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Aznavour Charles

( Shanson'e)

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Biography Aznavour Charles
photo Aznavour Charles
Charles Aznavourian, better known under the name of Charles Aznavour, born in Paris on May 22, 1924 in a family of Armenian parents.

Misha and Knar Aznavourian, being unable to meet the needs of the family, dealing only with art (he - baritone, she - actress), open a restaurant on the street Huchette. Family Aznavourian live in an environment of music, theater and poetry. And it is quite natural that the little Charles brought to this family professii.Vo time of world crisis 30-ies Misha closes his restaurant.

At 9 years, Charles is listening and postuaet in "Theater of the Little People". Then begin play, . in which Charles played the role for children: "Emil and the Detectives" in the studio on the Champs-Elysees in 1933, . "Much Ado About Nothing" at Theater de la Madeleine in 1935, . "Child" Victor Margherita, . the end of 1935 he played the role of Henry III in his childhood under the guidance of Pierre Freneya and Yvonne Prentam.,

. Meanwhile, Aida, his sister, invited the troupe of vaudeville
. It involves Charles, who receives a baptism of fire. Years pass, performances follow each other. Aida sings, carrying his brother on his feet. But Charles has the wrong appearance and voice, which they say "unpleasant".

Winter comes, it is necessary to survive: selling newspapers on the streets, shooting in the episodes allow the family to survive Aznavourian. While his father comes under the banner of Charles receives a scholarship to the Central School Radio. He skips lessons to learn from in the aisles of the theater or music hall, and spends time in the cinema. Aida finds his brother in the Club Songs. Charles met with Pierre Roch, a young pianist and composer. They form a duo under the name "Roche and Aznavour and sing in cabarets of France and Belgium. Charles becomes permanent poet Pierre Roche. The first song, sung by George Ulmer, "J'ai bu", receives the Grand Prix as a disk, the. Aznavour wrote then to Edith Piaf, Compagnons de la Chanson and Jacques Eliana.

1946: Charles Aznavour married.

1947: born Seda, his first child. He again finds Edith Piaf, which leads him along, accompanied by the Compagnons de la Chanson to a large French tour. Check out Edith Piaf in the U.S.. Roche and Aznavour joined to perform at a concert in New York. The border is crossed, and this is Quebec, where success comes almost immediately. They were invited to the "Golden Pheasant", where they remain for 40 weeks at a cost of 11 performances a week, an average of 600 spectators at each. Under the influence of Edith Piaf, Charles separated from Roche. He returned to the publisher Raoul Breton, writing for Juliette Greco "Je hais les dimanches" and gives the songs Chevalier. For several years, as one journalist wrote at the time, "France fully Aznavurova". There is no one concert, in which there is at least one song by Charles Aznavour. The media love these songs, but found his voice and his style nezvuchnym singer-actor too commercial. On his return from a trip to North Africa Guide "Moulin Rouge" was first put his name at the posters. Bruno Kokatriks not stay aside and offers him 3 weeks in the "Olympia" in the first part of concerts in Sydney Bechet. Then the emergence of the "Alhambra", made from young Charles "star" number 1 in France. What kind of servitude was before ... "I was booed, threw coins and beer bottles, but I survived, and now I'm here."

1954: Charles now has more than 30 successful songs to its credit. He finally achieves the contract: 3 weeks of concerts in the "Alhambra". This is a success, and professionals understand that with Aznavour now be considered.

. 1955: this year's cinematic career starts, he gets the prize for Best Actor in "Etoile de crystal".

. 1956: Charles writes, composes, sings, dances: "Sa jeunesse", "Parce que", "Au creux de mon epaule", "Sur ma vie", "Apres l'amour", etc.
. Charles Aznavour is now "star". This is the first and at once triumphant summer tour. But it ends in a terrible car crash, immobilize him for several months, both his hands broken.

1957: He was withdrawn in two films: "Paris music-hall" and "La tete contre les murs" by Georges Franju, continuing the parallel career as a singer. Two performances of "Alhambra", then Charles - the main party representation in Olympia.

. 1959/1960: It was withdrawn in the movie "Dragueurs", gives concerts abroad, returned to France, was withdrawn in the "Tirez sur le pianiste", "Le passage du Rhin" and "Un taxi pour Tobrouk"
. He signed an exclusive contract with "Barclay" and based his record label.

1963: New York - Charles presents his concert at Carnegie Hall. Critics enthusiastic. Aznavour is going to start a "World Tour" songs.

