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WONG Charles

( American businessman)

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Biography WONG Charles
Wong (Wang), Charles (p. 1941), American businessman (Chinese origin), president and CEO of Computer Associates (CA). The company specializes in software (software in the field of system management, database, computer tool for economic and financial management).

Born in Shanghai to a wealthy family lawyer. After the communists came to power in China in 1949, the family was forced to emigrate to the United States where he settled in New York. Having freedom, half-baked immigrants have lost their former wealth. Wong went to American school, not knowing a word in English. Later he put much effort to get rid of "indelible" eastern accent. Like many immigrants of his generation, he fully experienced what it means to be an immigrant, and even from China. Nevertheless, thanks to his outstanding abilities, strong-willed nature, he was able to go to college in Queens and successfully finish it.

Ibid college in the early 1960's, he met with Rousseau, ARCT, informal relationship which was largely determined by the plans Wong in business.

In 1976, Wong, together with ARCT founded Computer Associates, which in the near future was destined to become the largest (second only to Microsoft) computer company in the field of software. The first successful product of the company was the program sort the data (/ c Sort). Thinly catching conjuncture (users accounted for about 25% for this procedure), Wong has acquired the rights to this program from the Swiss company. With its first successful steps Computer Associates has gained a reputation as one of the best experts in the market of software.

Since 1990 the company became a leader in storage management and backup. The latest achievement in this area is the product ARCserve

. Attributable CA ARCserve technology provides a transparent storage management for all resources, information technology (IT), including workstations, servers, databases, collaboration systems, applications and web-servers
. This technology allows for a holistic storage management for all platforms - from desktops to mainframes. Playing the role of a comprehensive integrated solutions for managing storage resources, . ARCserve provides not only a simple backup, . but also archiving, . reconstruction failures, . network data migration, . replication and storage management and devices,

Wong, as a successful entrepreneur, has a reputation for "aggressive" leader. Under his more than two decades of leadership by CA was absorbed more than 60 companies, hundreds of former employees who were laid off. Media sharply criticized for Wong inhuman attitude toward people, yet he remained adamant, considering the chosen strategy the only acceptable.

Selection of staff is engaged in a special unit managers, which has developed a range of interviews, at any and all invitees in the company of people. Sam Wong plays a major role in these binding events

. In selecting people Wong comes from a very simple principle - above all, he believes, . that the head, . if he claims to be the leader, . need to identify their own strengths and weaknesses, . to achieve a balanced staff,
. Working with people is a priority segment in its business.

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WONG Charles, photo, biography
WONG Charles, photo, biography WONG Charles  American businessman, photo, biography
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