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( Irish novelist and playwright)

Comments for DONLIVI (DANLIVI) James Patrick
Biography DONLIVI (DANLIVI) James Patrick
DONLIVI (DANLIVI), James Patrick (Donleavy, James Patrick) (p. 1926), Irish novelist and playwright. Born April 23, 1926 in Brooklyn (New York). During the war he served in the Navy in 1946-1949 attended Trinity College in Dublin, using the benefits for demobilized.
Although the literary experience Donlivi has about 50 years, he is known primarily for his first novel "The man with a spark" (The Ginger Man), now listed as a modern classic. In the book, which takes place in the postwar years in Dublin, is depicted in detail the life of hedonistic. The novel is notable for alliteration and 'game voices': a character says about himself in third person, when it comes to his actions, and his thoughts presents first-person.

A novel Donlivi began while still a student in Dublin, but to complete and publish the book arrived in New York. American publishers unanimously rejected the novel, 'regarding it as a dirty book, unreadable and obscene'. 'My life has literally depended on the publication of this book, and when that failed, I ran out of America'.

Irish playwright Brendan Bien, with whom Donlivi friends in Dublin, offered to send the manuscript to publishers in Paris 'Olympia'. The novel was released in 1955 in a series of frankly pornographic publications. Publication in 'Olympia' had a positive effect in the sense that it made the full edition of the Man with a flame classics 'underground', though, and threatened loss of a literary reputation of the author. To ensure the publication of the novel in England and has provoked press Donlivi agreed to the bills, explaining the 'Paris Review': 'I went at it from a purely practical considerations. If someone was interested cropped edition, it was possible to buy in Paris. I managed to publish the novel in the form in which it was written, and there was therefore nothing wrong to publish it now for my literary reputation '. The first abbreviated English edition appeared in 1956 and in 1958 it appeared in the U.S..

The full text of "Man with the flame" appeared in England in 1963, in the U.S. - in 1965. Criticism novel greeted with enthusiasm. The book became a cult, constantly being re-issued in the U.S., has already sold several million copies.

Other works Donlivi got the whole spectrum of opinion among critics. These include: "The unique person" (A Singular Man, . 1963), . collection of short stories "Meet the Creator, . mad molecule "(Meet My Maker the Mad Molecule, . 1964), . "The most dismal season, Samuel C." (The Saddest Summer of Samuel S., . 1966), . "Consumers onions" (The Onion Eaters, . 1971), . New York Fairy Tale "(A Fairy Tale of New York, . 1973), . "Acts Darcy dancer, . gentleman "(The Destinies of Darcy Dancer, . Gentleman, . 1977), . "Schultz" (Schultz, . 1979), . "Leila: Continuation of acts Darcy dancer, . gentleman "(Leila: Further in the Destinies of Darcy Dancer, . Gentleman, . 1990), . "Do not listen to you Rabbi Loeve?" (Are You Listening Rabbi Loew, . 1987), . "This Darcy, . This dancer, . this gentleman "(That Darcy, . That Dancer, . That Gentleman, . 1990), . Dame, . loved the clean restrooms "(The Lady Who Liked Clean Rest Rooms, . 1997), . "In Princeton spreading false information" (Wrong Information is Being Given Out at Princeton, . 1998),
. Plays Dzh.P.Donlivi (The Plays of JPDonleavy) for his novels came out in 1972

. In addition to works of art, . he owned the book "Code without exemptions and reductions: A Guide to the survival and the ability to keep themselves" (The Unexpurgated Code: A Complete Manual of Survival and Manners, . 1975), . "Tennis de Alphonse: Great game eccentric Champions" (De Alfonce Tennis: The Superlative Game of Eccentric Champions, . 1984), . "Ireland Dzh.P.Donlivi: With all its sins and virtues of some" (JPDonleavy's Ireland: In All Her Sins and In Some of Her Graces, . 1986).,

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DONLIVI (DANLIVI) James Patrick, photo, biography
DONLIVI (DANLIVI) James Patrick, photo, biography DONLIVI (DANLIVI) James Patrick  Irish novelist and playwright, photo, biography
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