1964: After Turkey, Lebanon, Greece, black Africa, he goes to conquer the Soviet Union. He just sold over a million titles "La mamma". He never saw his grandmother, who always lived in a small village near Yerevan.

1965: Charles is in the "Olympia" his solo concert - 39 songs, accompanied by a large orchestra Paul Mauriat. Within 12 weeks ... This achievement has never carried out in Paris in a big hall. Charles is the number 1 French song. In the summer he was withdrawn in the "Paris au mois d'aout". After a short stay in the U.S. in December, returned to Paris for performances in the Chatelet his first operetta, "Monsieur Carnaval", with the participation of Georges Getari and Jean Richard. This show is becoming a major success, it comes from the new hit: "La boheme". Charles passes on the roads all over the world, . and this year it saw in Canada, . Martinique and Guadeloupe, . Morocco, . Spain, . Portugal, . Angola and in South America, . where he scored a triumph, and where one of the songs, . written in Spanish, . "Avec", . becomes number 1.,

. 1971: Moved by a tragic history, Gabriel Russe, Charles wrote a song for the movie Andre Kayatta "Mourir d'aimer" and movingly performed its
. This song, from the music, suitable for recognition of its hit. Venice awards the prize "Golden Lion" for her recording of "Mourir d'aimer" in Italian. Another great success with the Parisian public statement since the "Olympia" in the beginning of the year again, becomes number 1 in charts. On this album are the quality and the interest that the outstanding talent of the singer: "The song - a job without insurance, the success of" La mamma "or" La boheme "does not come by itself," - he admits. Charles shares with Michel and Raymond Konstantenom Pellegrenom movie poster Jean Larriagi "La part des lions". It is embodied in the novelist, depicting an armed raid.

Charles played in "Les intrus" Sergio Gobbi, for which he wrote the dialogues. It is in this movie, his daughter Kate is taking its first steps in the movie: "For three generations, my family is a spectacle," - says the singer. Another film by Sergio Gobbi, "Un beau monstre", brings to the screen Virna Lisi, Helmut VERGERE and Charles Aznavour. Yet another great event celebrates the 1971, year: May 17, Ulla, the wife of Charles, gives birth to second child. It's a boy, he was named Misha.

1972-1973: In March, Charles makes a short speech in Paris. He gives four concerts at the Olympia in the course of 6 weeks, during which he performs within 21 days of the new songs, then the old hits. Another surprising fact: he gives in the week two performances per day: 18 hours in the new songs in 21 hours old. Like the beginning, he sings alone with his old partner, Pierre Roch, specially arrived from Canada, where he lives.

In "Comme ils disent" Charles dares to carefully consider the topic a risky and delicate: perversion. Winter skiing accident obezdvizhivaet Charles for several months and forced to work at home. He uses this to write with George Garvarentsem operetta for Marseille Merkesa and Paulette Merval: "Douchka". In October, he flies off for a special premiere in the U.S.: an hour with Charles an honorary guest: Liza Minnelli.

1974: He receives the prize in England elegance "Brummel", awarded to the person best dressed, in the category of "pop". "This evening Aznavour: its past and present". This CD, a retrospective of a long career, was recorded at a concert in the Olympia. You can find "Sur ma vie", "Il faut savoir", "Au creux de mon epaule", etc.. For "She" Charles gets the gold, then platinum disc in London, the award had never until then handed the Frenchman. It is a better ambassador of the French songs abroad.

1975: At the beginning of the year he left France to give a series of concerts in Japan. With George Garvarentsem he wrote "Ils sont tombes" in memory of the terrible genocide, which had been the victim of the Armenian people. November 10, in the presence of Queen Elizabeth, he knows the joy of being a "star" "Royal Performance".

1976: After 3 years of absence, Charles Aznavour returned to Olympia for 4 weeks. New songs. He has a brilliant Paris presentation: "Voila que tu reviens", "Par gourmandise", "Mes emmerdes", "Merci madame la vie" ... He mentions all the great themes of love, which he road. The songs, full of tenderness, recalled running time. Album of the concerts in the "Olympia" is sufficient proof that Charles Aznavour is one of the grandees of French music hall. It's all right and on the other side of the Atlantic: Ray Charles sings "La mamma", Shirley Basie and Fred Astaire - "Les plaisirs demodes", Liza Minnelli sings songs constantly Aznavour. He also withdrawn in Greece in the film Douglas Haychoksa "Sky riders".

