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Dmitry ISAEV

( Actor)

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Biography Dmitry ISAEV
photo Dmitry ISAEV
Dmitry was born January 23, 1973 in St. Petersburg.
. Education: In 1996 he graduated L.G.I.T.M.i K., workshop VV Petrov
. Height 178 cm
. Weight 70 kg
. Hair color: brown
. Eye color: blue
. Work experience: leading to the radio, dubbing, the dubbing, the leading TV programs, 2 director
. and: violin, piano, coaching (fitness), dance, vocals
. Sports: climbing, rowing, parachuting, swimming, jogging, skating, tennis, karate.
. "All the childhood I had in the Bolshoi Drama Theater, because my parents' life was connected to the BDT
. There were friends in theatrical circles, among them Yuri Tomaszewski, who somehow just happened to meet with me and said: 'Come to me in the theater, you'll play in the orchestra'. And one fine day I took the violin and came to see him play. It was quite advanced for its time, the theater, with a poetic bent, and poetry was a definite - Gumilev, Severyanin, Agnivtsev: what had just opened up a wide circles. At the time, 'Shelter Komedianta' was a one-man show: the artist who came out to read, and we, the five musicians who worked with him. Since that time began a nomadic life in different cities of Russia.
I did not decide independently whether to go to the Institute. The initial period of my life in general proceeded under the influence of other people or circumstances. We can say that I was floating on a wave. I'm not going to become an actor, because the experience of communion with the actors was, and this life is not particularly attracted me. I was going to go to medical school in surgery - to become a physician. But at some point, Olga Volkova, formerly from Petersburg, Moscow is now an actress, I was literally 'picked up by the collar' and said: everything must go to theater school, went. I am not able to withstand the pressure of.
In the first year I started to Filshtinsky, we have such a master, but I cut down on the history. I can not now say that I knew the history. Of course, I did not know her really, but the level of knowledge, which was asked in the theater, I had. Nevertheless, I hacked. I continued to work in the theater, a year later Olga convinced me that again, should act.
Entered by Vladimir Petrov. Learn I liked: we found a common language, our outlook on life, the theater coincided. I can not say that learning was easy, but it was not a particularly difficult. Perhaps only a freshman, was already more like something easier. In any case, perhaps there is a period when you do something, and you are very difficult, suddenly, at some point you realize that you went to another level. You know what you can do it, you can do in ten, twenty times more, you can do it all my life. And you have some other way you work.
At the 4 year at college, I married a classmate, we were born two daughters, twins, Sonia and Pauline. After three years by mutual agreement my wife and I separated, and probably, therefore, still perfectly communicate.
My first film role - a little Mozart in the French film. The role I played the violin. It was a very long time ago, in dityachestve ". Another was a film where I played in the courtyard kid who kept running, all pulling and fall into all sorts of absurd situations.
When you have finished institute, I have not filmed a very long. I was not invited to the movies, and I also did not go there to show. First, because of the fact that not invited. And secondly, I thought that we must first work in the theater and gain at least some experience. I was not a supporter of the film, I liked working in the theater.
And then - the tastes, whether that has changed - I began to withdraw. My acquaintance with the cinema began with a positive. This is a studio in St. Petersburg, where now working with Oleinikov Stoyanov, which makes the transfer of 'Town'. As I got into a positive? Usual story. Before that I was not involved in film and purposefully worked in the theater, somehow it lacked. I never went to the casting and not even sure that Lenfilm is my picture. There were only small projects, some clips, advertising. Advertising, however, there were many - 15 rolls.
Once Tanya Kolganova, my classmate, called and said that we needed an actor for the role of the swimmer (film 'Mrs. Victory'), and I decided to try. This is something with which globally all started after I had ever worked in film, working in parallel in the theater. It was convenient. Previously, I have never had such a schedule, I was not so busy as now, and easily combined. By that time Peter was such a system: the theater with you negotiates a contract for a year, and you work there. I worked in the state, but I did not play to enter. I had only one performance on writing - 'The French tricks'.
(Input - this is an urgent replacement of the actor. When an actor leaves the theater, or for some reason can not play, you enter his place and continue to provide an opportunity to play this show.)

