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Russo Abraham

( Singer)

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Biography Russo Abraham
photo Russo Abraham
Avraam Russo was born on 21 July 1969.

His father, Jean Yip Rousseau, was born in Turkey and was a French legionnaire of Armenian origin. Mother, Maria Russo, an Italian, worked as a doctor in the hospital, "St. Louis" in France, where they met. But the family did not take shape immediately, they both were married and they lost each other for a long time. Only many years later they met by chance again. And Jean and Marie were widowers. Ignoring the age difference, they married and moved to Syria, where Abraham was born.

Abraham has a brother Johnny, who now lives in Cyprus with his wife and a daughter.

Abraham spent most of his childhood in monasteries, where he received primary education and developed faith and love to God. Due to the war in the Middle East Abraham's family was forced to leave to France. There, Abraham graduated the University with a Bachelor.

Avraham loved singing since childhood and participated in various music competitions. The art of singing he learned only himself! At the age of 17, Abraham went to the professional scene, participated in a small ensemble Ticky Boys. And then, with the blessing of the famous Iranian singer performed in prestigious clubs of England, Spain, France, Sweden, Kuwait, Jordan, Arab Emirates, Greece and Cyprus.

In 1997, Abraham met in Cyprus with Russia's businessman Telman Ismailov, came to Moscow and signed a contract to work in the restaurant "Prague", and later acquainted with producer of "NOX Music" Joseph Prigozhin.

In 2001, the company "NOX Music signed a contract with Abraham.
In 2002, Abraham Russo's debut album "Tonight" appeared in Russia.

In 2003, he released the first "cheap" album - "Just love," containing 10 songs in Russian, including the sensational hits like "Love, of which there are no more" and "Just love" by Abraham Russo and Christina Orbakaite.

In addition, Abraham toured successfully in many countries around the world.
Before coming to Russia Avraam Russo learned a lot of languages, including English, French, Armenian, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish. Also, Abraham understands Hebrew! As he says, he has only half a year to learn a new language!

On November 5, 2004, Russo engaged to an American girl, Morello Ferdman, whom he met during a tour.

Each new song opens up new facets of his talent which is combined with a charming appearance, incredible charisma and excellent character. He is one of the most beloved and popular performers in Russia.

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Russo AbrahamRusso AbrahamRusso AbrahamRusso Abraham

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  • Diana for Russo Abraham
  • I really like this singer, he once was in our city and I'm glad I visited most of the concerts.
  • Seda for Russo Abraham
  • Avraam Russo my sam? And love? And pevets.ya very dreamed pob? Vat at his concert in? That year he came to us in Dnepropetrovsk, Let frequently come to us myoglobin? his very love.
  • Valentine for Russo Abraham
  • Pts glad that was on his concert, that would priehl yet !
  • SaNatAn for Russo Abraham
  • It would be desirable to express voshishenie this man on angl.yazyke! But, . alas, . forgotten!. And even more hope, . that someday I will sing with him his favorite song in my native language, Ukrainian! Waiting for him sled.vizita in my town look and hope ... With uv.iz Zaporozhye Sanatan,
  • armine for Russo Abraham
  • zdrasvuyte Abraham privet vam iz Balgii .vam pichet Armine Hayrapetyan snachala xatela bi vas pozdravit s krasavicoy jenoy i dochurkoy.ya vacha bolchaya paklonnica i ochen bi xatela bi chtobi vi ne otkazali i priexali bi v Belgiyu pet dlya armyanskovo naroda katoriy vas ochen lyubit i obajayet.ya ochen gorda chto u nas armyanov takie talantlivie lyudi kak vi ya ochen lyublyu vachi pesni pojalusta otvette esli eto vazmojno s neterpeniembudu jdat vachevo otveta
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    Russo Abraham, photo, biography
    Russo Abraham, photo, biography Russo Abraham  Singer, photo, biography
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