1977: This year is full of travel. The annual world tour in many countries brings unconditional triumph. In July, Charles asserts once again the voice and talent in "Camarade", a great humane and sensitive lyrics, which is not slow to take the top of the charts. Beginning of August, Bright date: Aznavour's family grew with the advent of Nicolas, he first sees light in Paris and brings the joy of the brothers and sisters. Charles finished the year as it began, that is, on a trip (Italy, Yugoslavia, Germany, Canada) and enjoys traveling to meet Leeroy, his granddaughter, born in the U.S.. Songs crossing borders without difficulty: Bing Crosby recorded shortly before his death, "Hier encore".

1978: Another rich to Aznavour year: he was again the first line on the posters "Olympia" for a month. He finds his audience, more and more enthusiastic, he attracts as unpublished, and the eternal songs. These new tunes together on the album "Je n'ai pas vu le temps passe". For example, "J'ai vu Paris", "La chanson du faubourg", "Dieu", "Avant la guerre" ... Trip for 21 days on the French countryside, the first in 12 years, passes through the largest city, once at the end of the season at the Olympia. After years of follow each other, as well as success. He writes, he sings and removed. Eighty-one country sees its. He participates in several films, including "Le tambour" Volker SchlцІndorff. His last appearance on Broadway is a triumph, even for journalistic audience.

1980: Triumph of the "Olympia"

1981: Charles Aznavour recorded the album, entitled "Charles Aznavour chante Dimey". 40 years of career, more than 600 written and composed over 1000 songs, written during all these years. Aznavour appears on the scene around the world, from Bangkok to New York, where he lives Seda, the eldest daughter.

1985: Charles Aznavour signs agreement with Regis and Jacques Tallarom Revo. 358 songs to be republished.

1986: Charles Aznavour adds another leaf to his wreath by writing a script "Yiddish connection", delivered by Paul Bozena, with the participation of Andre Dussollier and Ugo Tognazzi. The new album, entitled "Aznavour", where the "Embrasse-moi", "Toi contre moi", "Les emigrants", "Deja". 180 000 copies sold emerged parallel to the first 9 republished album.

1987: From May to July triumphal visit to the USA with Pia Zadora.

September - new album, "Je bois". After 7 years of absence, Charles Aznavour in favor of the Palace of Congresses from September 29 to November 9, 1987. Trip across France. Release a double live album, recorded at the Palais des Congrц?s. When asked what his projects, he said: "I have no projects, I fill my life" - and adds: "And I have the impression that everything is just beginning."

. 1988: Palais des Congres: nedelya.Kompilyatsiya "20 chansons d'or" .7 December 1988: Earthquake in Armenia
. Movement "Aznavour for Armenia" Charles brings together around 89 artists: "Pour toi Armenie" is number 1 in the Top 50 in the first week and remains there for 13 weeks and sold over a million discs.

1989: The trip to Armenia. Three compilation, re-recorded in London: "L'eveil", "L'elan", "L'envol". New album: "Les plus grandes chansons".

1990: "Chinese", television series, Time series on TF1 ... "Laura": film, made with Mireille Darc.

1991: "Des mots a l'affiche", a book published at "Cherche-Midi", written by Charles. "Ribot, le cheval du siecle": Italian two-part film. "Il maestro", the film Manona Ansel with Malcolm McDowell. "Les memoires des cendres": in Bulgaria with Dominique Sanda. "Aznavour 92": album, new songs, Aznavour made in collaboration with Georges and Jacques Garvarentsem Revo. "Les annees campagnes" Philip Leriche. The tour this year, for which he wrote the music. "Aznavour-Minnelli: Liza Minnelli to play at the Palais des Congrц?s in Paris from 20 November to 15 December, before the world tour.

1992: Tour across France.

1993: A trip across South America. June: Visit to Liza Minnelli in the U.S. and Canada. Shooting of the film "Un alibi en or".

1994: Filming the movie "Baldipata" Annie Kordi. September: new album "Toi et moi", containing 12 new songs. Paris speech at the Palais des Congrц?s from 19 October to 26 November, follow-up visit to France, Belgium and Switzerland before the end of March with a break for edinstvennnogo Christmas concert in Vienna with Placido Domingo.

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Aznavour Charles, photo, biography
Aznavour Charles, photo, biography Aznavour Charles  Shanson'e, photo, biography
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