Maria Sharapova
photo Maria Sharapova
Maria Sharapova was born on April 19, 1987 in the small Siberian town of Nyagan, where her parents moved from Homel, fleeing from the disaster at the Chernobyl. Beginning of playing tennis at 4,5 years, by the time her family has lived in Sochi. Mary was the first coach Yury Yudkin. He noticed little Masha, with an adult racket in hand, in training the pope, a great lover of tennis, Yuri Sharapov. Interestingly, the father of Masha's friends with Yevgeny Kafelnikov's father, and that Eugene gave her first racket. "What struck me immediately. At 4.5 years she was a child healthy development of the mentally. Masha absorbed everything I told her and showed. All grasp on the fly. She mastered the punches, which still is not all clear. At 7 years old already know how to do twisted filing and was a little master. You can not imagine, . that in life she is good, . soft, . smiling girl, . but it's worth it to pick up the racket, . it - the beast! Purposeful, . not afraid of anybody, . her in whatever was necessary to win! During three years of our work, they never once said to me: I'm tired. "- Recalls YV,
. Yudkin.
In six years, Maria Sharapova had a chance to play with Martina Navratilova, when she gave a master class in Moscow. Navratilova, seeing the talent still quite a young tennis player, it is strongly advised his father to give Masha a tennis academy of Nick Bollettieri, which is located in Florida. The wise father of Mary, who always did everything to develop tennis talent of his daughter and, incidentally, now goes to her for most tournaments, heed the advice of the great tennis player, and soon moved to America with Masha. Was the relocation and the Tennis Federation of Russia. Mama Maria, Elena, was able to move to America until two years later, when she received permission to leave. Yuri Sharapov has reviewed all the coaches in America and chose the best for her daughter - is Robert Lensdorp. He has trained such champions as Pete Sampras, Lindsay Davenport and Tracy Austin.
"Tennis - is that its factories. Forget about everything that does not apply to tennis - posing for magazines and everything else. Yes, she is also doing, but I assure you, compared to tennis, she is a damn. The fact that she succeeds on the court - for it is above all. Just look at it once, as she trains. She never stands in the middle court and never spends too much time for exercise. No, she always goes directly to the site and said: "Well, let's start, dammit!" It is a real fighter, and anyone in the academy, who plays with it in sparring, very quickly begins to resemble a guinea pig. "- Says Nick Bollettieri.
In adult tournaments held under the auspices of the International Tennis Federation, Masha, made her debut in 2001 - in Sarasota, where, incidentally, lost in first round. But a year in Columbus, not even being in the WTA rankings, won at the start of a rival, were then among the 300 best in the world.
In the season-2002 on account of its three titles were won in tournaments ITF: Gunma in Japan, Canada Vancouver, and the American Pichtri City. And in 2003, Maria Sharapova has regularly try their strength in major competitions. In January, qualify for the Open championship of Australia, in February, stood on the WTA computer is already on 153-m site. In May, wins another ITF tournament in Sea Island (USA) - and again, this time at Roland Garros, made its way through the qualification in the main draw of the tournament in a series of 'Grand Slam'.
Then began a series of tournaments on grass - covering, which is obtained from Sharapova to play a particularly nice. And in Birmingham Mary 'shot' in the present - beat just three 'seyannyh' - Frenchwoman Nathalie Dechy (5), . Swiss Marie-Gayane Mikaelian (11) and Elena Dementieva (1), . then in the semifinals on a tiebreaker in the third set gave way to Japanese woman Shinobu Asagi,
. And then, having received a personal invitation from the organizers, Maria successfully performed at Wimbledon, entered among the sixteen best. In the second half of 2003 to Masha came the first major successes, she was able to win two tournaments WTA - Tokyo and Quebec City. And to finish the year 32 th in WTA ranking. 16-year-old Maria Sharapova, was recognized as the best rookie year, the Women's Tennis Association (WTA).
Since then, the career of Mary is on the rise. In early 2004, Maria broke into the Top-20 tennis players of the world's strongest. Reached the quarterfinals at Roland Garros. This was followed by unbeaten on grass. First, Maria won the tournament in Birmingham in singles and doubles, and three weeks to translate into reality their dream. July 3, 2004 Maria won Wimbledon, confident, beautiful and bold in the finals after defeating the women's singles a double winner of this tournament, a formidable American prison Serena Williams!
. The final match at Wimbledon against Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova is the beginning, not giving a natural in such cases, the excitement
. Rossiyanka won the first point in its filing, then another, then made the break and led 4:1. Continuing to operate almost without mistakes, Mary brought the party to defeat - 6:1. In the second installment Williams Jr. has managed to establish reception and get ahead - 4:2. It seemed that the more experienced American tennis player is about to make a final break in the meeting. And in this situation Masha showed fantastic game. She quickly equalized, withstood tremendous pressure in a protracted game of the ninth, and put the same point victory - 6:1, 6:4.
So Masha from promising and promising and talented players into a new bright star of world tennis. The success of Maria Sharapova at the courts of the All England Lawn Tennis Club has become not only her personal achievement, but another great victory for Russia's women's tennis. For the first time, Russia's tennis player to win Wimbledon Championships! This victory allowed Masha become 8-th World No..
After such a fantastic take-off followed by a natural decline. And at the U.S. Open Maria was unable to show his best game, losing in the third round Mary Pierce.
However, the brilliant play of Mary at the end of the season brought hope in the hearts of admirers of Maria Sharapova. Having won tournaments on hard in Seoul and Tokyo, Maria received a pass to the final tournament of the year in Los Angeles. Beat in Russia on three, Kuznetsova, Zvonareva and Myskina, Maria advanced to the finals of this prestigious tournament. As at Wimbledon, for the grand prize Masha had to fight with Serena Williams, it was the fifth match in six days. In a dire match, with a score of 4-6, 6-2, 6-4, Maria Sharapova, once again triumphed over the former first racket of the world and won the title World Champion 2004!
. International Association of tennis journalists (ITWA) named the best female tennis player Maria Sharapova 2004
. Thus, Maria graduated from the 2004 season on a positive note, becoming the fourth racket of the world for the year and second racket Russia.
In 2005, the ascent to the tennis throne continued. At the Australian Open Maria reached the semi-finals and lost only a future winner - Serena Uiyalms, who managed to play 3 at matchbola rossiyanki. After Melbourne she became the first racket of Russia. Tournament first category in Tokyo Toray Pan Pacific Open was the 8 th tournament, won by Maria Sharapova. And in the finale was defeated first racket of the world - Lindsay Davenport. The title in Doha and a very successful performances at the American supermastersah in Indian Uellse and Maymi (semifinal and final) allowed Mary to rise further in the rankings. And on April 11, . week before the 18 years anniversary, . She became the second racket of the world! And held in Miami at the annual awards ceremony ATP and WTA player Maria Sharapova excel in three categories: "The best tennis player in 2004 under the version WTA Tour", . "The most progressive player" and "People's Choice Award.,

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