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  • Admina for Dmitry ISAEV
  • Hello Dmitry! I am your big fan. I admire you. You simply wonderful and oboyatelny actor! I dream at least once in your life to see you. I wish you happiness and good luck in everything!
  • ALENA for Dmitry ISAEV
  • Luciana for Dmitry ISAEV
  • I believe that men are worthy of such messages, and even more like you! Kiss me with the kisses of his mouth. For thy love is better than wine. Thy name, as ointment poured forth. O Thou my beloved beautiful and kind! The bed in our greens. Roofs of houses - cedars, our rafters - cypress. You brought me to the banqueting house, Stay me with flagons, comfort me with apples: for I am sick otlyubvi! Your left hand is under my head, and his right hand embraced me. On my bed at night I was looking togog, whom my soul loves, searched him and found no. Where are you my beloved? You're better than ten thousand other. Your lovely head, your eyes are like two swimmers dove, her cheeks - a fragrant flower garden, your lips - dropping sweet smelling myrrh, not tear myself away from them. Your mouth - sweet, . and all you - courtesy! Come my beloved! In the morning go to the vineyards, . blossomed see whether the vine, . flourished and the pomegranates, . there will I give thee my caresses. Oh, if you had a brother to me, . Then I met you, . I would kiss you, . and none would despise me. I would lead you to my house, . there fed thee fragrant wine, . juice of my pomegranate. Set me, . As a seal upon thine heart, . As a seal upon thine arm: for STRONG, . HOW THE DEATH OF MY LOVE, . Fierce, . As the grave Jealousy, . SHE FLAME very strong! "Many waters can not quench love, neither can floods drown it,
    . If a man would give all the wealth of his house for love, then he would have been rejected with contempt! "Tell me, my beloved! I invite you to swim in the Bay of Naples. He is beautiful and wonderful in the moonlight, like love itself! Remove sorrow from your heart and put away evil from your body!
  • Luciana for Dmitry ISAEV
  • LET Gibney I - love one moment, is dearer to me YEARS Anguish and tears! What mix of what the overflow, all this lit all at once SENSE. WHAT ME? WHAT BEAUTY FOREST GREEN dressed, LAKE SHORE AND NOT admire: WATER beckons Cousteau name is under the shadow of ITS. And SKY, SKY - DAWN RAZLIV Shivering WAVES undulates. WHAT I TREASURE STORE in my breast ... Oh, no, no fear IS FULL OF MY SOUL. How delightful in the speeches of thy What audacity VZOR. Greedy HEARING п⌡п·п▓п≤п╒п╛ WANT YOUR WORDS. About DEAR ALL THAT IS IN THE LIGHT OF THE ROAD live in one of the only words - the word LOVE! BUT WHAT'S WITH ME: WHAT DELIGHT, WHICH SENSES languor. O dear, THANK YOU FOR JOY FOR THE SWEET GIFT OF LOVE. WHAT NEGA flows in tormenting me, in sight of the fire and heart and BLOOD THROUGHOUT THE FIRE. LOVE. Thy love - SAVING ME! LIVE ...
  • Luciana for Dmitry ISAEV
  • Luciana for Dmitry ISAEV
  • Luciana for Dmitry ISAEV
  • Luciana for Dmitry ISAEV
  • Luciana for Dmitry ISAEV
  • Tatiana for Dmitry ISAEV
  • Hi! How are you? It has long wanted to chat with you, . you are very fine actor, . best of luchshih.U you a very beautiful appearance and п©я─п╣п╨я─п╟я│я┌п╫я▀п╧ golos.Peresmotrela all your movies, . very ponravilis.Hotela to know, . in blizhayie time nenamechaetsya new film, . where you'll be removed?,
  • Lena for Dmitry ISAEV
  • Interestingly, in life, you're a little like his heroes? You are very charming. The woman is near, very happy.
  • Anna Vladlenovna for Dmitry ISAEV
  • Dear Dmitry from you breathe romance, nobility and become a man-dream - and this is in our time-chenushno-bandit strelyalnogo cinema. Thank you and bravo artist!
  • Faith for Dmitry ISAEV
  • Hello, Dmitry! I would like to express my appreciation to you, I am your big fan. So play like you - it's just a gift from above! I do not know what you are in life, but in the movie SUPER!
  • LARISSA for Dmitry ISAEV
  • Long wanted to greet! MUCH LOVE FILMS with your participation. I LIKE YOUR VOICE Exciting Magnetic. Stroll DREAM WITH YOU ON THE BEACH NEVY.UDACHI FURTHER WORK!
  • Victoria for Dmitry ISAEV
  • Hail Dima! I'm your fan. You're a very good actor and also very beautiful ! I adore you !
  • Eleftheria for Dmitry ISAEV
  • Hello Dmitry, I'am a fun from Greece. I recently saw "poor Nastya" and your role became one of my favorites. I searched and found movies and serials that has played and I observed that your feelings imprinted strongly in your eyes and feauters of your face. You are amazing, you awaken emotions. You are also very good violinist. I too pity that I live so far away and I can not see you acting closely. I wish to do everything in your life that makes you feel complete! Sincerely from Athens
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